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Leap of Faith

"God gives us each day, each fresh morning into our hands as a gift
to see what we do with it"

This is the poster that welcomes me in the clinic of my family doctor, I have grown up seeing this and Its still there.

For those of us who are too busy to realise that , God made special days like today.

This day is gift to us!

One more day of fun
One more day to change lives of our near and dear ones for betterment.
One more day to create difference in others life.
One more day to shower love on everyone around us.
One more day to laugh and realise life is all about enjoying.
One more day to realise our true potential.
One more day to reaffirm our values.

On this special day, lets remember the transformation we had in the last four years.

What we are today is gist / product of all those years.

And where we will be in next leap day depends on what we affirm today.

This requires patience and perseverance. You see the world waits 4 years for a day :)

No matter where you are living, what you are doi…