Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jaded shades of a White Crayon

" I have what I need" declared Sam, pushing away the rest of the crayons to Angel. Angel who was busy scribbling, looked up and pouted her lips. She turned towards me and complained, " Unclee Sam is giving away all the bad ones to me".I examined the "bad" crayons and saw some good white ones left. " Why don't you use this?" I enquired both. Angel was in no mood to listen " no,I need the green one", the wrestling round has already begun.

Its one of our art sessions, and my super cute flat mates clearly have a situation.  "All right, colouring time is over" I declared. Before the disappointment growls got louder, I offered to play the banana movie. The movie routine is kept for rare occasions so we preserve the specialness. In the next few seconds, we dimmed the lights and cuddled up in the bed. Sam stuck to my shoulder making us look like an inverted V shape, with laptop in the middle. Angel climbed onto my chest and lay face down, facing the laptop.

This movie time is one of several (what I call) "zen zones". Like the special place in the nearby park,  the feel good soup shop, or even writing a post. As contrary to what people-in-relationship think, being single isn't always greener. Its mostly blue and sometimes even jaded. These zen zones renews me and helps me to centre myself. Half way through the movie angel slept, with a distinct noise that came from sucking her thumb.Her breathing tummy felt funny on mine.

The existence of a white crayon is not as vivid as other shades. Perhaps its easy to reject it, for it does not solve the obvious purpose or behave like other shades.  But I believe its made to compliment only unique situations. And when it does , it would redefine the nouns and verbs of its existence.