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Lifting thought

This is my first blog..and this effectively means anyone who is blogging for a long time , is not advised to read this blog :)

well it all started couple of months ago. After getting burnt in the mid hot summar day, ( as I work for UK , my shift always starts at 1 pm - damm UK timings ) i searched space to park my old worn out TVS excel in my office parking lot. More than the driving and the traffic, finding a place to park in the hot sun made me a very angry person in the world.

One of our HR staff Manoj passed by saying a low " Hi " its as if I know you exist but i am too busy to say more than Hi and I never care whether you reply or not. I managed to squeeze in my vehicle as well as a better "Hi". " Isn’t it very hot today " ( Appraisal is coming so I had to be nice ) . With what seemed to be eternity he replied " Yeah I guess " ( edhukku ketrukkeva vendam )

My cell needed some attention..Here again.. i dont know why people always call me when i…