Monday, July 31, 2006

Religious riots

Blogging seemes to be impossible. Everyday I am thinking of writing a new post, but I get the feel I am not good enough. I couldn't stop comparing myself to bloggers who get lots of comments even for their two line posts. The only way to overcome the fear of writing bad a post is by writing one :). I mean practice does makes one perfect and this isn't going to stop me from expressing myself.

I often hear people saying they are very spiritual. Later I find out all they were mentioning is about the puja they do. Some people use spirituality word without knowing the meaning of it.

There are two different things - being religious / being spiritual. what ever one do like performing the rituals of one particular religion doesn't make him spiritual for example saying slokas and doing puja that's not spirituality ,but religious. what Adhi Shankarar has experienced, what he preached in bhaja govindham,what he explained in his nirvana ashtakam is spiritual.

Spirituality is journey within. The rituals if understood properly helps one to attain it. But in India, especially in south India, some of us call ourself spiritual. Some of us think being Brahmin we are the highest of all in the world.When this ego comes, there is no more room for spirituality. All we do is religious rituals with no meaning attached to it.

Spirituality transcends religion, country and language. I dont like patriotism sometimes, how can someone who is born just few thousand kilometers from us becomes enemy to us?

Somewhere along the line we started fighting on what religion is best instead of finding what is best in each religion. I am not angry rather very sorry for those who couldn't make the difference till the end.

Being spiritual is having open mind towards goodness
Being spiritual is being truthful in our thought deed and action
Being spiritual is loving everyone!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Chennai Crows

The crows in Chennai are happy with arrival of another statue for Shivaji Ganesan.
Don't we had enough statues on the road already?
wouldn't it be better if these statues are either in museum or at parks rather than on road ?
Don't we have enough traffic problems already?
With due respect to Shivaji for his acting , Its unnecessary to crowed up the roads with all these statues. And when there is a remembrance day these roads gets blocked by the politicians to show "media respect" to the statues. In fact leaders(if alive)will be extremely happy to see their statues removed for the better traffic and not to get pooped by crows.

As the traffic problem getting worse everyday in Chennai, we will soon face challenges in getting to office or to satisfy our basic needs such as water supply. I cannot stop comparing cities like London in this matter. Everyone uses metro/tube trains, which is fast and efficient way to roam inside the city. Most of them live outside city and travel to the city to work.What an organized way of living. Infact I can write a separate blog about the way the London people live.

I know it will be decades for Chennai to attain that state but its high time we should switch to metro or mono rail systems. We can reduce petrol expense travel with fresh air and most importantly walking to near railway station will help to have healthy life. There is already Bus transport and Railway system available but they are not 100% effective. We are talking about the better coverage of areas, more efficient faster way of travelling. I dont know why our " parakkum rail" isnt clicked well( yarukkavadhu therinja sollengal please), may be we should entertain general public to travel by such system instead of thier car/bike.

Chennai crows for such development and not kannagi and shivaji statues.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Veggie Delight

Leather shoes are my favorite ones, I always like to wear them shining.
Every now and then I buy silk sarees for my mom.
Whether its National geographic or Animal planet Lion chasing a mammal would be my game show.
No need to tell about my liking towards leather belts and purse.

But if some asks me ..chaa I am vegetarian!

What the heck, Am I a lactic vegetarian?(since I take milk) Am I a Ova vegetarian (since I take egg through cakes). First of all Am I a vegetarian ?

When I go abroad Some of acquaintances amazes how I can live on vegetables and fruits. How far can a religious belief make one forbid tasty food (according to them). I don't eat flesh because I am a Hindu, I don't eat them because of my choice. I was brought up in a Hindu family. I was always told that's a forbidden bad food, bad smell. Now even if I want to eat/taste it I still don't like it.

