Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lessons from Cinderella Story

It’s been a long time! since I blogged . Someone sent a comment which made me realize how long it has been since I blogged and also realized that someone is still reading my blogs :)
(Mathavanga solradhyukku munnadi namalaavey thittikaradhu nalladhu ellai :P )

I have started writing journal and stopped writing blogs :) ( ana adhuvum orupadiya ezhutharadhu ellai). Here is one of the articles from it ( build up ellam korachaley ellai)

5 Lessons I learnt from Cinderella story

Never forget the Cinderella story. I would love to read it or watch the film again and again. If you haven’t seen the movie - " A Cinderella Story" , I highly recommend you to watch it. HilaryDuff & Chad has done a good job , the movie is simply Cinderella story told in new way. If you believe in dreams u would love it. I love the whole idea for the essence of it.

1. People say or do things to you which might make you feel low about yourself . The challenge is to prove they are wrong , the bigger challenge is to be yourself.

2. Always dream for betterment.

3. No matter where you are and what you do, there is always a better life waiting for you - if you believe.

4. Angles come down, only for those who are good and humble.

5. Only the deserved person gets to wear the Golden shoes, the rest just don’t fit in!

So be a Cinderella and wait for your dream! who knows the pumpkin car might be around the corner waiting for you to believe in.