Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Because it’s what lovers do

My heels drummed as I ran
All the way through the platform
To the train doors which were closing on
I squeezed myself in, holding a grin
Hugging the door, that got glued to my face
I was is sweat, waiting for aircon's grace

Couple of stops later, I found a corner to be
Still sweating, but it didn’t bothered me
Ipod offered a love song
And left a smile on my lips,
It should be dedicated to the man I belong

I didn’t know a thing about you then
But I knew you were the one
How could I explain about the feeling that fled
When you too wanted me, as much as I did

"Do I have to get down here to go to the hospital?"
The old man's question brought me to present
"Yes sir, this is the one" I replied
Realising I too have to get down in that instant

I helped him with his bag
"Althea" said the hospital tag
I introduced myself as we walked
He seemed so happy to have talked

"Are you going to hospital as well?" He asked
"Yes sir I am visiting a friend of mine" I answered
"Oh call me Theodore" he said with a wink, I smiled
"Natalie is a lovely name" he complemented, I beguiled

He asked whether I am visiting my boy friend
I said no, and that he lives in abroad
He stopped for a moment and looked at me
The smile he had, grown little short of broad

He asked me why so, and I said,
I always thought the man of my dreams
Would come on horse and save me from miseries
But in reality its not so
There are castles of reasons and seasons, to cross though

He took sometime to gather his thoughts
And when he spoke, he meant it lots
"I worked at financial company, chasing my dream
And Althea kept waiting, as years passed in gleam
Just when I found out about her disease
I realised all that I wanted was going to cease"

She had a strange disease it seems
And would be in hospital for days, is what he means
Everyday he brought roses to his wife
But she can’t even recognise, the love of her life!

We reached the hospital, and I shook his hand
"These are for you"
He held out a bunch of roses wrapped by satin band
"Take them as cue,
They are lovely and fine,
But soon they won’t shine for you
If its have to be, it has to be now,
Because dear it’s ticking“ he said pointing to his wrist

I thanked him for the roses and made my way
I smiled at strangers because of my happy day
I swirled twice and my frock made circles in the air
I turned around several times, looking for your glare

I am full of life, because of you
I dress up and go out regularly as I do
I count the number of men who look at me
To tell you one day, how lucky you would be

Rain don’t come at perfect time -So is love
At unexpected moment, it just pours on us
And yet we can choose to enjoy the bless

Babies don’t come with manual - So is love
Before we are ready to handle it, it smiles
And yet, we learn by instincts that hails

Theodor might think, I am stupid or crazy
Living on thoughts of you might seem frenzy
But this is it for me
I am reading the Love manual, drenched in its rain
The one that flows in his Althea's veins

I may have career,
Reasons and duties to do
But remember I am too a girl
Waiting for her man to make it through
And so I wait for you
Like Penelope waited for Ulysses
Like Romeo waited for Juliet
And Like Althea who waited for Theodor
Because it’s what lovers do.

You might have already noticed , its sequel to "The perfect stranger"
For those who know me well, and for those who are curious, "Natalie" is my good friend and its not her real name :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Labeled ables

Its been a while since I blogged and you would know why, in the 9th paragraph. In the last two weeks, I had several revelations, ranging from insignificant small things to life affirming ones. Just treat them like gossip column or one minute stories :)

I volunteered for teaching in spastic society and had a good time with special children. As absurd as it seems they are just fine to me. They do have communication and other physical challenges. Yet unlike us they don't pretend to be something which they are not.I have seen so called normal people are not at all normal in many ways and that includes me as well. We always pretend that we are happy, wealthy and healthy. We pretend as persons that we never were and never will be. We pretend not to worry about things- we want to die for and care for things - that meant nothing to us. However I did feel for the special children when I was told that most of them are allergic to chocolates! - Unacceptable!

Most of the Asian girls I see in Singapore likes/wears mini/micro mini skirts or short trousers. I asked about it to a close friend of mine who belongs here. She told that may be due to the fact that they don't have "good / appreciable (by men?! or themselves?!)" upper part of the body , so they dress to show case their legs! They may be playing their best cards I guess :P. I also noticed several advertisements about lenses that made their eyes look bigger, surgeries (you name a part of the body and they have one!) which are done to make them look not so Asian. Coloring and straightening hair salons can be found on every corner. Guys are also into " I am not good enough so I change the way I look to be more western". Like its the most natural thing to do . May be there is a growing need to have globalized looks - Debatable!

I realized I can breath only by mouth for a week now, still counting! - Curable!