Leaving aside my choice, I happen to read an article which talks about the best suited food for human body.
The study speaks about the size and characteristics of each one's intestine. It goes on comparing the intestine of human to that of a carnivore-Cow and to a herbivore - Tiger.
Like Cow's intestine is twice the size of that of an Human, the larger the size the more the delay for the food to pass through for digestion. A cow takes only vegetarian food. While a Tiger who's intestine is half the size of the humans' takes non veg and the eaten meat stays in its stomach hardly for few hours.

Now since because the human intestine is in between these two we cannot take both. It takes atleast three days to digest meat completely. This is not good for the human body as the meat creates a lot of disturbance to metabolism while it stays inside the human body. May be that's why our people don't take meat on Tuesdays and again on Fridays - leaving three days gap in between for proper digestion of meat food. I actually don't remember the exact information from the study but it concludes that the ideal food for human being is vegetarian.

Now that I have come to a point where I am not uncomfortable with non- vegetarian food served next to my plate. The suggestion for healthy life may be a vegetarian food, but this little concept doesn't convince me to go totally against non-vegetarian.If its for health reasons, Non vegetarian food also provides supplements for human body, for example fish oil(seven seas oil). If its about killing a life, I know we kill them in thousands and thousands for many different reason if not for food. We are in a world where everything happens for a reason, while you guys figure out that I am gonna enjoy my veggie delight tonight.

Forward Blues

This post is my mail to one of my friend who supports reservation. The reservation issue talks are bummed now but still I felt like blogging it here.

"India must be the only country in the world, where people fight to be called backward" ,

you know what, its no more social equality it has become the privilege for the backward, they appear to be against the caste system but they are the one who are very interested in reservations. They are in majority and has to be given this privilege and they should be guarded at all costs, through false theories, lies, fictitious stories, emotional blackmail and threats. even today many crimes are committed against SC/STs in villages by powerful OBC and of course with political support/background.

I think after 50 years of independence its the middle class which needs social equality.Middle class do not live a life as what mehta has depicted.
They strive to give good education to their children.And their dreams are simply whipped off when on the name of reservation.

Don't you think the only way you can gain equality is to stop making reservations. I am not against who are economically backward. I am against a policy which works only based on caste system and nothing else. You will agree with me that there are upper class OBS and lower class FCs.

Why don't the government give good education to everyone from the beginning instead of marking their abilities after 12th standard ?
Why don't the government look into those who are economically backward and provide help based on it instead of whether he is OBC?

Why don't we analyze what reservation has done to us till now, who exactly has data as to how much OBC exists in our country, how many really need it?

As the Supreme Court asks now, whets the basis for increasing the reservation now ? whets the case ?

1.NSSO, which is a government appointed body, has actually in its research in 1999 - which is the most latest research shown - that 23.5 per cent of all university seats are already with the OBCs. And that is just 8.5 per cent less than what the NSSO believes is the OBC share of the population. So, for a difference of 8 per cent, would reservations be the right way of making up the difference?

2. a study done by the IITs themselves shows that 50 per cent of the IIT seats for the SCs and STs remain vacant, and for the remaining 50 per cent, 25 per cent are the candidates who even after six years fail to get their degrees. So, clearly, in their case, reservations are not working.

3. looking at the Delhi University, between 1995 and 2000, just half the seats for under-graduates at the Scheduled Castes level and just one-third of the seats for under-graduates at the Scheduled Tribes level were filled. All the others went empty, unfilled. So, again, even in Delhi University, reservations are not working.

4.Fifty years after the reservations were made, statistics show, according to The Hindustan Times, that overall in India, only 16 per cent of the places in higher education are occupied by SCs and STs. The quota is 22.5 per cent, which means that only two-thirds of the quota is occupied. One-third is going waste, it is being denied to other people.

isn't it a high time we stop fighting against/for reservation and make changes to our education and infrastructure ? We are in lack of facilities why don't the dumb politicians are cared about it ? because increasing the professors in the educational institution isn't going to offer vote , but increasing reservation does isn't?

