Friday, March 27, 2009

Lets play !

Hey dear ,

How are you doing ?

Lets play a game :P , ok ok don't get up from the seat - I am too lazy to invite you for games with physical activity.

With no delay I present to you Songs - o - Mania Game , This is how it goes
a. Copy the entire questions below into the comment box

b. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, IPOD etc. on shuffle. Be it any song.

c. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


e. You can add your comments in brackets - Just like me :)

f. put your name at the end :P

To make it easier have limited the questions to 13 ( oh scary number! ) as compared to the original version

That's enough of rules I guess. ... Here is mine for you
1.If someone asks you, "are you okay" you say:

'Just be patient dont worry'- Coldplay ( he he I really wish I could say that )

2. How do you feel today ?

'Lucky I am in love with my best friend' - Lucky - Jason mraz ( oh my god!! this is crazy )

3. What is your life's purpose ?

" Girl like you is impossible to find " - Fall for you - Secondhand Serenade ( Mission impossible I guess LOL )

4. What do your friends think of you ?

" I found god on the corner " - You found me - Fray ( oh yeah how true!!! )

5. What do your parents think of you ?

"You can have whatever you like " - T.I ( of course they always encouraged me , Love them)

6. What is 2 + 2 ?

" There can be miracles when you believe " - David archuleta ( yeah number "4" should be a miracle , otherwise what we would put between 3 and 5 )

7. What do you think of your best friend ?

"Would you be happier if you were someone together " - The corrs ( he he , I hope she wont say 'yes' )

8. What is your hobby/interest ?

" Try to leave the light on when I am gone " - David cook ( oops!! I would never do that, I am Earth hour supporter )

9. What is your biggest fear ?

" Still not over you " - Rihanna ( *sigh* how true )

10. What is your biggest secret ?

" Don't matter " - Akon ( LOL, so perfecttttt!!!!!)

11. What do you think of your friends ?

" one step at a time " - Jordin sparks ( ahaa ?! )

12. When you want to rush to the toilet, what do you think ?

"Please come back home " - Glasvegas ( LOL , OMG !!)

13. The person you hate the most is in front of you, what will you tell the person ?

" Unfaithful" - Rihanna ( wow! )

---- ------------------------
That was really fun! - now I cant wait to hear yours - Go on do it now :))

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ear me out!

@ cab 9:30 am

"Changi business park"
"Sir , where to go ?"
(without listening ) "yes please"
"sir, where to go"
"huh ?!"... (in louder voice) “Changi business park" (oops it sounds like playing saxophone, even worse played by stomach upset man!)
"sir, wheeeerree to goooo" ? ( i am not able to hear too! His voice so feeble, like that of 'bee' in Bee Movie)
using all the energy in empty stomach "CHANGI ....BUSINESS.... PARK"
He shook his head and started, thank god he got it, or did he notice my ID card and assumed it? I never know

What’s this noise?.. no its not coming from the cab.. it goes "hmmm" like from National television when the usual telecast is over.
He turned around for directions. I managed to smile and showed him right / left or straight.

I stepped out and couldn’t hear anything,

The water sound from fountain
The construction happening down the road
The birds chirping
I can’t even hear the voice in my head. What the heck!!!@#@
May be I am still drowsy, a coffee would do

@ Office
"Good morning Hari"
"huh did you ask me something?!!

@ The food court 12:30 pm
"Uncle 4 chapatti and curry to go please"
"Yes your order sir?”

@ Mobile
"hello Sri"
"hello..." (in 1/4 portion of actual voice)
"Sri ?!"
"Yes hello" (still the same)
"Sorry wrong number"

So I avoided calls and responded in text. Somehow managed the day with smile, head shake and animated hands.
I was cool outside but inside ... like the heroin of Titanic I was screaming inside . However neither I could scream or hear the scream properly . And its not even in the same pin code as scream, you may call it a hush or whisper.

@ My room

Experiment 1: Breath out hard with closed nose and mouth
Source: Google brother

There you go, one two there. inhale ..."aaaah," exhale.. " phushhhhhhhhhhhh" ... nothing
ok second time, breath in , close nose... with all the pressure " phushhhhhhhhhhh..."
I hear something, I hear something!!
..its a tune ? it like radio frequency , "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."

The sound from the fan
The sound from the TV
Its jus "eeeeeeeeeeeee..." what the heck!!!@#@

Experiment 2: Cotton Buds
Source: Self.. FYI - I do think!

May be its jus a ......there you go , aah... i think i got it... lets take out and see
Oops its jus the stick, "what the hell happen to the bud on it ?" did i dropped it?
After about 20 mins of search with broom, I realised it should be safe in one place, my ears!!
Ok its finally out, dark brown waxy.. yew!.... "is this really from my ear?"

The sound from the fan..
The sound from the TV..
Is this what they call white noise? What the heck!!!@#@

Experiment 3: Steam
Source: Grandma

Here comes the hot water, ooo! boiling water..
Ssteam, blanket and me...we are one happy family.. oh it feels so good.

