Thursday, July 30, 2009

The tomorrow that I desired yesterday

Today is the tomorrow I dreamed about yesterday! Some days stands out in our calender just like lady-in-red from the crowd. And we always look forward to them :)

My best friend Madhan is celebrating his Graduation today. He gave up his fat-cheque-computer-career in Chennai to peruse Masters in Logistics in Singapore. While getting into NTU, which is one of the top 25 business schools, is hard enough. Adapting to different country, people , relative scoring system and two years of innumerable assignments/projects work is no cake walk either. Well done Mad! While you relish the view at the top of mountain, remember it’s the climb that matters :) Keep climbing. Sky is the limit. Wishing you a successful career Mr Dream chaser! - Feel Inspired!

I am making history today (namaku thaan varalaaru panradhu ellam vaaza pazham sapdra maari). Nothing big, I am wearing this new 30 W sized slim cut black pant which I brought recently. It took 10 month of mouth watering sacrifices for this. I dont even remember the last time I wore a 30 W pant. By the way I used to be 34, Ok thats history now ;) Pat on my back! Sri you have done it! (Self motivation is the best motivation - thannoda birthdaykku thaaney poster adichu ottuvor sangam). More than glad to pack my entire wardrobe for Salvation Army
- Feel Proud!

Exactly 60 days back on this day, at this hour, I met someone special who couldn’t be more perfect for me. I never spoke this much to anybody in my entire lifetime. I never pondered this much to choose the right words to express my feelings. May be they are meant only for me ;)
- Feel Loved!

Yippee! I got my first blogger award today!(rombe peelinga pochu..namala romba nalla bloggernnnu sollitaangayya, naanum evlo neram dhaan professional blogger mariye nadikaradhu avvvvu ....) Savitha was very generous to pass me this award.
– Feel Honoured!
The rules of the award are as follows:
Link the person who tagged you - check!
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Savitha - A traveller one among few. Down to earth, humble, Kind hearted and one of the honest blogger I have come across.

Date when you were tagged:
30 July 2009 :) The special today!

Persons you tagged:
1. Preethe - My first best friend from blogger world. I love her small sentenced witty posts.
2. Preeti Shenoy - Proud writer of "34 bubble gums and candies" book- I admire her every post. Very grounded person.
3. Gils - My college mate cum interesting blogger - I love his humours everyday numbers and the ones he wrote about FRIENDS.
4. Aruna - Sincerly follows my blog for long time now - Thanks for patience! - Her comments speaks for her writing, I love her poems.
5. G3 - She is there to comment everywhere - Good hearted! Another down to earth writer, her motto is fun, fun and fun only!
6. KRS - Great blogger, check out his presence in blog world! - writes lovely tamil posts about our religious poems.
7. Thamizmaangani - last but not the least - Her tamil posts are most lively I have read so far!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Untraceble Paparazzi

Have you ever wondered why pets-dressed-like-human contests and thousands-join-to-brush-in-public finds slot in headlines of our channels? And why people dying daily in countries like Iran or Africa news were not given much importance? Few months back, I was shocked to learn that media project mostly good news about developed countries. Even small happenings there are force fed to all of us. That’s why we watch the dog show happening in US/UK which doesn’t have any relevance or impact on us. What about under developed nations? Only the worst of worst news is projected and they don’t even receive the deserved attention.

So what makes news NEWS? You may find numerous answers to this question, but it can be mapped to single most powerful word - Impact! What’s the disaster? How many people died? How many affected? How much loss? The more the damage is, higher the Impact. Higher impact means more TRP. Why TRP is important? Because it’s what channels own and bid, to attract advertisers. When more people see the program, more demand happens from advertisers. More advertisement means more selling. That explains it, after all people are here to make money.

Media also makes sensational news out of nothing. Celebrities are always stalked by paparazzi. From every nail they cut to every step they take is open for everyone. Even if Obama hits a fly or an actress breaks up for nth time, it becomes the top most news. Forget about privacy, human values and social responsibility. It’s like the drug. Media teases, sensationalises such News until it becomes the topic of discussion for people. Employees discuss it in the pantry, students at the lunch hall and housewives in social gatherings. It becomes the vicious cycle. Media claims more TRP.