I am sitting at my desk after one week of leave and don't have much work to do! My work is not at all affected by my absence. I should seriously consider moving to another project or job. But people close to me at work did worry about my absence and health. They visited me, messaged, called and made sure I am well kept. Even the friends to whom I have not informed,found out through others and came by my house with fruits! The old women who cleans my desk called to check on me! Except that my project manager (who has the responsibility to bill the client over the hours I worked.) was just interested in my joining date - Understandable!

The Singapore 5$ note has a picture of strange shaped tree. I found out that its 150 years old tembusu tree at botanic gardens here. The reason they printed it, is to honor the First president of Singapore -"Yusof bin Ishak" who worked in his early days as Gardner.- Admirable!

I had received last year's tax notice , a whopping two grand! An amount I never paid before and never imagined that I would pay! As strange as it sounds I am actually glad! This shows I am growing financially. Plus the notice said "Thanks for your contribution to building the Nation" - I like this idea.Singapore has given me so much and I would definitely love to support it. - I am Capable!

Even though I don't write regularly, few do visit my blog regularly and comment on the posts - Accountable!

On the way to work today, I was asked to pose for a photograph from a stranger! There were a group of young girls from China. One of the pretty girl among them came and spoke to me. I thought they were asking me to take a picture of them. But she explained with shy mixed smile that she (who knows why!) wanted to have a picture with me. May be they had a bet or something, may be she likes Indians ( yeah I can say it by the way she stood next to me :P ). The girls behind the camera started cheering as we stood posing closer to each other. It was fun though standing close to her with my hands on her shoulder and posing as if we known each other for years :) - Enjoyable!

Last week I underwent a minor surgery for Sinus. As the ceiling lights passed over me, I lay on the stretcher which was wheeled into the operation theater. It was my first ever and gave me several dreadful thoughts. Thoughts of loved ones, not being able to wake up after surgery, worst case waking up during the surgery, being casketed to India .However I kept smiling at the nurses and the doctors who asked me several questions to make me comfortable. As I was about to be put to sleep by anesthesia, I started praying. Repenting for the sins I may have committed and wishing that god be with me, A few affirmations that I trust the doctor and everything shall be fine when I wake up. Few loved one's faces crossed my mind , I mentally said I loved them more than they could imagine. Then I realized it! lying on operation theater bed under those big lights and masked people all around me . That I have to blog about it! Okay Its official now ! I am addicted to blogging. ) - Agreeable!

I also realized I can blog about just anything even mundane and ordinary ones in a presentable way - Commendable & Commentable :P

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tagged to write in Tamil - ச‌ங்கே முழ‌ங்கு!

ச‌ங்கே முழ‌ங்கு! யாருக்கு , ந‌ம்ம‌ளுக்கு தான். ந‌ம்மை யெல்லாம் த‌மிழ்ல‌ லாரி ஏத்த‌ (அதாங்க‌ ப‌திவு போட‌)சொன்னா , த‌மிழ் ச‌முதாய‌ம் என்னை சும்மா விடுமா ? ஆமாம் இப்ப‌டி இவர் என்னை மாட்டி விட்ட‌துக்கு ஆஸ்திரேலியா அனுப்பி இருக்க‌லாம், அங்க‌தான் ஃப்ரீயா குத்த‌றாங்க‌ளே. அனுப்பியா ? இல்லை அணுப்பியான்னு ? யோசிச்சு கிட்டே இருக்கேன். வ‌ல்லின‌ம் , இடையின‌ம் இனி ம‌டைய‌னிட‌ம். "த‌மிழுக்கு வ‌ந்த‌த‌டா கேடு வாங்க‌ இவ‌னுக்கு வைக்க‌லாம் ராடுன்னு" அப்ப‌டீன்னு ஒரு இய‌க்க‌ம் தொட‌ங்கின‌தா கேள்வி. நீங்க‌ ப‌ண்ண‌ பாவ‌ம் எல்லாம் எங்க‌ போகும், அனுப‌வீங‌க‌ இதை படீங்க‌

1 . உங்களுக்கு ஏன் இந்தப் பெயர் வந்தது? உங்களுக்கு உங்க பெயர் பிடிக்குமா?

