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Lets play !

Hey dear ,

How are you doing ?

Lets play a game :P , ok ok don't get up from the seat - I am too lazy to invite you for games with physical activity.

With no delay I present to you Songs - o - Mania Game , This is how it goes
a. Copy the entire questions below into the comment box

b. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, IPOD etc. on shuffle. Be it any song.

c. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


e. You can add your comments in brackets - Just like me :)

f. put your name at the end :P

To make it easier have limited the questions to 13 ( oh scary number! ) as compared to the original version

That's enough of rules I guess. ... Here is mine for you
1.If someone asks you, "are you okay" you say:

'Just be patient dont worry'- Coldplay ( he he I really wish I could say that )

2. How do you feel today ?

'Lucky I am in love with my best friend' - Lucky - Jas…

Ear me out!

@ cab 9:30 am

"Changi business park"
"Sir , where to go ?"
(without listening ) "yes please"
"sir, where to go"
"huh ?!"... (in louder voice) “Changi business park" (oops it sounds like playing saxophone, even worse played by stomach upset man!)
"sir, wheeeerree to goooo" ? ( i am not able to hear too! His voice so feeble, like that of 'bee' in Bee Movie)
using all the energy in empty stomach "CHANGI ....BUSINESS.... PARK"
He shook his head and started, thank god he got it, or did he notice my ID card and assumed it? I never know

What’s this noise?.. no its not coming from the cab.. it goes "hmmm" like from National television when the usual telecast is over.
He turned around for directions. I managed to smile and showed him right / left or straight.

I stepped out and couldn’t hear anything,

The water sound from fountain
The construction happening down the road
The birds chirping
I can’t even hear the voice …

Love blessed me

You said good bye.

You said not to expect anything from you.
But all I heard was “Good bye".

And it all blurred.
You were talking,
Yet I didn’t hear anything.
You were next to me,
Yet I didn’t see you.
You were near,
Yet I felt so far away.
Like standing in a lift with stranger.

"Hey, are you ok?" you said that loud.

I woke up and Shook my head,
Suddenly I realised,
Realised how noisy it is,
Realised we were standing on the road,
Realised the world did not stop,
Realised 12 years of 'us' just died.
I may never know the reason, It ended like a season.
I never thought it would happen,
Yet alone so peacefully,
Just like passing away in sleep.
No kiss
No hug
No "All the best for your future"

Just the silence.
No words to say.
No pain.

I took a cab home,
The dashboard had a sign,
"God is love"
I doubted whether they both existed.

It’s been a week,
I am still alive,
Since there is no more you and me,
I get to be free.

I went to work.
I cleaned my room.
I washed my clothes.
I watc…