Today Media decides what we should and shouldn’t watch. The Media people decide the News to tell, how much of it to tell and in which angle to tell. Like this isn’t enough they find new ways of improving the TRP through reality shows. These shows, be it finding the best singer or the most truthful man, feeds either on ignorance, privacy, emotions and our basic moral values. The same values we learnt as kids, were put to better use (making money to say) by most intelligent and creative brains in Media.

So who gives them the vitamin M? “This program brought to you by” who? Isn’t our favourite drink, shirt and shoe company that sponsors it? After the Second World War, the American economy needed stimulating. The government and corporations decided to make consumption the priority. Victor LeBeau said and I quote: “Our enormously productive economy… demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption… We need things consumed, burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever-accelerating rate”. And After 9/11, President Bush told Americans to shop!

That's our priority for 21st century. It has got nothing to do with agriculture, conservation, education or finding medicines for killer diseases. It’s shopping! In a movie named "untraceable" the psycho character conducts violent and painful murders LIVE on the net. The more people who log on to the website, the quicker the victim die. We are living this story real. We are paying to watch our own shit and miseries. We shop for our own intellectual cannibalism!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Silk saree, Chicken pox and 40$

"She has gone to the temple. Today is Aadi Velli you know. There is special puja happening in temple and she has gone to pray.I can ask her to call you once she is back" My dad said. "Its ok daddy I would call again in the evening "and I kept the phone down. I stared at my computer screen uninterestingly. I couldn’t wait. It’s an unexplainable urgency, a need to convey myself. I started typing this letter. Which I would post not just to her but to the whole world.

Dear Mom,

I don’t even remember how old I was then, when I started going out with you to the market and temples.My hands were so tiny and you always ask me to hold your small finger. I never left you and I used to play with your saree edge all the time. I spoiled even the silk ones, but you never scolded me. I love the way you hold my chin and comb my hair neatly. One day I got lost in the big shivan temple. It was dark inside the temple and I kept crying, running in circles around the huge pillars. I got scared that someone would take me and make me beg in streets like the boy- in the story you told me. No words in any language could describe how glad I was, when I saw you again. I ran to your arms and you gave me a tight hug. You brushed my hair with your fingers and assured me “its ok everything is alright". It took me long time to calm down and I slept on your shoulder. I am sorry I spoiled your silk saree. I need you, don't ever leave me again Amma.

During my school days I copied in exam and got caught. When you were informed, you didn’t say a word. I was so afraid that you would never talk to me. After a long silence you said “Even if you fail its ok, but never copy" and I obeyed. We lived in single room apartment then and I used to wake up early to study . I switch on the light and wake you too. As an adult, now I understand how much you have sacrificed Amma.

When I started working, I fell ill by chicken pox. I couldn’t take the pain and cried. I even scolded you on your ways of treating the disease. I had high fever and lost my consciousness. I was told that you and dad fanned me using neem leaves all night long. I got better in few days and started working again. That evening I saw rashes and marks on your forearms. I was shocked to learn that you did Angapradhakshanim for me. I know how hard that Amman temple's concrete floor was and you rolled on a hot summer day. Till date I can’t imagine, how much pain you have undergone for me. I believe now, beyond the shadow of doubt that you know how to care for me Amma.

As I type this, I received the message that flowers and sweets were delivered to home. It cost me less than 40$. And I am sure you would question about the expenses. Because according to you, anything spent on you is luxury and anything spent on me is necessary.

The phone vibrated, flashing "Home”. Without a delay I picked it up.
"Cheechu amma here"
I sang happy birthday for you, while you kept laughing.
“Why did you spend so much on the flowers and sweets? It’s costly pa"
"Its ok Amma, You are my girl friend na that’s why " I smiled.
"You send me so much from there, I don’t even know how to send you something, even for last birthday I didn’t send you anything pa"
"Adaada, Its ok Amma, when I come there you can give me"
"You keep saying this, but you don’t have holidays na? ok next time you come here,the same day we will celebrate your birthday"
“Sure amma, did you like the sweets? Amma?” I realised you already started talking to our maid.
“Thayamma, did you see my son has sent me flowers, cakes and sweets from Singapore" you were so proud to tell that to our maid. And I am sure for the next few days you would tell this to everyone you meet.
“Amma I shall talk to you again in the evening, got some work", I kept the phone down
My eyes are blurred and I am searching for tissue paper. I love you Amma. And I know you love me the most. More than you love dad and brother. I feel guilty, for not being with you right now. I can only try everyday of my life to give you back what you have given me all these years Amma.I can only try.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tags that I hate to write about

