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Shifting thoughts

Its shifting time again.Its been one and half years in Singapore and I am shifting for the 3rd time to 4th house this Saturday.Unlike other times this one is voluntary. I am moving in with couple of my work mates for companionship.They are my good friends and had to move from their current place. They were searching for a room ,and it occurred to us that we all can take a flat together and stay.Its convenient as we have so much in common, fun and cheap( middle class mentality strikes again) .Also, we can have all the freedom of walk-around-in-shorts without shame and booze till you snooze fun (oh boys will be boys).I also thought I could use (read desperately) some change.

I believe change of place is change of life. Crazy as it may sound I almost feel like born again when I shift. Its odd feeling shaking good byes to then flat mates, and when you take a long look at the empty room to make sure everything is packed.You even feel you might have left something behind. Thats always the ca…

Tagged to books

My friend Preethe Tagged me few days back on post about the books I read and I am happy to write about it.
Remember the crazy squirrel from Ice age movie ? The one whose heaven is full of nuts (and I mean the actual nuts).
Likewise I want my heaven to be full of books, and of course wine , guitar music and sexy cupids (ahem..).I feel my life isn't enough for me to read even 10% of all those books that I want to read. However I still read a book or two amongst my daily chores.

One book that changed my life:
Not one, but most books I read change my life in innumerable ways for sure. The top ones are:
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
Who will cry when you die - Robin Sharma
The 5 people you meet in heaven - Mitch Albom

The book you have read more than once: Many actually - the one tops my list is
Greatness Guide - Robin Sharma
I want to read " Engey brahmnan by Cho" again , however a ex-friend borrowed it from me and gave it to someone else :( I can even forgive someone for taking my money…

And so I give up

I just realised! Like a bulb above my head

I give up, cant do this anymore,
I cant waste one more hour on this
especially for all the below reasons
For friends who kept calling

For friends who took all the yelling

For blogger friends like Preethe who write mails to encourage.

And for my good friend Vimal who listened to all the complaining
Who said not a word as advice or suggestion the whole evening
But gave me *hug* when I left his place.

And so I give up - I cant afford to be down anymore
p.s: Actually I realised its friday evening ;)

The curious case of somebody

What would happen if you tell Calvin that Hobbes is just a stuffed toy ?
Just imagine how shocking it can be to him.
You think you know a person for many years and you realize you don't know him that well. The mental(!?) picture of him doesn't even remotely in anyway resembles him.

I would like to call him somebody,
As of now he feels somebody to me
These are the things I found out about him in past few months

Somebody poses picture of Mr. independent
But don't even know how to properly iron his own clothes

Somebody wishes he could stay around 29 and never get to be 30
So he don't have to answer, "are you still single ?" - pseudo sympathetic questions

Somebody wishes his dad could be rich to let him do higher studies, So he don't have to worry for loan to be repaid, family to take care of.

Somebody who works in a job which is no where closer to any profile he did all these years,But took the job because it is in abroad which would make his parents and himself(!?) pr…

I am air

I am made according to HIS perfection
I like to be light
I love to be everywhere
I demand to be free
I hate to be pressured
Sometimes I hug the lovely stream
Bubbling up with energy and gleam
Sometimes I make friends with dust and fire
Destroying everything with my attire

I fall in love with humans as I go
I embrace their chest and touch lovely hearts
Plants and trees love me for sure
Their care makes me divine and pure
I need energy to flow in less liked areas
I create energy when I flow across my favourite fields

At times I carry lovely fragrance
At times I carry poison too
I change according to the situation
People fathom about my character
Not knowing I am just the reactor

At times I am calm
I flow gently, cooling everyone
At times I am violent
Blowing everything, leaving no one
Sooner or later I return to my self
I am representation of God
My presence is less noted
However my absence never desired

Sunrays, curtains and bedsheets

Today I woke up with a big smile
It’s Sunday so I slept a while
Another day to live before the 5 day routine
I squint my eye at the clock, its eleven fifteen
I saw dots flying everywhere,
It felt different, it was good different
I squint again,
Aah! Cells at the back of retina,my mind concluded
And they disappeared, like dancers of show that ended

I look to the window by my bed
Late morning sunlight through white curtain
Have filled the room with lovely flow I turned off the air-condition, to feel the warmth of the glow
No mood to get off the bed
I look at the ceiling decor
It’s Peaceful, except for the feeble sound of TV next door.
A nice music, may be MTV
I know this song, Jason Mraz - I am yours

I could hear it better now,
Little tuning of mind is all it takes,
I stare at the sunlight again
I could see teeny tiny dust particles
Flying up and down,
Moving here and there
Coming alive in the beam of light

I yawn as I sit up
My friend was sitting in the table nearby,
Waiting for me in standby
With a touch on him,…

Living till you die

How much more money you need, to call yourself rich ?

How many clothes you need, to feel like celebrity?

How much young you need to be, to feel youthful?
What you need to have, to feel Blessed ?

What official position would mark you Successful?

What moment can bring you that happiness and satisfaction ?

Which day all the "good things" can be started/completed ?

Which time is the quality time to spend with loved ones?

Who can be your "perfect" partner?

Why vacation has to be in Summer?

Why your hobbies and passion needs to wait till retirement?
How many sunsets you need to see to feel alive ?

An Oasis amongst the chores

You read books, admire them and move on to the next one. But sometimes as you dust your shelves you happen to see that favourite book. Like an old friend, suddenly recognisable amongst the crowd. You would probably go like "oh that was a lovely book" and without a hesitation you'd flip through the pages. You might even forget you are covered in dust and sweat. The messy room no more bothers you for you have already started talking to the friend.

You may even sit down and ponder for a while. Then you realise you lost track of time and you have to attend to other appointments. Letting out a long breath, you say bye to the old friend. Half heartedly close the book and get back to the chores.

Thats exactly what happened to me last week. This is beautiful fable from my old friend “Like the flowing river” by Paulo Coelho. Like wine, old books do tastes good ;) here it’s for you.

A young cloud was born in the middle of a great storm in the Mediterranean Sea. But it hardly had time…

Need a helping hand

"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. - Plato"

Its more than a quote for me.
I am living a good life here in abroad.
I can support all the needs of my family.
Life is amazing now a days, I travel , I eat good food (and sometimes my own cooking).
I have comfortable shelter.
I listen to wonderful music (thanks to Ipod), can afford good books and connect with my friends and family using Internet.

May be its very normal to many, a usual thing like sunsets that happens everyday.
Sunsets are miracle too , duh.. imagine what would happen if sun didn't set for a day :P

Given our financial background, I never would have bothered to imagine a lifestyle like this.
Is it result of all the studies, the hard work, and the intelligence(!?)
May be partly, but huge portion of it is my blessings.

The blessings given by good souls who helped me to pay my fees.
Who did not worry whether I am going to pay them back or not (and I did pay them back).
They know, they …