Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bus drivers of a green princess

Then the king became sad about the princess” my mom said, while she fed me a ball of rice and greens. “aand whaaat happen” I enquired chewing my food. I don’t remember whether I was 4 or 5. We were sitting below the sapote tree on a concrete bench. Mid-morning sunlight peered through the tree leaves all around us. Wind spoke in hushed tone with leaves.  I was wearing a white and green stripped half sleeve shirt and short pants. I smelled like a cocktail made from Johnson & Johnson powder and coconut oiled hair.

Since princessss had a poor eye sight, the king consulted the wise lady who lived in the jungle, faaar away from the kingdom”, she made another ball of rice and stuffed it in my mouth.  I followed her eyes and hands as she narrated. “The wise lady asked the princess to stay with her for few days”. “hmmm” I nodded, swinging my legs back and forth. “When the princess returned after few days, her eye sight was so sharp that she could shoot a bird several miles away” my mom said, making another ball of rice.

“Enough!” I declared. “You know what the wise lady did to help the princess?” she continued as I turned my face.” No mom no…” I pleaded. “The wise lady fed the princess greens, that’s why her eye sight got better” she force fed the last bite into my mouth. I resembled hanuman the monkey faced god, with that big ball of food. I started to chew it with an irritated face and looked at her. She had a halo around her head from the sun light. “The princess then saved the kingdom by killing the devil. The king was so happy and proud “she smiled and winked at me. It’s the earliest image of my mom in my mind.  And oddly the first things that came to my mind when I lost her in the bus in Singapore.

She was supposed to get down with me, I was supposed to make sure she did. I was standing with so many “supposed to”s while she was travelling away, with no idea that I already got down.  I started following the bus trail and looked for her in every stop. It was dark, raining and her phone was with me.   In an hour’s search, she has managed to panic several passengers, two drivers and me. To top it off she dramatically waved and screamed from the bus when she finally saw me. She ran and hugged me, almost in tears. I was both angry & happy. I scolded as well as consoled her. I felt exactly like her father.

After few minutes we started laughing uncontrollably. That’s her, my green princess. The one that makes me happy and proud. She not only tells stories, but also makes amazing ones.  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Custom Suits, Stampede and fancy accidents

Dear you,

They say the world is made for two, and I finally understand why. All the reservations for dining, travel or even shopping for flip-flops have 'deals for two'. Last week while I was out with my friend in the city, my slippers broke and had to buy a new one right away. Sales board on a shop read ,one flip-flop costs 18$ but two would cost only 12$ each. Perhaps the best economists, financial experts, or flip flop makers can explain this bargain to me. After all, these are the same people who made us believe that all nations are in debt. And all we have to do to solve the problem, is shop!

So there I was, in the middle of popular shopping mall, limping in my torn slipper not wanting to buy two flip flops of the same kind. With unshaven face, messed up hair and rugged shorts I could very well pass for a construction worker. I think brown skins can't afford to dress down. If you happen to see a white man in similar situation, you would probably make way for him. You would  think to yourself he might have twisted his ankle in a fancy accident like hiking or skate boarding. After few shop limping, my friend looked me in the eye and declared," lets take a pair, I could use one."

Thanks to the flow of money I could afford to travel these days. it's the most spiritual thing I do apart from meditating. In one of my recent trips I met someone. My bad, I fell right under the spell when that someone tried spelling my name with foreign accent. Someone who is so perfect for me, like the custom made suit or mom's meal. Someone who gave me butterflies just with a look. A look that said more words than all poems of great men, put together. And that someone was committed. 

For a brief time lines blurred with stampede of emotions at heart, everything wrong seemed just right with a stupid question," what if I am the right guy ?" But I wasn't. And neither the situation was. It was like a roller-coaster ride , I went up and came thundering down within few days. But, If I were given the choice to trade the aching soul with the perfectly imperfect situation, I would still choose it like a fancy accident. Because now I know someone of my likeness exists in the world. For the world is meant for two, those who limp in torn slippers and those who look you in the eye and declare they could use a pair.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jaded shades of a White Crayon

" I have what I need" declared Sam, pushing away the rest of the crayons to Angel. Angel who was busy scribbling, looked up and pouted her lips. She turned towards me and complained, " Unclee Sam is giving away all the bad ones to me".I examined the "bad" crayons and saw some good white ones left. " Why don't you use this?" I enquired both. Angel was in no mood to listen " no,I need the green one", the wrestling round has already begun.

Its one of our art sessions, and my super cute flat mates clearly have a situation.  "All right, colouring time is over" I declared. Before the disappointment growls got louder, I offered to play the banana movie. The movie routine is kept for rare occasions so we preserve the specialness. In the next few seconds, we dimmed the lights and cuddled up in the bed. Sam stuck to my shoulder making us look like an inverted V shape, with laptop in the middle. Angel climbed onto my chest and lay face down, facing the laptop.