Do you judge yourself? I do it all the time. I have to put a tag on my actions. "Good, very good, devil, pure devil, Kind, rude, silly, smart, dumb, dumber, dumbest "- and 1000 other personalised tags which comes handy all the time.

There are loads of good tags. Sometimes it keeps me on to nth cloud for long. Like the time I helped an old lady. It happened a year back. I met this Indian couple in the lift, and the lady had a troubled breathing .Thirty years of experience was more than enough to make me see its the Asthma attack. Upon speaking I learnt the old couple were on the tour with family and forget to carry her medicine. I promptly took out and gave my inhaler. Since asthma attacks are unpredictable I always carry it with me. Thank god Asthalin is the common prescribed drug. I was already late to work so I asked them to keep it. Couple of days later, their whole family was at my door. They wanted to thank and return my inhaler. They also gifted me 1kg of Indian sweet. I was so happy to have helped someone. I felt so special to have been used. I tagged myself as hero, kind and lovable for quite sometime

There were loads of bad tags too. Especially when I forget something. Couple of weeks back I forgot my shopping bags in the bus. I was so lost in my own world with Paulo and Corrs that I failed to notice 10$ worth shopping bags kept next to my feet. I know it’s not a big amount but the hoopla it created on my mind was so damn irritating. Also when clash happens with my acquaintances. I keep repeating the scene in my mind without any closure.” Why did he speak like that? Why did I respond like that? How can I act like that? I meditate; I read spiritual stuff and preach them. I seemed to have not changed at all" and umpteen why’s , what’s and how’s. By then, I would have tagged myself like that of temple tree.

After a while, I ponder on one thing - what’s the lesson learnt? But recently I read that we don’t need them to remind about our learning. For we have already learnt them, they are part of who we are. For example, you may have fallen few times when you learnt to ride a cycle then. But if you have to ride the cycle now, you don’t try to remember the time you fell down or the lessons on how to handle the bar and sit straight. You simply do it, its part of you.

I was thinking about these tags few days back. Perhaps it's the need to assure myself that I am always at the right place doing the right thing. But what if I were not? Why there is an obsessive need to control and assure everything happening to me? I left these questions hanging and forgot about it. The answer popped as I cleaned my living room. Just like a search result from a long computer query. All my past relationships which I considered bad have only helped me to understand about love and what I really want from my partner. All my life whatever I considered bad has indeed happened only for my good. “This awareness is what I wanted, Awareness leads to better choices”. I told myself as I got rid of the tags with the trash.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Someday.. I would be myself

When I was a kid I thought the people in the TV are more fun to hang out with. I also wanted to jump inside and shake hands with Mickey Mouse and Mowgli. How much fun it would be to live with those characters and spend a happy life, no home works or mugging lessons. Someday, I would find a job in TV so I can have all the fun and no work, I told myself.

Few months later I got to travel by Auto-rickshaw for the first time. I enjoyed sitting in the iron bar holding my mom. It seemed so convenient, for I don’t have to walk to the bus stop and don’t have to worry about forgetting slippers in the bus. Dad must have liked it to, no pain of carrying me, when I pretend to have leg pain (sometimes I really do) or doze off while coming back. I can travel just anywhere through small and big roads with ease. No more hot sun, no leg pain, no waiting for bus, no longing for seat. Wow! Someday, I would become an auto driver so I can drive around easily, I told myself

Few years later I realised riding auto wasn’t that much fun. By then I had my first bike ride and car ride. I also learnt, auto drivers don’t make much money. I loved wearing new clothes then. But I was allowed only two a year, one for my birthday and one for Deepavali. I vividly remember rolling on the floor, butt naked and crying all day long on my birthday because, my parents did not buy my favourite Kurta. I was told they couldn’t get one according to my size, and kurtas tear off soon. I believed it! Only few days later Raja from next door wore a beautiful kurta and told me it comes in all sizes and lasted long. “All we have to do is pay good money” he said tossing his thumb and forefinger. I found out Raja's father was engineer and earned well. Someday I would become engineer, and then I can buy my favourite kurtas every year, I told myself.