12ஆம் நெம்ப‌ர் ப‌ஸ்ல வ‌ந்தது... , அப்பா அம்மா வச்சாங்க‌ , இப்போ ஏன்னு கேக்க முடியுமா? என்னோட‌ பெய‌ரின் அர்த்த‌ம் ‍, அன்பான‌ திரும‌க‌ன் அல்ல‌து திரும‌க‌ளை மார்பில் கொண்ட‌வ‌ன்னு சொன்னாங்க‌, சரி இருந்துட்டு போகுதுன்னு விட்டுடேன். வீட்ல‌ கூப்பிட‌ர‌து ச்சீசு, சில‌ ந‌ண்ப‌ர்கள் சிரீ, பிடித்த‌வ‌ங்க‌ கூப்பிட‌ர‌து வ‌ட்சு க‌ண்ணா , பிடிக்கும் ரொம்ப‌வே!

2. கடைசியாக அழுதது எப்பொழுது?

என்னங்க‌ 2ஆவ‌து கேள்வியே அழுகை ப‌த்தி இருக்கு?
நான் ரொம்ப‌ அழுமூஞ்சி , ந‌ல்லா ப‌ட‌ம் பார்த்தா கூட அழுவேன், ச‌ந்தோஷ‌மா இருந்தாலும் வ‌ரும். நேத்திக்கு அழுதேன் ‍ஆன‌ந்த‌ அழுகை தான், ந‌ண்ப‌னோட‌ பேசிட்டு இருந்த‌ போது , அவ‌ன் ஏதோ சொல்ல நெகிழ்ந்து போய்ட்டேன் :)

3. உங்களோட கையெழுத்து உங்களுக்கு பிடிக்குமா?

சூப்பரா இல்லாட்டியும் சுமாரா இருக்கும் , பிடிக்கும் ஆனா யாராவது அழகா எழுத‌ற‌த பார்தா க‌டுப்ஸ்..

4. பிடித்த மதிய உணவு என்ன?

அம்மா கையால‌ சா‌ப்பிடற‌து எல்லாமே.. தயிர் சாத‌ம் , கோங்குரா ரொம்ப‌வே பிடிக்கும்

5. நீங்கள் வேறு யாருடனாவது உங்களோட நட்பை உடனே வச்சுக்குவீங்களா?

க‌ண்டிப்பா , நான் க‌ண்ணாடி மாதிரி உற‌வுக‌ளில் ஆனா க‌க்ஷ்ட‌ம் குடுத்தா சீக்கிர‌ம் க‌ழ‌ண்டுக்குவேன்.

6. கடலில் குளிக்க பிடிக்குமா....அருவியில் குளிக்க பிடிக்குமா?

இது ஒரு கேள்வியா? அருவிதான் த‌லைல‌ ப‌டும் போதே ப‌ர‌வ‌ச‌மா இருக்குமே! க‌ட‌ல்ல‌ ர‌ங்கீளா ஊர்மிளா மாதிரி வாக்கிங்க‌ அன்டு ஸ்‌பென்டிங்க மட்டும்தான்

7. முதலில் ஒருவரைப் பார்க்கும் போது எதை கவனிப்பீர்கள்?

பார்க்கும் ந‌ப‌ரை பொருத்து :)

8. உங்க கிட்ட உங்களுக்கு பிடிச்ச விஷயம் என்ன? பிடிக்காத விஷயம் என்ன ?

பிடிச்ச‌து: இன்முக‌ம், குழைந்தைத்த‌‌ன‌ம் ,ச‌மைய‌ல், உத‌வும் ம‌னோபாவம், பாஸிட்வ் அட்டீடுயுடு (த‌மிழ்ல‌ தெரிய‌ல‌ ..த‌.தெ ‍ன்னு வ‌ச்சிப்போம்) :)பிடிக்காத‌து: குறுகிய‌ கோவ‌ம் (short temper lol), சென்சிட்டிவிடி (த‌.தெ),குழைந்தைத்த‌‌ன‌ம், நிறைய பேசுவ‌து.

9. உங்க சரி பாதி கிட்ட உங்களுக்கு பிடித்த பிடிக்காத விசயம் எது?
பிடிச்ச‌து: அமைதி , பொறுமை, தன்னடக்கம், முடி, க‌ண்க‌ள், சிரிப்பு.. இன்னும் நிறைய‌ய..

பி‌டிக்காத‌து: என்னுட‌‌ன் இல்லாம‌ல் இருப்ப‌து ..
ஆமா..இப்ப‌டி எல்லாம் ப‌தில் சொல்ல‌னும்னு ஆசை தான் ..ஹும்ம்..

10. யார் பக்கத்துல இல்லாம இருக்குறதுக்கு வருந்துகிறீர்கள்?

இப்போதைக்கு: அம்மா, அப்பா ,இந்திய‌ ந‌ண்ப‌ர்க‌ள்,
எப்ப‌வும் வ‌ருத்த‌ப‌டுவ‌து: மேல் கேள்விக்கான ப‌தில் பொதும்னு நினைக்கிறேன்.

