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Its feels like years since I blogged, and words are failing me now. I guess the reason is not just "two semster so I am busy" saga but the fact that I found a new medium to express myself. 

Every artist goes through this stage, where he feels shy to show his work, or rather worried about being criticised. Its like showing yourself out, a part of you, that might feel personal and sacred to you.  I was dozing off in this cucoon period and thats the reason I did not share any of my work until now.  But I guess the time has come and at the end of the day an artist has to go public.  

So here it is my latest project, for all those who kept asking me whats cooking. I am hoping to share more of my work henceforth. Just go easy on me with your comments ;)

Brief: Wall painting in "Gond" art style.
Medium: Acrylic color with water.

Part of my tree. You may click to enlarge.

Snake and Badadev - tree , is very significant in Gond Art. Gond people worship these two things. sor…