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We all feel the rain

Hi there ..How are you doing ?

I am writing this for you, to let you know that you are not alone.
You are no stranger to me, you are my friend whom I haven't met.
And no matter what you think now, I am your friend.

Are you going through something which you don't deserve?
Does it feel heavy in your chest?
Does it pain so hard that you cannot even carryon with daily chores?
Do you think no one could understand?

I don't know why, I can feel your pain,
..we all feel the rain.
Beneath this apparent separation we are one.
Doesnt matter what you believe
Single cell amoeba or Adam,
We are from the one.
We are one

As I write this and as you read, there is energy connection happening between us.
Our energies filling each other in many dimensions.
You can call it Love, Empathy, Affection or care.

So go on.. Try me ..Let it flow out of you into me
I promise to listen
I promise to lend a shoulder if you need.
I promise there wont be judgments
I promise no solution for there is none required

The Pain you feel…

Before I die

I have been wondering about this quiet a while. what are the things I would really like to do If I am going to die tomorrow?

When I read Mitch albom books about death and the book "before I die" by jenny downham I had it in my mind. thanks to my friend's blog it has given me push to finally jot it down.

If tomorrow were to be my last day these are the 15 things I would like to do.
And why 15 ? Its just came up to that count. But I am contended with these things.

1. Fly to India to hug my mom and dad. Tell my brother even after all the fight I love him so much.

2. Get a pet - Golden retriver bit grown puppy - and play with it

3. Ask my mom to do few of my favourite dishes like "Keerai kuttu","paruppu" "vatha kulambu", "semiya payasam" and eat to hearts content

4. Set up an Marian aquarium at home.

5. Go out with my best friend G to Spencer plaza for shopping in bike.
I would drive my favourite bike without helmet very fast in beach road LOL.