11. இதை எழுதும் போது என்ன வண்ண ஆடை அணிந்து உள்ளீர்கள்?

இப்ப‌டி த‌த்தாக்கா பித்த‌க்கான்னு கேள்வி கேட்க‌ கூடாது. நீல‌ நிற‌ ச‌ட்டை, க‌ருப்பு நிற‌ கோடு போட்ட‌ பேண்டு‍, ஆபீஸில் இருக்கிறேன்

12. என்ன பார்த்து//கேட்டுக் கொண்டு இருக்குறீங்க ?

பார்ப‌து : வேற‌ என்ன‌? க‌ணிணிதான் :) வேலை வ‌ருமான்னு பார்க்கிறேன்

கேட்ப‌து: "கன்றும் உண்ணாது , கலத்தினும் படாது "ஆர‌ம்பிக்க‌ற‌ ர‌குமானின் "தீண்டாய் பாட்டு", ச‌மீப‌த்துல‌ ந‌ண்ப‌ர் அர்த்த‌ம் சொன்னதை கேட்ட‌திலிருந்து ரொம்ப‌ பிடிச்சு போச்சு

13. வண்ணப் பேனாக்களாக உங்களை மாற்றினால் என்ன வர்ணமாக உங்களுக்கு ஆசை?

"வ‌ண்ண‌ம் .. அழ‌கிய‌ வ‌ண்ண‌ம்" அப்ப‌டீன்னு ஒரு ப‌ழைய‌ பாட்டு இருக்கு, சுஹாசினி ந‌டிச்ச‌து , அதுமாதிரி(அப்பா இந்த‌ வார்த்‌தை அடிக்க‌ பாடு ப‌ட்டுடேன்,ரொம்ப‌ கொழம்பிட்டேன் த‌.தெ ன்னு போட்டிருக்க‌லாம்) எல்லா வ‌ண்ண‌மும் பிடிக்கும். குறிப்பா மயிலின் க‌ழுத்து வ‌ண்ண‌ம்.

14. பிடித்த மணம்?

அம்மாவின் வாச‌ம், புது புத்த‌க‌ம் வாச‌ம்,புதீனா, வெல்ல‌பாகு காய்ச்சும் வாச‌ம்,பாரிஜ‌த‌ம் பூ, ஸ்ட்ராபேர்ரீ(த‌.தெ),ச‌மீப‌ கால‌மாக‌ ப‌வல்காரி திர‌விய‌ம்.

15. நீங்க அழைக்கப் போகும் பதிவரிடம் உங்களுக்கு பிடித்த விஷயம். அவரை அழைக்கக் காரணம் என்ன ?

த‌மிழ்மாங்க‌னி , காத‌ல் ர‌ச‌ம் சொட்ட‌ சொட்ட‌ எழுதுவாங்க‌. திடீர் சிரிப்பு கதைக‌ள் டாப் நாட்ச(த‌.தெ)
அருணா , அட்ட‌காசாமா க‌விதை , க‌தை எழுதுவாங்க‌, ரொம்ம்ப தன்னடக்கம் கொண்ட‌வ‌ர்.

இவ‌ங்க‌ளை த‌விர‌ நிறையா பேரை போன‌ ப‌திவுல‌ மாட்டி விட்டுடேன் :) அதான் கார‌ண‌ம்.

16. உங்களுக்கு இதை அனுப்பிய பதிவரின் பதிவில் உங்களுக்குப் பிடித்த பதிவு?

நிறைய ப‌திவுக‌ள் இருக்கு, ஆனா அம்மாவோட‌ சாட்டிங் ப‌ண்ணும் போது "இத‌ ப‌டிம்மா ந‌ல்லா இருக்குன்னு" அனுபிச்ச‌ முத‌ல் பதிவு இதுதான்

17. பிடித்த விளையாட்டு?

சுவாச‌ பிரச்ச‌னையினால் "ஓடி விளையாடு பாப்பா" எல்லாம் இல்லை. உக்காந்த எட‌த்துல‌ விளையாடுர‌ தாய‌க‌ட்டை,சீட்டுக்க‌ட்டு,ட்ரேடு(த‌.தெ), வேடு ச‌க‌ராம்பிள்(த‌.தெ) எல்லாமே பிடிக்கும்.

18. கண்ணாடி அணிபவரா?

