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4 AM on an uneventful Thursday

4am on an un eventful Thursday
The alarm didn’t go off
There is no pressure to wake
so, I lay there feeling calm as a lake As if by chance came a vision of some sort
Didn’t feel like dream
Or that’s what I thought I saw myself decorating the Christmas tree
The one in my living room
Away from myself and felt free
sitting on the couch I watched the scene
A moment so rare and serene Its only fitting
I call him he
he looked different,
Far from glee
Thinning hairline, curves and hazed face
like he is stuck in a fricking maze

He bent down and picked up a red star
Tied it neatly with a string
Placed it right at the top
Perfection seemed to be his goal
Why is he so serious screamed the soul? I took a good look at him
The path he travelled
The difficulties he overcome
The gloomy days that went by 
The crooked lines and sagging eye Engulfed in the sight so rare
I sympathised with him
He is supposed to be happy
He has everything and someone to care He fought good,
But didn’t love enough
He worked hard
But didn’t retire…

To the senstive self