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Dump your Gramophone

Remember the time someone said something to you and you couldn't get it out of your head. Probably you will end up all night thinking about why he/she said that in the first place. Like a old gramophone record it goes on and on, and every time you would try to come up with better answers or insults you could have possibly given to the other party. Yeah thats exactly I am talking about!

Understanding :
I remember this story from a teacher who taught me meditation. A old man accompanied by two children was sitting in the railway station. The kids were making noises, jumping around, and fighting with each other. A disturbed commuter asked the old man to keep the kids silent. To which he replied, I dont know how to control them , they lost their mother this morning.  What seemed like a pure angry and irritation turned into sympathy and love for the kids.

Thats the power of understanding. As much as we want to put ourselves first and declare what a prick the other person is, there must …

Stuttering thoughts

Its almost the 10th time I have opened this window to type a new post. The first line of the post is like the opening sentence to the girl in the bar. It might either go way better than you think or fall flat on your face. And then comes the second line, now that you got the attention, its important to say something smart.

Have you played angry birds ?  ( ok not so smart but questions do help). If you are not familiar with this iPhone game you might as well ask my mother ( she is yet to return my iPod touch, thanks to gaming addiction).  I always found the direct hit on the pigs or the castle wont help to finish the game. The trick lies in finding the exact point, when hit would start a domino type demolition effect. A catalyst shot for the ripple effect.

Many ideologies say your current state of life depends on your current state of mind , which is sum of your positive and negative thoughts. By tipping the scale of positive thoughts to jus 51% you can start the ripple effect of attr…

Message from the stars

Hey there,

Two friends met after what seemed to be eternity. They both used to spend hours after hours chatting about each other's life and zillion things under the sun.  Not all  interests were similar, in fact the ones that arent made their conversation much more interesting. During some of their darkest time, both stuck to each other proving  friends are the best shrink anyone can get.

Then life happened.  The only thing to do was accept it and shuffle and recreate their priorities. What once a beautiful time together  became a distant, yet sweet memory in the heart.  There were million ways to be in touch yet they drifted apart carried by the strong current of life.

One fine day it happened, they met. There must be something in the stars, or perhaps sheer fate or just a random power cut in the evening. Like the one that happens during Indian summer, where watching stars in the terrace in the cooling breeze is the best thing to do. Humming a old song, or amusing about what life…