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Because it’s what lovers do

My heels drummed as I ran
All the way through the platform
To the train doors which were closing on
I squeezed myself in, holding a grin
Hugging the door, that got glued to my face
I was is sweat, waiting for aircon's grace

Couple of stops later, I found a corner to be
Still sweating, but it didn’t bothered me
Ipod offered a love song
And left a smile on my lips,
It should be dedicated to the man I belong

I didn’t know a thing about you then
But I knew you were the one
How could I explain about the feeling that fled
When you too wanted me, as much as I did

"Do I have to get down here to go to the hospital?"
The old man's question brought me to present
"Yes sir, this is the one" I replied
Realising I too have to get down in that instant

I helped him with his bag
"Althea" said the hospital tag
I introduced myself as we walked
He seemed so happy to have talked

"Are you going to hospital as well?" He asked
"Yes sir I am visiting a friend of mine" I answe…

Labeled ables

Its been a while since I blogged and you would know why, in the 9th paragraph. In the last two weeks, I had several revelations, ranging from insignificant small things to life affirming ones. Just treat them like gossip column or one minute stories :)
I volunteered for teaching in spastic society and had a good time with special children. As absurd as it seems they are just fine to me. They do have communication and other physical challenges. Yet unlike us they don't pretend to be something which they are not.I have seen so called normal people are not at all normal in many ways and that includes me as well. We always pretend that we are happy, wealthy and healthy. We pretend as persons that we never were and never will be. We pretend not to worry about things- we want to die for and care for things - that meant nothing to us. However I did feel for the special children when I was told that most of them are allergic to chocolates! - Unacceptable!
Most of the Asian girls I see in S…

Tagged to write in Tamil - ச‌ங்கே முழ‌ங்கு!

ச‌ங்கே முழ‌ங்கு! யாருக்கு , ந‌ம்ம‌ளுக்கு தான். ந‌ம்மை யெல்லாம் த‌மிழ்ல‌ லாரி ஏத்த‌ (அதாங்க‌ ப‌திவு போட‌)சொன்னா , த‌மிழ் ச‌முதாய‌ம் என்னை சும்மா விடுமா ? ஆமாம் இப்ப‌டி இவர் என்னை மாட்டி விட்ட‌துக்கு ஆஸ்திரேலியா அனுப்பி இருக்க‌லாம், அங்க‌தான் ஃப்ரீயா குத்த‌றாங்க‌ளே. அனுப்பியா ? இல்லை அணுப்பியான்னு ? யோசிச்சு கிட்டே இருக்கேன். வ‌ல்லின‌ம் , இடையின‌ம் இனி ம‌டைய‌னிட‌ம். "த‌மிழுக்கு வ‌ந்த‌த‌டா கேடு வாங்க‌ இவ‌னுக்கு வைக்க‌லாம் ராடுன்னு" அப்ப‌டீன்னு ஒரு இய‌க்க‌ம் தொட‌ங்கின‌தா கேள்வி. நீங்க‌ ப‌ண்ண‌ பாவ‌ம் எல்லாம் எங்க‌ போகும், அனுப‌வீங‌க‌ இதை படீங்க‌

1 . உங்களுக்கு ஏன் இந்தப் பெயர் வந்தது? உங்களுக்கு உங்க பெயர் பிடிக்குமா?

12ஆம் நெம்ப‌ர் ப‌ஸ்ல வ‌ந்தது... , அப்பா அம்மா வச்சாங்க‌ , இப்போ ஏன்னு கேக்க முடியுமா? என்னோட‌ பெய‌ரின் அர்த்த‌ம் ‍, அன்பான‌ திரும‌க‌ன் அல்ல‌து திரும‌க‌ளை மார்பில் கொண்ட‌வ‌ன்னு சொன்னாங்க‌, சரி இருந்துட்டு போகுதுன்னு விட்டுடேன். வீட்ல‌ கூப்பிட‌ர‌து ச்சீசு, சில‌ ந‌ண்ப‌ர்கள் சிரீ, பிடித்த‌வ‌ங்க‌ கூப்பிட‌ர‌து வ‌ட்சு க‌ண்ணா , பிடிக்கும் ரொம்ப‌வே!

2. கடைசியாக அழுதது எப்பொழுத…

Tagged to Good old days

Blogger friend Thamizh has tagged me to write about how I spent time on holidays and any interesting things that happened in those good old days. And so here it is.

I grew up in a joint family so, whether I liked it or not there were always people around. My dad had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. We were living in the eldest uncle's house in Thiruvanmyur - Chennai. On the whole we had 13 people all living in 2 bedroom one hall + 1 kitchen house!! Those days Saturday used to be working day for the elders, kids had half a day at school. They made idly for dinner on all saturdays. We have more visitors on the weekend. The aunt's family who lives couple of street away and other cousins who come in the weekend to play cricket or shuttle cock. So cooking idly for many people is the easiest option. Plus the left over idly will be converted to breakfast upma next day :P

Sundays or any holiday starts with cleaning mela at home. The bunch of cousins and uncles all busy from early morning, clea…

A perfect stranger

The first time at the coffee shop
I met you through a common friend
You said you were here on a short trip
And I felt no interesting grip
I did not like you, you were different
Compared to man of my dreams
But here I am writing about you
Am I in crazy or so it seems

I had no intention of seeing you again
But found myself sitting next to you
In the movie along with friends
While I wondered at the screen so bright
You held my hand a little tight
With mixed feeling I managed a smile
Everything felt normal only for a while

Then we went to restaurant nearby
Where the lights were low
They had their tables outside
Under the moonlight glow
Could be because of the lousy movie
I found you interesting
Could be because of the drink mailbu
I found myself relaxing
Could be because of the full moon
I found the night charming
Then you kissed me
I closed my eye and I felt like crying

No questions & no explanations
I rested my head on your shoulders
And my face on your chest
As you stroked my hair
I was feeling at my best
It felt…

The story of stuff

We all love stories regardless of our age. While I was a kid I cherished the story time. Because of two reasons, only dad says interesting stories, mom stories are all creative but not that interesting. And I only get to hear stories from him once in a while because he was working and staying in different part of the city then.

My brother and I would be waiting for the story time and its almost a happy ritual for both of us .We would wait until dinner gets over then march to terrace with rolled up "pai" (the thin mattress made out of weeds I guess), pillows, bed sheets and a jug of water. My brother and I lie very close to him on each side, cuddled up because we are very scared of sleeping on open air and darkness. I still remember the cool wind, the sound it made while blowing on tree leaves . Lying on the flat surface of terracce and looking up in dark sky filled with stars was quite a magical experience. Our house was on a not-so-developed corner of the chennai city, so no…

The us that never was

As I moved in throw the party
All I can hear was laughter
Nothing funny was said or done
They are just drunk and having fun

I brushed people and made my way
Searching for a friendly face
Smiling at stranger's gaze
Had a drink to ease my stressful day

Standing in a group were my friends
Probably talking about market trends
Or about which celebrity did with which one
May be that’s what interests everyone
Does sex and money is their only priority I wonder
Then my silence is broken by a tap on the shoulder

"Hey, Happy birthday dear" I wished and hugged her
She grabbed the flowers from my hand with a funny smile
"As usual you are late" she pinched me gleefully
"ahh.." I moaned surprising myself, little loudly
I was pleading my friend to let me free
Then I saw you looking at me

It felt right inside me, your look

Like a first ray of the sun through the dense forest
You smiled and turned around
I felt like lost and found
I can’t even write what it felt like
Mesmerized and hypnotised…