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Religious riots

Blogging seemes to be impossible. Everyday I am thinking of writing a new post, but I get the feel I am not good enough. I couldn't stop comparing myself to bloggers who get lots of comments even for their two line posts. The only way to overcome the fear of writing bad a post is by writing one :). I mean practice does makes one perfect and this isn't going to stop me from expressing myself.

I often hear people saying they are very spiritual. Later I find out all they were mentioning is about the puja they do. Some people use spirituality word without knowing the meaning of it.

There are two different things - being religious / being spiritual. what ever one do like performing the rituals of one particular religion doesn't make him spiritual for example saying slokas and doing puja that's not spirituality ,but religious. what Adhi Shankarar has experienced, what he preached in bhaja govindham,what he explained in his nirvana ashtakam is spiritual.

Spirituality is journey …

Chennai Crows

The crows in Chennai are happy with arrival of another statue for Shivaji Ganesan.
Don't we had enough statues on the road already?
wouldn't it be better if these statues are either in museum or at parks rather than on road ?
Don't we have enough traffic problems already?
With due respect to Shivaji for his acting , Its unnecessary to crowed up the roads with all these statues. And when there is a remembrance day these roads gets blocked by the politicians to show "media respect" to the statues. In fact leaders(if alive)will be extremely happy to see their statues removed for the better traffic and not to get pooped by crows.

As the traffic problem getting worse everyday in Chennai, we will soon face challenges in getting to office or to satisfy our basic needs such as water supply. I cannot stop comparing cities like London in this matter. Everyone uses metro/tube trains, which is fast and efficient way to roam inside the city. Most of them live outside city and trav…

Veggie Delight

Leather shoes are my favorite ones, I always like to wear them shining.
Every now and then I buy silk sarees for my mom.
Whether its National geographic or Animal planet Lion chasing a mammal would be my game show.
No need to tell about my liking towards leather belts and purse.

But if some asks me ..chaa I am vegetarian!

What the heck, Am I a lactic vegetarian?(since I take milk) Am I a Ova vegetarian (since I take egg through cakes). First of all Am I a vegetarian ?

When I go abroad Some of acquaintances amazes how I can live on vegetables and fruits. How far can a religious belief make one forbid tasty food (according to them). I don't eat flesh because I am a Hindu, I don't eat them because of my choice. I was brought up in a Hindu family. I was always told that's a forbidden bad food, bad smell. Now even if I want to eat/taste it I still don't like it.

Leaving aside my choice, I happen to read an article which talks about the best suited food for human body.
The study spe…

Forward Blues

This post is my mail to one of my friend who supports reservation. The reservation issue talks are bummed now but still I felt like blogging it here.

"India must be the only country in the world, where people fight to be called backward" ,

you know what, its no more social equality it has become the privilege for the backward, they appear to be against the caste system but they are the one who are very interested in reservations. They are in majority and has to be given this privilege and they should be guarded at all costs, through false theories, lies, fictitious stories, emotional blackmail and threats. even today many crimes are committed against SC/STs in villages by powerful OBC and of course with political support/background.

I think after 50 years of independence its the middle class which needs social equality.Middle class do not live a life as what mehta has depicted.
They strive to give good education to their children.And their dreams are simply whipped off when on t…

So much to listen

There are three reasons to write this post,
No1 - I don't want the " not a good post " to be the first one when people open my blog, not to be too negative and whining.
No 2 - I want to keep writing so that I can improve my writing skills.
No3 - well oops!, I don't have a third reason, but 3 reasons seems like a good number :)

I was in A R rehman music coma and just came out of it. Seriously what happened to this guy , I did see "Range de pasanti" and "mangal pandey" but I really dont see a A R rehman of Roja, Indira, Alaipayudhey days. I hear some news about him now and then that he is doing concerts in abroad or doing some stuff, but seriously this guy seems to have lost his roots as Tamil music director.

When I heard the latest Wordspace advertisement where he defines what music is, wow cant stop admiring the background music he composed for that advertisement. while writing this blog also it keeps buzzing in my mind like repeating record.

I am ready…

The one with F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I want to live with my friends, "no sex partiality". Living together in a same house as in " 5 Star" movie. If you really think about it, Its not just fun and easy. It needs a lot of understanding bonding between friends.But once you are sure about your friends. I dont think it will be hard . It will be kind of 21st century joint family. if anyone thinking why suddenly I am getting this weird idea of "living with friends" should know about the serial which flabbergasted me.

A bunch of friends living next to each other in a Newyork apartment. They hang out all the times, either at coffee house or at a apartment. Anyone who is fan of the great F.R.I.E.N.D.S serial would be bubbling to answer right now :) .Friends serial is about six friends who support each other no matter what happens. As the title song goes...
" So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're alwa…

Not a good post

Not a good news to share, but I wish everyone should understand the difference between loving your job and loving your company. People may recall Mr.Narayan Muthy's speech regarding this.( For benefit of those who haven't gone through that , I have attached it at the end of this blog). This blog is all about the real incident which I underwent recently.

I am with my current employer (Just to ensure no one from my company gets hurt if they read it) for the last three and half years. I was awarded 4 times as best employer by the company based on my work and also promoted to senior level during my first year of service. This is not to boast but to let you guys know the background of this. I was promoted as " SMS administrator" two and half years ago. During that time there was no professional training given to me as there was no training center in Chennai which offered that. But I managed using books and internet. I had few downfalls but I made it high. Even customer was…


This blog isn't about a special story, or a incident, or something to impress everyone. So don't try to juice ur brain to find one :)

An-other (its just not another)morning with archanai ( slang for scolding) from mom for not locking the front door properly in the night. Being the last one to sleep I usually do that without forgetting, but u never know when you will miss.

"Sorry mom , I forgot . I wont do it again "." You forgot to pay the telephone bill as well"..But She isn't stopping at all .Its slowly turning into Laksha archani (a lakh scolding). " Mom I am hungry" this is the trick I always do when things go out of control. " Just brush up and come I have dosa ready for you " ( It works like a miracle , well always !)

One time, My dad checked in the midst of the night whether I locked the door or not but I wasn't, So he locked and went to bed. Thank God I was little awake at that time and I turned the whole thing against my da…