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Psy to the girl in my shoes

Dear you,

Few months back all I owned could fit in a card board box. But thanks to IT that created ITSELF and everything else, LIFE is pouring down on me like rain over dessert. Last month I found myself in a pop concert with my lovely friends. The concert had various singers from Carley , Celo to the Ganganam style guy PSY. Lets just say if life was to be a roller coaster we were all in the weeee! moment shouting with joy.

Out of all PSY entertained us the most. Owing to his overnight stardom, he has been travelling all around and not been to his own home since last year! he said that made him feel lonely at times. He sang, danced and spoke right from his heart. Hazed out by drinks, smoke and dancing sweat, we hung out by the bay overlooking the skyscrapers after the concert. It was as if we were living life by the lyrics of top 40 pop songs.

Some of the stars of that night ;)
I offered my canvas shoes to a lovely young girl in our group as she couldn't bear the heels for the wh…