This movie time is one of several (what I call) "zen zones". Like the special place in the nearby park,  the feel good soup shop, or even writing a post. As contrary to what people-in-relationship think, being single isn't always greener. Its mostly blue and sometimes even jaded. These zen zones renews me and helps me to centre myself. Half way through the movie angel slept, with a distinct noise that came from sucking her thumb.Her breathing tummy felt funny on mine.

The existence of a white crayon is not as vivid as other shades. Perhaps its easy to reject it, for it does not solve the obvious purpose or behave like other shades.  But I believe its made to compliment only unique situations. And when it does , it would redefine the nouns and verbs of its existence.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Psy to the girl in my shoes

Dear you,

Few months back all I owned could fit in a card board box. But thanks to IT that created ITSELF and everything else, LIFE is pouring down on me like rain over dessert. Last month I found myself in a pop concert with my lovely friends. The concert had various singers from Carley , Celo to the Ganganam style guy PSY. Lets just say if life was to be a roller coaster we were all in the weeee! moment shouting with joy.

Out of all PSY entertained us the most. Owing to his overnight stardom, he has been travelling all around and not been to his own home since last year! he said that made him feel lonely at times. He sang, danced and spoke right from his heart. Hazed out by drinks, smoke and dancing sweat, we hung out by the bay overlooking the skyscrapers after the concert. It was as if we were living life by the lyrics of top 40 pop songs.

Some of the stars of that night ;)

I offered my canvas shoes to a lovely young girl in our group as she couldn't bear the heels for the whole night. It was funny to see me walking around in socks at one of the top hotels and best rated tourist area. As much as we have to walk in others shoes to understand about them, I think we should also let others to walk in ours. When we do that people around us would treat us like a star. Besides there is nothing as exciting as seeing someone happy in your shoes ;)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

An Ice cream from the spring summer sky

In a city where four seasons can be summed up into a year long summer,its not surprising to see people buying soft drinks to quench the eternal thirst. But the sheer amount of bottles and cans staring at you from the shop shelves can give you a panic attack. But my mom had different reasons for the long gaze she shot at the colourful drinks the other day. Before delivering the verdict, She carefully examined the difference in prices, offers, and calculated the Indian rupees equivalent for its value . At the end all she picked up was just plain water!

Apart from increasing waistline and restricted single habits, living with mom has its own perks. For instance, she hand feeds me breakfast at times. This is her way of making me eat more idllies and dosas, that are godsend to make me healthier. ' You are always busy with computer and dont eat properly' she says, while all I do in the morning is facebook updates. She peeks right into the monitor and goes, 'why is this girl posing like this?' 'why is he commenting dog sound?' (apparently she thinks lol is dog sound!).

To know how child like my mom, all you have to do is buy her 1$ ice-cream cone. Before she could finish, It would drip all over her hand and saree. And she would be smiling at me with a cream filled mouth, owning herself shamelessly. Whenever she is in Singapore with me, she is not a dutiful wife, mother or mother in law. She is just a girl with endless amazement for life. And I thank all that exists above the spring summer sky for making the me the reason for this.

I think the choices that modern life presents us could be as daunting as the variety of soft drinks. And we need to make decisions like my mom. By buying exactly what we need and owning the happiness the 1$ ice-cream cone can provide us, shamelessly!

These pictures has nothing to do with this post. 
One of my Design work was chosen to be displayed in mall promoting art and music.

Thats me no.17 . I look to you and you look to me.

 This is my work and below is the full close up. Click to enlarge.

If you would like to see more of my designs, 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pursuit of shoes and other habits

Dear you

Remember the time you had to throw away your favourite jeans from the closet. Its old and doesn't fit you any more, but you try it one last time before making the hard decision. " Perhaps if I could alter this, or loose some weight", you tell yourself. You may even tuck it back into the closet hoping that someday you might be able to wear it again. But you know very well that, its not going to happen.

In my recent trip to India I met someone after a long time. Someone who I deeply loved once. It was as awkward as it could be. Silence spoke, wristwatches turned and smiles lied. What happened to all those talking we did for hours ? perhaps we spoke it all and nothing was left to use.It was exactly like trying on my favourite jeans, I couldn't alter myself or it to fit me any more. I tucked away my emotions at the back of my closet and smiled.We made a promise to meet sometime, the promise that was not meant to be kept.

While the love took the back seat in my life, Career took the front. I managed to finish the Masters in Design in flying colours.  I also manage to convince the company I was freelancing for, to offer me a position in Singapore. Life is getting busier, interesting and happening. Loans will be paid and new shoes will be bought.

From Monday I would be joining work. I would miss my late nights, late mornings and the old canvas shoes. All of which needs to be tucked away into my closet, For I am in pursuit of new ones.

Ps: Thanks a lot for all of you who supported me throughout my ordeal with the career change.  I have the deepest gratitude from the depth of my soul to those who helped me to make it happen.

Special thanks to those who kept writing , smsing and calling me to find out my job hunt updates. And who pestered me to write again. Now that I am starting work, I might have enough free time to write again ;)