இல்லை, சில‌ ச‌ம‌ய‌ம் அறிவாளியா தெறிய‌ர‌துக்காக‌ ந‌ண்ப‌னோட‌ கண்ணாடி போடுவேன் :)கூல‌ர்ஸ் (த‌.தெ) போட‌ பிடிக்கும்.

19. எப்படிப் பட்ட திரைப்படம் பிடிக்கும்?

என‌க்கே தெரிய‌லை, இப்ப‌டீன்னு சொல்ல‌ முடியாம‌ , நிறைய வ‌கை பிடிக்கும். சில ப‌ட‌ங்க‌கள் சொல்றேன் நீங்க‌ளே முடிவுக்கு வாங்க‌, என‌க்கும் சொல்லுங்க‌.

Notting hill, Love actually, Forrest gump, Beautiful Mind, Wedding date, Four weddings and funeral, Holiday, Matrix, Picture perfect, Lake house, phone booth, Bourne Identity,Ice age, Finding Nemo,Jurassic park,Madagascar,Harry potter, Mona lisa smile, Apocalypto, Taare Zameen par, Swades, Dil to pagal hai,Kal ho na ho, Dil chata hai

தமிழ்ல‌ நிறைய‌ பார்க்க‌ற‌து இல்லை , பிடிச்ச‌ ப‌ட‌ங‌க‌ள்..க‌ண்ட‌ நாள் முத‌ல்,மொழி,சென்னை 28,இந்திரா, முத‌ல்வ‌ன்,சாமி, கேள‌டி க‌ன்ம‌னி, பூவே பூச்சுட‌வா,அழ‌க‌ன்,ஆன் பாவ‌ம், விசு ப‌ட‌ங்க‌ள், அதே க‌ண்க‌ள் , ஆடி வெள்ளி, அம்ம்ன், மிஸ்ஸிய‌ம்மா,மீரா (பழை‌ய‌),ஒள‌வையார் வ‌கை சாமி ப‌ட‌ங்க‌ள்.

20. கடைசியாகப் பார்த்த படம்?

Consipiracy - விறுவிருப்பாக‌ இருந்த‌து

21. பிடித்த பருவ காலம் எது?

சின்ன‌ வ‌ய‌சுல‌ கோடை ரொம்ப‌ பிடிக்கும், லீவு வ‌ரும் நல்லா க‌ழிக்க‌லாம். இப்ப‌ "குளிருது குளிருது..காத‌ல் உற‌வாடும்" ப‌னி கால‌ம்

22. என்ன புத்தகம் படித்துக் கொண்டு இருக்கீங்க?

The Eleven minutes - Paulo coelho
இந்த‌ எழுத்தாளர் க‌தைக‌ள் ரொம்ப‌வே பிடிக்கும். எல்ல‌த்தையும் க‌ழித்துவிட்டு "அதை" செய்யும் நேர‌ம், 11 நிமிட‌மாம், உல‌க‌மே க‌ட்டுண்டு கிட‌க்கும் அந்த நிமிட‌ங்களை ப‌ற்றி விரச‌ம் இல்லாமல் எழுதி இருக்கிறார்.இது ஒரு தாஸியின் க‌தை, அவ‌ள் காத‌லை புரிந்து கொள்ள‌ ப‌டும் பாடு ப‌ற்றி, ந‌ல்லாவே போகுது :)

23. உங்கள் டெஸ்க்டொப்-ல் இருக்கும் படத்தை எத்தனை நாளுக்கு ஒரு நாள் மாற்றுவீர்கள்?

க‌ண‌க்கு எல்லாம் இல்லை, தோணினா மாத்துவேன். இப்போதைக்கு நான் பின்டான் , இந்தனோசியா போன‌ போது எடுத்த‌ ப‌ட‌ம்‍, க‌ட‌ற்க‌ரை‌யில் நான் ஓடமுட‌ன்.

24. பிடித்த சத்தம் ? பிடிக்காத சத்தம்?

பிடித்த‌து: காற்றிலே விண்டு சைம்ஸ் ஆட‌ற‌ ஓசை, கிதார் ஓசை, ர‌யில் கூவுர‌ ச‌த்த‌ம் , பெண்க‌ள் ஹைஹீல்ஸ் போட்டு ந‌ட‌க்க‌ற ச‌த்த‌ம்.வைன் கோப்பைக‌ள் முத்த‌மிட்டு கொள்ளும் ச‌த்த‌ம்

பிடிக்காத‌து: ந‌க‌ம் உறாய்ந்து வ‌ரும் ச‌த்த‌ம் பிடிக்க‌வே பிடிக்காது, ஆம்புல‌ன்ஸ் ச‌த்த‌ம், ஹார்ன் ச‌த்தம்

25. வீட்டை விட்டு நீங்கள் சென்ற அதிக பட்ச தொலைவு?
நிஜ‌மாவே தெரிய‌லை, ல‌ண்ட‌னா இருக்க‌லாம்

26. உங்களுக்கு ஏதாவது தனித் திறமை இருக்கிறதா?