A decade later I had to choose my higher studies. My tuition teacher, who is also my god send sister from next door, said engineering offers good future but my family can’t afford the college fee. She advised, the best option is to choose a science degree, and do computer studies which are new in market and have a promising future. So I took Mathematics and a part time computer course. They called the professionals Computer Engineers! Someday, I can become computer engineer and earn well, I told myself.

Another decade passed, and I learnt Computer Engineer’s job did pay well. I don’t know how much Raja's father earned then, but I am pretty sure I earned better. I also learnt it can give all the kurtas I want, even the designer brands. It can also give me comfortable rides in auto, car and even in aeroplanes. Job seemed boring and monotonous like mugging lessons. However the fringe benefits it offered were too good to say no to. I settled in abroad and had loads of free time. I thought I would do some learning, and mass communication seemed so interesting. So I took the 10 month diploma course and learned about media functions such as production, content creation and advertisement etc. I started seeing TV programs and advertisement in different light, and could easily decipher things happening behind the camera. Someday I would find a job in TV, so I can have all the fun and no work, I told myself.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tagged for pleasure

Have u guys felt the blogging pressure? Blogosphere feels like Blogopressure.Sometimes I just cant think of anything to write. I know I got to and I want to except I am not able to write it as a post. There may be so many things to write about, yet my mind would give plenty of excuses. Sometimes words just flow out and sometimes all I want to do is count the keys in keyboard or chat. Thankfully I had a pending Tag from my dear friend Preethe. Tags turn blogging pressure into pleasure. But writing tags in interesting way is yet another challenge. hmm the end of the day a blogger has to do what he/she has to do :)

Q: When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
A: Bad hair day , need a new set of formal wears.

Q: How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?
A: I wont count the cash in my wallet mostly - may be I am too lazy or something, I open and take a wild guess and then that's it , if it seems less I withdraw money. Now I have 58 SGD and a quarter :)

Q: What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
A: I had "Moby - In my heart" - My all time favorite, 5 months before. Now a days just vibration :)

Q: Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
A: My flat mate's call from our land line.

Q: Do you label yourself?
A: All the time. Fun, lovely, caring, empathetic and sometimes judgmental too. Spender, Forgetful, Dumbo LOL!

Q: Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently own?
A: Bata & Tombelli

Q: What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?
A: Sweet, kind and positive person, one that would make you feel better about yourself.

Q: What does your watch look like?
A: A frame that looks like a rectangle shrinking inwards, a freaky - Fast track watch. I don't like it but wearing it for two simple reasons - Its gifted and I am too lazy to get a new one.

Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?
A: I was watching "Friends" - the lesbian wedding episode. So much fun!

Q: What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
A: " B/s 84241 Svc 14 Next bus in 7 mins subbus in 22 min. 5C(postpaid)/10C(prepaid) " - LOL this is the reply for my next bus enquiry message. All we have to do is send SMS with bus stop number and bus service number and we get a reply - similar to the one above, in few seconds.

Q: What’s a word that you say a lot?
A: hmm, ok, fine, God bless.

Q: Who told you he/she loved you last? (Please exclude spouse , family, children)
A: The 60 plus something old maid in the office :) we are good friends

Q: Last furry thing you touched?
A: A big teddy bear that my x gave - Anyone willing to adopt ?, I am packing again to shift! It didn't work out - oh yes, the TV, refrigerator, heater - nothing worked and owner said u may find another house that works for u LOL!

Q: Favorite age you have been so far?
A: I have been through a whole load of shit in recent years and I found myself, last year when I was 28.Plus I achieved a load during last year.