We are talking about a student from OBC who are not given social equality not given good education isn't competitive enough with others well lets look at other ways of achieving the same.
When we talk about competency, its from where they have started to what he has achieved.
Ok if reservation has to be there it can be atleast quantified, as one of the professor said .

Give mark system instead of reservation , 20 - 80

20 marks for background ( suppose a student is from deprived class, studied in a corporation school, in a village outside cities, who is female and her father earning isn't good - she deserves this 20 marks )
80 marks for merit.

In this way no one gets affected and your reservation is quantifies, can politicians like arjun singh such things, defn no .. because its totally against vote banks.And I am not surprised that all parties are unanimous about it , infact the only things they are unanimous is about reservation and OOP.
Do you think reservation is the only solution to social equality - no not at all.. If we are talking about taking India forward lets not go backward by dividing the community more and more on basis of reservation.

So much to listen

There are three reasons to write this post,
No1 - I don't want the " not a good post " to be the first one when people open my blog, not to be too negative and whining.
No 2 - I want to keep writing so that I can improve my writing skills.
No3 - well oops!, I don't have a third reason, but 3 reasons seems like a good number :)

I was in A R rehman music coma and just came out of it. Seriously what happened to this guy , I did see "Range de pasanti" and "mangal pandey" but I really dont see a A R rehman of Roja, Indira, Alaipayudhey days. I hear some news about him now and then that he is doing concerts in abroad or doing some stuff, but seriously this guy seems to have lost his roots as Tamil music director.

When I heard the latest Wordspace advertisement where he defines what music is, wow cant stop admiring the background music he composed for that advertisement. while writing this blog also it keeps buzzing in my mind like repeating record.

I am ready to listen so much, but I wish he could compose something new. Well If I can wish, I wish he reads my blog and compose a song about me . Ok dont freak me out, its just a wish :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The one with F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I want to live with my friends, "no sex partiality". Living together in a same house as in " 5 Star" movie. If you really think about it, Its not just fun and easy. It needs a lot of understanding bonding between friends.But once you are sure about your friends. I dont think it will be hard . It will be kind of 21st century joint family. if anyone thinking why suddenly I am getting this weird idea of "living with friends" should know about the serial which flabbergasted me.

A bunch of friends living next to each other in a Newyork apartment. They hang out all the times, either at coffee house or at a apartment. Anyone who is fan of the great F.R.I.E.N.D.S serial would be bubbling to answer right now :) .Friends serial is about six friends who support each other no matter what happens. As the title song goes...
" So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year
but I'll be there for you (When the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you (Like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you ('Cause you're there for me too) "

Its a super dooper comical hit in US,and it went on and on for 5 long years. It started during 1995 and went on till 2000. This is still being telecasted in International channels. If you have Zcafe or Star world you can watch friends daily. Its a great stress reliever for me. I brought the entire 10 seasons which contains 200 best episodes of Friends. Believe me I have already watched the entire set twice and now I am still watching , regularly on TV and on DVDs. People who think I am crazy should see atleast one episode. The characters , the dialogue ,the situations were all 100% pure comedy. The continuity and the spirit will remain the same from 1st to the last seasons last episode. People who acted in this serial are now known popularly by the character names! Rachel Green sorry Jennifer Anniston ( adhaan eppo break up movie heroin and brad pits x girl friend) got popular from this serial only.

Can friends be this close? this understanding? One should really watch this serial. jokes apart FRIENDS really teaches how to be good friends. Ok guys, Its hard to finish a blog with a witty twist or anything interesting. So be my friend make your own memorable ending.
Or may be I can write something which will be like a proper closure

The end!

Not a good post

Not a good news to share, but I wish everyone should understand the difference between loving your job and loving your company. People may recall Mr.Narayan Muthy's speech regarding this.( For benefit of those who haven't gone through that , I have attached it at the end of this blog). This blog is all about the real incident which I underwent recently.