15 mins in sweaty dreams , no kidding I actually dosed off

The sound from the fan
The sound from the TV
Nothing! ...
Upon inspection I realised my flatmate has switched off TV,
Ok that’s one down but I still cant hear the fan, which means .....What the heck!@!@#!@#!@

Experiment 4: Consult doctor friend.
Source: Accidental, he was online ... hey got caught! , ok lets call him Dx ( didn’t get it ?... areey yaar its short form for doctor x . :P )

Dx : hi sri, how r u??
Me : i am no good :( from the morning, i have become deaf and slightly dumb
Dx : u r already dumb, deaf is new!!
Me : >:(
Dx : ok anything you did jus before it happened ?
Me : hey i washed my hair and from that time onwards I am hearing only less
its like two cotton bobs on my ears
Dx : ok thats where the problem, cotton buds, steam inhalation..
Me : done and I also i tried doing the air pressure
Dx : valsalva manuvre
Me : huh ? plus my voice has changed
Dx : sounds like a pharyngo otitis..
Me : huh ??
Dx : dont worry , do some salt water gargling and take good steam inhalation to clear al ur holes!!!
Me : What the heck !@#!@#!@
Dx : offline

Experiment 4: stop pissing about it, go to ENT doctor you moron.
Source: The wicked devil above my head - which sometime says the right thing, and I hate when its right :(

I booked an appointment and went to see Dy (yes you got it right this time: P).

After careful analysis of my ears and my nose(!)

Me: Adiddas?
Dy: ADENOIDS - its small baby tissue inside the nose. Its common with children, when you reach adulthood it should have gone.
Me: oh ok? ( see when i say , i am jus a kid no one believes)
Dy: Your ear pipe is blocked by swelling of this tissue. We can give you medicines to reduce it.
Me: so no problem with my ears
Dy: well there is also a possiblity of small air pressure clogged inside
Me: oh ! ( possibility ? , Do you doctors know anything for sure ?! - Sorry Dx no offence )
Dy: we can wait for two weeks, if it doesnot help we can remove your ADENOIDS or
Me: Or ?! ( why they always have to make it like a thriller story ?!)
Dy: I have to make small insertion in your ear to let it out, it would pain a little.
Me: oh ! (a little...?! Have you ever had one ? I bet thats gonna hurt like hell)
Dy: Take the medicines and we see in two weeks
It’s been two days and I think I am improving. Voice sounds better. Now I can here the voices in my head. That's a good progress I guess.

This post is official notification to all of you on my current hearing abilities. Don't jump with joy , its only temporary, I shall be back to form to bug you soon.

So I prefer text/email , also this makes it clear – I am kid in some ways but not dumb!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Love blessed me

You said good bye.

You said not to expect anything from you.
But all I heard was “Good bye".

And it all blurred.
You were talking,
Yet I didn’t hear anything.
You were next to me,
Yet I didn’t see you.
You were near,
Yet I felt so far away.
Like standing in a lift with stranger.

"Hey, are you ok?" you said that loud.

I woke up and Shook my head,
Suddenly I realised,
Realised how noisy it is,
Realised we were standing on the road,
Realised the world did not stop,
Realised 12 years of 'us' just died.
I may never know the reason,
It ended like a season.

I never thought it would happen,
Yet alone so peacefully,
Just like passing away in sleep.
No kiss
No hug
No "All the best for your future"

Just the silence.
No words to say.
No pain.

I took a cab home,
The dashboard had a sign,
"God is love"
I doubted whether they both existed.

It’s been a week,
I am still alive,
Since there is no more you and me,
I get to be free.

I went to work.
I cleaned my room.
I washed my clothes.
I watched TV.
I got along with just me,
I did my routine like a tree.
On my way to work,
I saw a baby.
She was covered in soft cloth,
And seated safe in the trolley.
She had big eyes,
Through she looked at everything .
To her world is wonderful ,
Even a leaf flying around made her cheerful.

I saw a busy worker by the fence.
He was drenched in sweat.
His skin was tan.
It shined in sun.
He kept working as if he is having fun.
The sun, the crowed, and the dust he felt no disturbance.

Then I saw a very old man,
He sat on the steps of the train station.
He seemed to be there everyday.
Few ignored him,
Few passed him with sympathy,
Few purchased the tissues he was holding.

He saw me looking at him.
He held up few tissue packets.
I took it and gave him a dollar.

"Have a good day sir", he wished.
Just what I needed, I thought.

Few steps away I saw a old lady.
She was lost in her own thoughts.
She didn’t sell anything.
Yet she was there, patiently waiting.

I walked away and waited for the train
Only few minutes passed but it felt much longer
Time seems to have taken slow ride
May be it knows who are lonely and stays with them longer
Perhaps I can say "Time is on my side”

Now I saw the Old man eating,
Next to him was the old lady, feeding .

They seemed to be happy.
It doesn’t matter where life took them.
The poverty, the old age didn’t win them.
For Love protected,
And kept them happy.

Love does exists,
It’s live in front of my eyes.
It's the reason.
It's the hope.
And it’s enough for me.
It made me happy.

Love exists,
So God might also exists,
For he stays in heart where there is love.

My train did arrive.
I got in and sat.
"ahcuuu" I sneezed while picking up the tissue,
"God bless you" said the stranger next to me.