Q: What was the last thing you said to someone?
A: "Oh this error is from the tool, it is not working properly sometimes, check the log file manually"

Q: The last song you listened to?
A: Listening to "Show me what I am looking for " - Carolina Liar

Q: Where did you live in 1987?
A: Chennai - Thiruvanmyur, at my Grandma's place.

Q: Name three things that you have on you at all times?
A: Faith, Love and Smile :) ok according to preferred answer - My dad's ring and thread around my wrist.

Q: What’s your favorite town/city?
A: I really don't know , for all the comforts - Singapore . But I like Chennai too. And 100 others in my bucket list.

Q: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
A: For my mom and dad , last September. I sent few pictures , which were taken when my mom was here. Plus a post card with a note, that I love them the most and miss being with them.

Q: Can you change the oil on a car?
A: A plus B whole square is equal to A square plus 2 ab - ennadhu formula pathi kekkaliya ?

Q: Your first love/big crush: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?
A: Settled in London and have a beautiful kid.

Q: What is your current desktop picture?
A: Face of Buddha - in lying down posture which I took in Thailand.

Q: Have you been burnt by love?
A: Yes more than once.

p.s: I tag all those who are under peformance pressure just like me ;)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Crazy, mad and lost

I missed my train
In a split second
The head rush
Made me bent down and I gasped
Instead of a "kick in the air" and "oh my shit”
I smiled and tapped on my head
Am I crazy?

I answer " Yes honey"
To my manager's call
I look up and admire street lamps
Like they are xmas's fall
Am I lost?

I mess up things and blush!
A hand on my mouth
And a smile so silly
I keep counting them
To narrate, for they seem so funny!
Am I mad?

I am...
Lost in your thoughts,
Crazy in love, and
Mad about you.

I keep writing about all of them
So while waiting, I can hum
These songs, that lingers
On your eyes and lips
Until the time, mine meet yours’

Monday, July 06, 2009

அந்தி வானில் உலாவினோம், அது உன‌க்கு நினைவில்லையா?

இத‌னால் ம‌க்க‌ளுக்கு நான் சொல்லிக்கொள்வ‌து என்ன‌வென்றால், அன்பு அண்ண‌ன், அறிவு க‌ள‌ஞ்சிய‌ம் க‌ண்ண‌பிரான் கேட்டுகொண்ட‌திற்கு இண‌ங்க‌ நான் அவ்வ‌ப்போது த‌மிழிலும் எழுத‌(உள‌ற‌) போகிறேன். ஆனால் எதிர் க‌ட்சியின‌ர் சொல்கிறார்க‌ள் என‌க்கு ரீட‌ர்ஷிப் குறைந்து கொண்டே வ‌ருகிற‌தாம், ஜி3, கில்ஸ், அருணா, த‌மிழ்மாங்க‌னி, பிரீத்தீ, இவ‌ற்க‌ளாவ‌து பிண்ணுட்ட‌ம் இடுவார்க‌ள் என்கிற‌ நினைப்பில் தான் எழுதுகிறேனாம்! மெரினா க‌ட‌ல் அருகிலேயே க‌டலை போடும் கள்ள‌ காதலர்க‌ள் போல‌ வாய் கூசாம‌ல் புர‌ளி பேசும் அவ‌ர்க‌ளுக்கு நான் சொல்வ‌து ஒன்று தான். நாய் குட்டிக்கு க‌ர‌ண்ட் க‌ம்ப‌ம் பார்த்து கால் தூக்க‌ சொல்லி த‌ந்த‌வ‌ர் யார்? அப்படித்‌தான் என‌க்கும் இயற்கையாகவே த‌மிழ் எழுத‌ பிடித்திருக்கிற‌து.