I am with my current employer (Just to ensure no one from my company gets hurt if they read it) for the last three and half years. I was awarded 4 times as best employer by the company based on my work and also promoted to senior level during my first year of service. This is not to boast but to let you guys know the background of this. I was promoted as " SMS administrator" two and half years ago. During that time there was no professional training given to me as there was no training center in Chennai which offered that. But I managed using books and internet. I had few downfalls but I made it high. Even customer was very happy about my performance as " SMS Administrator".

I travel onshore (UK) sometimes to finish project work. last Feb, I was in UK for such project work. This time my customer insisted my management to arrange "SMS administrator" training for me in UK as it is not available in India. Fortunately / Unfortunately my management suddenly decided to act on the 2 and half year pending training and they did arranged it for me in UK. Everything went on well and I came back to India. later due to many reasons and for career growth I decided to move on and in no time I got offers from EDS, CSC etc.. I chose EDS because the position was in Chennai and profile is perrfect - " SMS administrator " for specific packaging module. Once I put papers in my company they very shocked and offered to increase my pay (an increment which was pending for one and half year).

I was firm on my decision and did not accept this offer. Since I was the front up and backup for me, I immediately got a backup arranged for me and started training him. I did even sent mail to few best friends about my resignation from the company.Everything went on well until the last 5 days of my notice period. My HR sent me an email to reimburse the full training amount ( not much just 1715 pounds , around 1 lakh and 25 thousand rupees)which happend in UK, since I am leaving the company before one year from the date of the training. Honestly I did not even remember signing a contract regarding this when I joined. Even going by the contract I actually served the company for more than 2 years on the profile without any professional training. Ethically I did my part, but as per papers yes I am person who is leaving the company after the company invested so much on my training. I explained my situation to the HR and to the management. My view was considered for few days, but the answer reminded the same.To pay and get relieved or the company will not relieve me at all.

I was given no choice about the payment also. As a last resort I explained the situation to EDS and requested them to consider my employment without a relieving order. As a process oriented company they did not accept this. I just tried my luck as few other x employees of my company did not get a relieving order but they joined other companies by explaining the situation. So as the last choice I am staying with my company. I am doing what I was doing with no increment.

There is one I this should have done. I wanted to resign before six months. If I would have done that I will not be staying with the company because of the recent training. I did stop myself because I loved my company and my work. I did not wanted them to suffer since I had no backup.Out came a valuable lesson -love the job not the company.

Now here is the extract from Infosys Naraya Murthy.


Infosys' Chairman and Chief Mentor Officer (CMO) - Mr. Narayana Murthy's
Speech on Late Sitting:

Hope that many of us start leaving early for home after reading this...

I am not relating this to the present scenario.
I know people who work 12 hours a day, six days a week, or more.
Some people do so because of a work emergency where the long hours are
only temporary. Other people I know have put in these hours for years. I
don't know if they are working all these hours, but I do know they are
in the office this long. Others put in long office hours because they
are addicted to the workplace. Whatever the reason for putting in
overtime, working long hours over the long term is harmful to the person
and to the organization.

There are things managers can do to change this for everyone's benefit.
Being in the office long hours, over long periods of time, makes way for
potential errors. My colleagues who are in the office long hours
frequently make mistakes caused by fatigue.

Correcting these mistakes requires their time as well as the time and
energy of others. I have seen people work Tuesday through Friday to
correct mistakes made after 5 PM on Monday.

Another problem is that people who are in the office for long hours are
not pleasant company. They often complain about other people (who aren't
working as hard); they are irritable, or cranky, or even angry. Other
people avoid them. Such behaviour poses problems, where work goes much
better when people work together instead of avoiding one another.

As Managers, there are things we can do to help people leave the office.

First and foremost is to set the example and go home ourselves. I work
with a manager who chides people for working long hours. His words
quickly lose their meaning when he sends these chiding group e-mails
with a time-stamp of 2 AM, Sunday.