"Jack of all trades" அப்ப‌டீன்னு சொல்ர மாரி நிறைய விஷ‌ய‌ங்க‌ளை சுமாரா செய்வேன்.

27. உங்களால் ஏற்றுக் கொள்ள முடியாத ஒரு விஷயம்?

ஏமாத்த‌றது, கெட்ட‌ வார்த்தையால் திட்டுவ‌து, அப்ப‌ற‌ம் இப்ப‌டி என்னை த‌மிழ் எழுத‌ மாட்டி விடறது :)

28. உங்களுக்கு உள்ளே இருக்கும் சாத்தான்?

உள் ம‌னசு சில‌ ச‌ம‌ய‌ம் த‌ப்புன்னு தெறிஞ‌சாலும் த‌ப்பு த‌ப்பா யோசிக்கும்.

29. உங்களுக்கு பிடித்த சுற்றுலா தலம்?

ஐரோப்பால‌ இருக்கிற‌ எல்லா ஊர்க‌ளும் பிடிக்கும். நீல‌ த‌ண்ணீரும் வெள்ளை ம‌ண‌லும் உள்ள‌ க‌ட‌ற்க‌றை கொண்ட‌ இட‌ங்க‌ள் பிடிக்கும்.

30. எப்படி இருக்கணும்னு ஆசை?

காத‌லோடு கால‌மெல்லாம் க‌ண‌ப்பொழுதும் பிறிவின்றி உற‌வாடி உயிர் துற‌க்க‌ வேண்டும்.

31. மனைவி இல்லாம செய்ய விரும்பும் ஒரே காரியம் ?

ஆபீஸ் வேலை தான்

32. வாழ்வு பற்றி ஒரு வரி சொல்லுங்க?

த‌மிழ்ல‌ ச‌ரியா இந்த‌ வாக்கிய‌த்தை சொல்ல‌ முடியாது , அத‌னால ஆங்கில‌த்துல‌ சொல்றேன்

Live till you die!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tagged to Good old days

Blogger friend Thamizh has tagged me to write about how I spent time on holidays and any interesting things that happened in those good old days. And so here it is.

I grew up in a joint family so, whether I liked it or not there were always people around. My dad had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. We were living in the eldest uncle's house in Thiruvanmyur - Chennai. On the whole we had 13 people all living in 2 bedroom one hall + 1 kitchen house!! Those days Saturday used to be working day for the elders, kids had half a day at school. They made idly for dinner on all saturdays. We have more visitors on the weekend. The aunt's family who lives couple of street away and other cousins who come in the weekend to play cricket or shuttle cock. So cooking idly for many people is the easiest option. Plus the left over idly will be converted to breakfast upma next day :P

Sundays or any holiday starts with cleaning mela at home. The bunch of cousins and uncles all busy from early morning, cleaning the house every nook and corner like its a bride getting ready for groom in the evening. Purposefully I wake up late, because if I were awake I will be given a job. cleaning the windows and doors using soap water or scrap coconut for making chutney. Imagine you need to scrap at least 3 coconuts to prepare chutney for these many people. These both jobs I hate the most!

After waking up and taking my "own time" to drink Bornvita or milk, I sneak out to garden to be with my dad or my grandma. They generally do the garden work. We had 6 coconut trees, couple of mango, one sapota, one gooseberry, one neem, one badam tree and numerous plants around the house. My dad can even climb at the coconut tree to pluck the unwanted branch and/or coconuts. Gardening is something I enjoyed naturally - getting muddy or picking dirt is fine with me. I do scream occasionally at the garden lizard, frog or any small creature that I encounter. In seconds I would be in company of my saviours peeking through my shoulders, our two pet dogs, white and brown - fully grown - I had no idea what breed they were. I usually climb up the gooseberry tree with a handful of raw salt, these were small gooseberries and as much sour as it can be - but with raw salt it makes great snack anytime.