பில்டப் எல்லாம் முடிஞ்ச‌து, இப்போ மேட்ட‌ர். ந‌ம்மோட‌ வாழ்கைல‌ சில‌ த‌ருண‌ங்க‌ள் திரும்ப‌ வ‌ராதா?, இன்னோரு முறை அதை அனுப‌விக்க‌ மாட்டோமான்னு? நாம எல்லோரும் நினைச்ச‌துண்டு. அப்போதான் போட்டோக்க‌ளோட‌ அருமை தெரியுது. ஒரே ஒரு கிளீக் ‍அந்த த‌ருண‌ம் கால‌த்துக்கும் சுவ‌டா ப‌திஞ்சாச்சு. அதுக்க‌ப்புற‌ம் அது ம‌ற‌ந்தே போயிடும்.எப்ப‌வோ ப‌ழைய‌ சமாசார‌ங்க‌ளை புர‌ட்டும் போது கையில் கிடைக்கும் சில‌ போட்டோக்க‌ள் அப்படியே அந்த நினைவுக்கு கொண்டு போயிடும்.அந்த‌ மாதிரி சில‌ போட்டோக்க‌ள் இன்னிக்கு கையில‌ கெட‌ச்ச‌து, அத ப‌த்திதான் இந்த ப‌திவு.
இந்த‌ ப‌ட‌ம், இங்கே போன‌ வ‌ருஷம் கிறிஸ்ம‌ஸ் கொண்டாட்ட‌ம் போது எடுத்த‌து. ஒரு முதியோர் இல்ல‌த்து பாட்டி தாத்தாக்களோட அமற்க‌ள‌மா கொண்டாடினோம். இங்கே க்ளைன்ட்( க‌ண்ண‌பிரான் த‌மிழாக்க‌ம் ப்ளீஸ்!) சார்பா உத‌வி ப‌ண்ண‌ போனேன்.ஒரு சைனீஸ் பாட்டியோட‌ ந‌ட‌னம் ஆடரா மாதிரி ஒரு விளையாட்டு. நான் பேச‌ற ஆங்கில‌ம் அவ‌ங்க‌ளுக்கும், அவங்க‌ பேச‌ர‌ சைனீஸ் என‌க்கும் புரியாம‌ ரொம்ப‌ காம‌டியா போச்சு.சுமாரா ஆடி 4ஆவ‌து ப‌ரிசு வாங்கினோம். 4 பேர்தான் ஆடினாங்க‌-‍ங்க‌ற‌து வேற‌ விஷ‌ய‌ம். இருந்தாலும் கையில‌ வாங்கின‌ ப‌ரிசோட‌ என்ன‌ க‌ட்டி புடிச்சுகிட்டாங்க‌ ‍எனக்கு கண்ணுல‌ த‌ண்ணி த‌ண்ணியா வ‌ந்திருச்சு. என்ன‌மோ என்னோட‌ பாட்டியோட‌ இருந்தா மாதிரி இருந்தது. அவ‌ங்க‌ளுக்கும் புரிஞ்ச‌து போல‌, க‌ண்ண‌த்த‌ த‌ட‌வி விட்டாங்க‌ :)
இவ‌ங்க‌ இர‌ண்டு பேரும் என‌க்கு ரொம்ப‌ பிடிச்ச‌வ‌ங்க‌. என்னோட‌ X சொல்லி என்னோட சேர்ந்த‌வ‌ங்க‌. இப்போ இவ‌ங்க‌ என் கூட‌ இல்லை.காதுல‌ பாடற‌வ‌ரை இங்க ரயில்ல‌ போகும் போது மறந்து விட்டுடேன். அடுத்த‌ 2 மாச‌த்துல‌ க‌ண்ணை பார்துக்கிற‌வ‌ரை, க‌டற் க‌ரையில விட்டுடேன். இவ‌ங்க‌ளை க‌ண்ட‌வ‌ங்க‌/கொண்ட‌வ‌ங்க‌ அன்பா பார்த்துபாங்க‌ன்னு ந‌ம்ப‌றேன். எல்லா பிரிவும் நல்ல‌துக்குதானோ?
சிங்கையில வ‌ந்த‌ புதுசுல‌, ஒரு ம‌லை மேலே இருக்கிற பூஞ்சோலைக்கு போன போது , மேலே சொன்ன‌வர் மூல‌மா எடுத்தது. "தொடத் தொட‌ ம‌ல‌ர்ந்த‌தென்ன‌" பாட்டு மாதிரி ம‌ழைல நனைஞ்சு க‌ண்ணுக்கு ர‌ம்மிய‌மா இருந்த‌து.அந்த‌ மாலை எப்ப‌வும் நெஞ்சில் பளிச்!
இது நவ‌ம்ப‌ர் 17 2007,விடி காலை 12:10 அலுவ‌லக‌த்தில் எடுத்தது. நான் முதல் முதல்ல‌ வெட்டின ப‌ர்த்டே கேக்!
இங்கே "Pulau ubin" அப்ப‌டீன்னு ஒரு தீவுக்கு போன‌போது எடுத்தது.நண்பர்க‌ள் கிட்டே த‌ண்ணி கைல வ‌ச்சுகிட்டு ஒரு விஷ் ப‌ண்ணுங்க‌ ந‌ட‌க்கும்னு சும்மா போட்டு வாங்கினேன். ப‌க்க‌த்துல இருந்த‌வ‌ன் கிட்டே கண் அடிக்க‌, த‌ண்ணி எல்லார் மேலேயும் போட்டு ஒரே க‌லாட்டா தான்.