Second is to encourage people to put some balance in their lives. For
instance, here is a guideline I find helpful:

1) Wake up, eat a good breakfast, and go to work.
2) Work hard and smart for eight or nine hours.
3) Go home.
4) Read the comics, watch a funny movie, dig in the dirt, play with your
kids, etc.
5) Eat well and sleep well.

This is called recreating. Doing steps 1, 3, 4, and 5 enable step 2.
Working regular hours and recreating daily are simple concepts. They are
hard for some of us because that requires personal change. They are
possible since we all have the power to choose to do them.

In considering the issue of overtime, I am reminded of my eldest son.

When he was a toddler, If people were visiting the apartment, he would
not fall asleep no matter how long the visit, and no matter what time of
day it was.! He would fight off sleep until the visitors left.. It was
as if he was afraid that he would miss something. Once our visitors'
left, he would go to sleep. By this time, however, he was over tired and
would scream through half the night with nightmares. He, my wife, and I,
all paid the price for his fear of missing out.

Perhaps some people put in such long hours because they don't want to
miss anything when they leave the office. The trouble with this is that
events will never stop happening. That is life! Things happen 24 hours a

Allowing for little rest is not ultimately practical. So, take a nap.
Things will happen while you're asleep, but you will have the energy to
catch up when you wake.

you never know when it stops loving you)" - Narayana Murthy

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


This blog isn't about a special story, or a incident, or something to impress everyone. So don't try to juice ur brain to find one :)

An-other (its just not another)morning with archanai ( slang for scolding) from mom for not locking the front door properly in the night. Being the last one to sleep I usually do that without forgetting, but u never know when you will miss.

"Sorry mom , I forgot . I wont do it again "." You forgot to pay the telephone bill as well"..But She isn't stopping at all .Its slowly turning into Laksha archani (a lakh scolding). " Mom I am hungry" this is the trick I always do when things go out of control. " Just brush up and come I have dosa ready for you " ( It works like a miracle , well always !)

One time, My dad checked in the midst of the night whether I locked the door or not but I wasn't, So he locked and went to bed. Thank God I was little awake at that time and I turned the whole thing against my dad , I told he in his sleep walking state unlocked the locked door and I am the one who did correctly locked it after he went to sleep, I kind of remembered the time it happened ( U know remembering everything about ur mistakes always helps). My poor dad had his own share of special archanai.

Ok let me not digress too much. Its just that I often get comments even from my friends that I am not "matured". I started wondering today as to what maturity is all about and why I am not a matured person. I buy toys when I go abroad. I love watching animation movies, no need to tell about POGO and cartoon network.I can be cranky at times , sensitive, possessive, demanding and what not?

Dictionary says maturity is - "The period of time in your life after your physical growth has stopped and you are fully developed " , and what is fully developed by mind ? or intellect?Because there is no end to developing oneself , you can keep doing it all through life..and
I don't think anyone has fully developed. Research shows even Einstein has not used his mind fully. Its just relative. No need to talk about development of Intellect, we are all Intellectual amateurs.

But there are times I feel I acted matured, like when I was doing my computer course in aptech, I came 1st in the fourth semester but couldn't continue the studies since I was not able to pay the fee. I did take that really well, I understood the situation the reality.And when my mca met, who I thought will be my love forever married someone else. I did take that well, she did what is good for her and I am happy to see her happy. Its very practical and I totally understand that.

I have lost and gained many things in professional and in personal life. Well everybody does and I wasn't acting like a toddler those times .. I came out of every situation with complete understanding. Yes I do buy toys all the time, that makes sense since I didn't happen to have one when I was a kid and use to hold on to broken toys of our neighbor's kid. I do buy CDS all the time, I keep it on the shelf and I hardly use it .It shows I am now in a position to afford to these things.

It all boils down to one point understanding oneself, understanding the situation and most importantly understanding other.. isn't that is maturity?