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The beach dog

We all need to be the beach dog!

No no I am not scolding you. I learnt a wonderful message from the dog in the beach. And the fact that I have not wrote a blog in months reminded me to jot down it here :)

It was last day of last year Ganesh (my friend) and I decided to watch sunrise on the marina beach. I do this once in a while as a ritual to connect myself to the nature.

It was very cold dark (at six am) , we parked the vehicle and jogged for few mins in the sands. Jogging at six in the morning , mmm too much for a guy like me, come on I am 27 and I need to sit at comfortable chair and watch tv and not jogging :)

As we slogged and sat at the edge of the sand, chill breeze waved gently on our face. Wow I am totally into breeze now a days. Sun seemed to take some time, kind of last minute sleep before it rose. Well coming to the point, there came a dog which seemed to be healthy , so I am assuming its getting good food.

Weird enough it came and sat next to us feeling very comfortable and i…