Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pursuit of shoes and other habits

Dear you

Remember the time you had to throw away your favourite jeans from the closet. Its old and doesn't fit you any more, but you try it one last time before making the hard decision. " Perhaps if I could alter this, or loose some weight", you tell yourself. You may even tuck it back into the closet hoping that someday you might be able to wear it again. But you know very well that, its not going to happen.

In my recent trip to India I met someone after a long time. Someone who I deeply loved once. It was as awkward as it could be. Silence spoke, wristwatches turned and smiles lied. What happened to all those talking we did for hours ? perhaps we spoke it all and nothing was left to use.It was exactly like trying on my favourite jeans, I couldn't alter myself or it to fit me any more. I tucked away my emotions at the back of my closet and smiled.We made a promise to meet sometime, the promise that was not meant to be kept.

While the love took the back seat in my life, Career took the front. I managed to finish the Masters in Design in flying colours.  I also manage to convince the company I was freelancing for, to offer me a position in Singapore. Life is getting busier, interesting and happening. Loans will be paid and new shoes will be bought.

From Monday I would be joining work. I would miss my late nights, late mornings and the old canvas shoes. All of which needs to be tucked away into my closet, For I am in pursuit of new ones.

Ps: Thanks a lot for all of you who supported me throughout my ordeal with the career change.  I have the deepest gratitude from the depth of my soul to those who helped me to make it happen.

Special thanks to those who kept writing , smsing and calling me to find out my job hunt updates. And who pestered me to write again. Now that I am starting work, I might have enough free time to write again ;)