Cleaning the tank in the terrace is another job that I enjoyed doing. I get inside half full tank with my cousin, scrap the sides and make the water as dirty as possible then let it out to terrace area. Then it has to be bleached for which I am not allowed. I would join again for "water wash" phase . Then with the rest of water we clean the terrace too. Evening time we play cricket or shuttle cock or go to nearby beach to play Frisbees or ring. We also gather around the TV for simple yet wonderful shows like Chitrahaar, Shurabhi, Giant robot, Potli baba ki, Oliyum Oliyum, Jungle book or Ramayan. Sometimes I help my cousin sister wash the clothes near the well. Radio is our company, if they play a latest song which is usually one or two at the end of the program our joy knew no bounds. Sometimes we even match the rhythm of the song to beating of the clothes :P.

( This picture was taken with cousin's kids when I visited my uncle's place this feb, and do I need to say - its me in the middle ;P )

I also visit my other grandma's place (mom's mom). That is a similar house in the other end of chennai called Chrompet . I had 5 uncles and 4 aunties. Each had at least two offspring, now you do the math :) . We all meet during summer holidays. I had cousins from Chennai and Tirupathi. We all be good for a day or two with so much sharing and caring. Then comes the chocolate fights, game board fights, community fights, My dad is best fights, My language,shirt,pen,cinema,sticker - is the best fights, sometimes bloody fights!! and other numerous fights. But the good thing is that they all last only for few hours and then its happy time, movie time, ice cream time or beach time. The best I remember is playing "Dayakattai" its like dominos played with two metal dice. Usually it starts after lunch, few aunties would join us, while others attended to the chores or took a nap. Sometimes it goes till evening until my grandma shouts at us for rolling the dice after 6 pm (one of her superstition that money wont flow into the house if you play dice at 6 pm :P).

We also practiced amateur archery. We make bow using "C" shaped twigs , rubber band and arrows from broom sticks. Our main target is bottle guard in the garden or plantain tree. My grandma treated all plants like her kids and gets upset if this was found out. Then we get "our lessons" from our mom which usually involves a punishment like kneeling down for 1/2 an hour or 10 scale hits or imposition. We pose - "I am innocent, sad dog looks" which our mom knew well , but it works for grandma who usually prevents mom scolding or punishing us. Dinner time is always from grandma , we all sit around her in half circle. She mixes rice with curry in a large vessel and the mixed food is given on hand. It’s mostly for kids but my uncles and aunties also join us sometimes. Even the normal sambar or rasam tasted much delicious when fed like that.

I didn't realize how much fun I had back those days, someone was always available to talk to, to play, to fight or to care about. Now a days our cousins are all spread - we are all living in different cities, different countries each with our own little family and problems. We manage to meet during important festivals at the same house in Thiruvanmyur . It has gone several transformations since then and doesn't look the same, but most of the trees are still there. That place is like sanctuary to all of us and when we meet, even if for a short time it’s all laughter and fun time again!

Now I want to tag the following people to continue this thread,( in no specific order :P) Preethe , Preeti shenoy , Gils , Divya, Charissim Prats And anyone who likes to share about those good old days :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A perfect stranger

The first time at the coffee shop
I met you through a common friend
You said you were here on a short trip
And I felt no interesting grip
I did not like you, you were different
Compared to man of my dreams
But here I am writing about you
Am I in crazy or so it seems

I had no intention of seeing you again
But found myself sitting next to you
In the movie along with friends
While I wondered at the screen so bright
You held my hand a little tight
With mixed feeling I managed a smile
Everything felt normal only for a while

Then we went to restaurant nearby
Where the lights were low
They had their tables outside
Under the moonlight glow
Could be because of the lousy movie
I found you interesting
Could be because of the drink mailbu
I found myself relaxing
Could be because of the full moon
I found the night charming
Then you kissed me
I closed my eye and I felt like crying

No questions & no explanations
I rested my head on your shoulders
And my face on your chest
As you stroked my hair
I was feeling at my best
It felt so right and so perfect
Is this a crush?
Or something more
What’s this rush?
That’s sweeping me off the floor

For the next two days
I had my best dates
The more time we spent
The more I repent
Because I started liking
The feeling of 'us' was growing
Our ex friends will be angry,
May be sad or blue
But I have these feelings for true

It was then a week since I met you
And you have to go
There is nothing I can do or say
You live so far away
But there are cars, trains and planes
And we could meet anyway

Blowing out a fine kiss you flew
Far above the clouds and my reach
And all those thoughts about you grew
Like a song from radio
That I keep singing on and on
With no reason or a clue
I keep thinking about you for long
About the times we spent
And I keep wondering
About the words you meant

Hey perfect stranger
Will you remember me?
Just a little if not too much trouble
If I remember you, will that help or you fickle?
Will you remember me just a little?

