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Time to haste

Dear you,

My final exams have started today, seems like yesterday , that I started talking about quiting my IT job. Its been one hell of a ride and I already see that this is what I meant to do. It feels so natural! As much as I enjoyed working in IT, i think i missed this life. Where I can wake up and sleep on my own schedule and do very crazy stuff.

Being designer is looking for beauty and inspiration in all that I see, and this has increased my spectrum of taste.The need to experience new stuff and enjoy all that is different is so interesting.  Its been more than a year and few months now and I am passing out my diploma this month.

Being wild dreamer , I have applied for one of the best design schools to do masters. Yes! if I am going to do something, I am going to do it right.  To affirm that ,  The Raffles design school - singapore, has evaluated my portfolio and have accepted my application. My teachers are proud and so am I.

Since my dad is priest I am having troubles in gett…