உங்க‌கிட்டேயும் இந்த மாதிரி ப‌ட‌ங்க‌ள் இருக்கும் இல்லையா? தூசி த‌ட்டி எடுங்க‌!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Million page hits plan

Last night my colleague said that I have very happening life, so I write interesting posts about them. Yeah right! If you consider thousands of hairs falling weekly and hundreds growing again or occasional reddish discharge from nose (symptom of recovery they say) as same as happening. But interesting posts? hmm... lets see, my weekly posts gets an average of 50 page hits, 20 comments each but half of them are mine :P

Its time to make them interesting, I thought scratching my head, and then I noticed. I am producing a snowfall at the tropics! Yucky! I have tried almost everything from smelly homemade paste to the new all clear (do they mean hair clear?) shampoo which promises clean scalp and sexy girls begging for date. I may not have cool dude looks of sportsmen, but hey I look decent enough to date. Sigh... anyway... Then I started chewing pencil till I could taste the graphite, chalk would have been better choice. Right then, million dollar (not the one you get near temples to wear around your neck) or rather, "million page hits plan" came live

The Plan is to write sensational topics. Imagine me sitting in a dark room (No I did not forgot to pay the bill)in a rented oversized black suit (yeah I am average five point some sized and wouldn’t dare a custom made ) and a hat (may be a fashion freak? but I don't mind, it covers my snowy hair) surrounded by smoke(It has to be artificial, last time I tried smoking it was like bollywood film climax where hero coughs to death due to cancer on someone's lap).So I sit there, rating topics I can write like the movie countdown with ultra professional - dead voice.

Even those who think like Einstien or sweat a pool when asked to write their name can write volumes on this topic. So, it should be easy for a Blogger like me. However its risky business like selling French fries topped with double cheese, either people are crazy about it or abandon it, because it’s unhealthy. Even so it tops my list for firing up my posts: Write sexy double meaning stuff or gossips.

Most of us may compromise on the main dish but not on side dish we eat. The second topic is such. Almost everyone are sucker for controversial issues because its mouth watering. I can write about controversies in politics, cinema, blogging or anything under the moon (oh give it a rest, it needn’t be sun always) that can stir an argument right away.

We all have been taught that wisdom is best of all riches. Whether we have it or not, we pretend we do and also respect those who have it. That’s the reason for I-live-in-my-own world scientists and professors get their respect and they mostly have good looking girls (either as wife! or daughter which sometimes becomes the primary reason for popularity) .So the third is writing Intellectual topics. Scientific discoveries, medical marvels like the one where parents can pick their child's sex or cloning - which invariably challenges human values. Although this sounds hard for my samosa sized brain, but hey Google is free.

Did you see the advertisements during last night TV program? Unless you are living in a submarine, you must have. So which one can you remember? The best ones, with perfect music, visuals and message, ok what comes next? The stupidest ones, which has got absolutely no sense or message. That makes you bang your head on the wall or pluck your hair until you go bald. These were the ones your colleagues, friends and kids use to irritate you. Yet they are noticeable, you cannot run away from them, you may even get hypnotised like Kaa does to Mowgli of jungle book. That’s easy! Write something nonsense yet make it noticeable and that’s what I just did :)