* dedicated to my friend Natalie and to love that found her

Friday, June 05, 2009

The story of stuff

We all love stories regardless of our age. While I was a kid I cherished the story time. Because of two reasons, only dad says interesting stories, mom stories are all creative but not that interesting. And I only get to hear stories from him once in a while because he was working and staying in different part of the city then.

My brother and I would be waiting for the story time and its almost a happy ritual for both of us .We would wait until dinner gets over then march to terrace with rolled up "pai" (the thin mattress made out of weeds I guess), pillows, bed sheets and a jug of water. My brother and I lie very close to him on each side, cuddled up because we are very scared of sleeping on open air and darkness. I still remember the cool wind, the sound it made while blowing on tree leaves . Lying on the flat surface of terracce and looking up in dark sky filled with stars was quite a magical experience. Our house was on a not-so-developed corner of the chennai city, so not much of light from surrounding which made it pitch black and stars more glittery. These days one should go to remote village or bare land to see the actual beauty of sky.

Sometimes my brother and I pressure him to tell the same story again, sometimes we fight on which one's favourite story he should tell first. I keep counting stars, looking at the formations when I listen to story and mostly sleep half way through it. I remember only couple of them till the end. The one about 1000 parrots princes and one about hanuman's adventure of gobbling the sun because it looked like orange.

Today I would like to show you all a story. Its high time for us to know this because its about us.Its quite interesting cum horror story filled with twist and turns.The magical ending of this story depends on each one of us. Take your time, browse through this link and witness it. It might take couple of mins to buffer, believe me its worth the wait!

This is my little something for the my beloved Gaia on this day, to create awareness of her call to save her. Plus blog spot says its my 51st post :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The us that never was

As I moved in throw the party
All I can hear was laughter
Nothing funny was said or done
They are just drunk and having fun

I brushed people and made my way
Searching for a friendly face
Smiling at stranger's gaze
Had a drink to ease my stressful day

Standing in a group were my friends
Probably talking about market trends
Or about which celebrity did with which one
May be that’s what interests everyone
Does sex and money is their only priority I wonder
Then my silence is broken by a tap on the shoulder

"Hey, Happy birthday dear" I wished and hugged her
She grabbed the flowers from my hand with a funny smile
"As usual you are late" she pinched me gleefully
"ahh.." I moaned surprising myself, little loudly
I was pleading my friend to let me free
Then I saw you looking at me

It felt right inside me, your look

Like a first ray of the sun through the dense forest
You smiled and turned around
I felt like lost and found
I can’t even write what it felt like
Mesmerized and hypnotised in your sight

"Committed, got boy friend", my friend nudged
For that one reason, I should have caved
I smiled wearily and walked with my friend
Not willing to take my eyes of you for a second.

I saw you turning again
Searching for something in the place I stood
I excused myself and walked back
Our eyes met and we understood

We shook hands and talked for a while
Everything seemed magical, but it felt so real
Thanks to the loud music
And noisy chit chats that lurked
I got to smell your hair every time we talked

You said, you liked my poems
The one about love and other one about life
That comforted you when you were down

Saying that you looked at me

And jokingly held my hand
I saw something in your eyes, similar to mine
They carried unsaid sadness, yet you looked fine

I felt a sudden rush
I wanted to embrace you right then
To tell you that I am here for you
That if my poems can comfort you for a while
I can do all the way till my life fail
This is it, my heart shouted
Am I tired, drunk or out of mind? I doubted

There came your boy friend
Hugging you from back,
Proving he owned you
You got surprised and kissed him
You introduced as we shook hands
Soaked at the moment I didn’t quiet listen
I wasn’t desperate for you until then

He did not look handsome
May be he is good at heart
May be he loves you so much

He was in designer suits and
I had my fine turtle neck sweater

Then you went away
A few steps later you turned
With your smile as bright as sunshine you waved

I can bet million dollars, u liked me
We don’t know each other much,
Yet that doesn’t matter
Its feeling that spoke between our smiles
The language of souls which never lies

I couldnt stop looking at you two all night
He made funny sound everytime he laughed
May be he treats you like one of his possession
May be you made a wrong decision
Cant you see? I am the one who is perfect for you
I cursed the time, myself and your zest
I should have met you first

It’s been weeks since I met you for the first time
Yet I think about you all the time
May be I would meet you again some time
I have a faint hope about your might
That you too would realise that night
Where I secretly smelled your hair
And you jokingly held my hand
That, it meant to be for lifetime