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Up above the world so high..

Image curtosy - Kagaya
My dreams have become consistent these days. They occur almost everyday and close to waking time. I don't remember all of them. Although I remember making a mental note to write about yesterday’s one, while it was happening!

Today’s dream was about a small town I live(in the dream). I must be around 12 years old. I look cute so is my friend, we are playing in a balcony of a very high building. It looks much like a china wall pavement with houses neatly lined up on one side. The balconies are connected like a road. They face a row of houses in distant with cloudy mountains back drop. In fact there are clouds everywhere.

My friend and I were wearing uniform, white and blue, but it looks good. We accidently kiss each other; she giggles and starts to run. I run after her. She turns, smiles and run again. Her hair looks golden brown and lovely in the evening sun

There is a group of spectators standing before mayor; they are having some kind of ceremony. There ar…

55 something

“Come to pantry now” her message blinked in office chat.
“Ok” he typed and rushed to attend his friend.
“The baby is kicking” she took his hand to her stomach, beaming.
He felt the life and welled up, not just for her motherhood,
But also for the remote possibility to have his own someday.

How he wishes it were a fiction.

The Do(n)m of Koln - Euro Trip 12

Do you know why babies cry when they are born? One of my friends gave birth recently and I was wondering about this topic, I looked it up (not all of them are satisfying explanations to say) and this is what I found. When the baby is in the womb, it gets oxygen through the chord, this respiratory system closes down during birth and baby is forced to take the first breath of air which is painful. So it cries.

Virgin Mary by entrance- life size, click to see the intricate works of art
Crying also helps in filling the lungs, which is much needed at the start of every life. Delayed breathing might cause complications like brain damage, cerebral palsy or even god forbid (sadly India tops up this mortality rate in the world) So the next time you crib over something you cannot handle, think about this. You are one in million to have conceived, one in billion to have developed with abilities, made through delivery and fought for your right to breath, your right to live!

few of numerous sculptur…

Guten Tag Koln - Euro Trip 11

The Speed train - ICE, Taken in Koln
On Friday afternoon, 25th September R and I started to Germany( oops it's a month now, I got to finish this travelogue before I travel again :P). We had our lunch in Central station “make your own pizza” shop. R ordered a vegetarian pizza which was delicious. I had cheese pizza which had 4 different cheeses, (out of which I could identify Mozzarella and blue sheep cheese) basil leaves and herbs. I did not like the salty pungent taste of blue cheese but the pizza was definitely worth a try.

Its not a hotel, its a train.
We took the ICE train to Koln, Germany. ICE is short for Inter City Express. This fastest rail (300km/h) has high reputation and best know brand of Germany. While R was busy doing office work, I tilted my chair, put the jacket over my head and took a good nap in the turbulent less train. It's the most comfortable train journey I had till date. We travelled to Germany (crossed Belgium border) in less than 4 hours!

You put a glass…

Two is better than one

My blog needs some everyday posts very badly. For one, its becoming like Discovery Travel & Living with travelogues and food, and secondly it’s challenging to synchronize sights information, history and my personal take on them. Also the thought of finding nothing interesting to write after finishing the travelogue, is scary.

Last night was as memorable as the first time I read Hindi words, or the first time I rode bicycle without anyone’s help. Last night I finished one complete lap in swimming pool without break (I am learning). Although it's a breath-wise lap, the satisfaction and happiness I felt after completing it was worthless. I am yet to learn prefect swimming, but this would remain as first time ever ;)

One of the side effects of being in love is it takes most of your time. Even 2 hours of talking (which involves from the food we had to global warming) over phone wont suffice the daily quota of sufficient talking. More so when such “important” conversation had to end…

Frets, canals and a dairy that held collars of Nazis - Euro Trip 10

we can view seven bridges from this viewpiont
On Friday R and I planned to visit Venice, but something came up at his work and we had to cancel the trip. Miss smiley asked me whether we could meet up for a city tour and I was more than happy to join her.

We took the boat cruise that went through beautiful canals of Amsterdam city. Schipol Airport of Amsterdam is 4 meters below sea level, so it’s not surprising to learn that the central station behind us is standing on 6000 stilts. Amsterdam name is derived from the Amstel dam, a dam in the river "Amstel".

The Nemo science center
This ship like building is called Nemo museum, its one of the big science center in The Netherlands for kids. The ship next to it is replica of historical ship “Amsterdam” that sunk in North Sea during 17th century.

The Dutch are the world experts on keeping up with back the water and flood, In fact after Katrina US turned to Dutch for help, to rebuilt New Orleans. Here people actually live in boats. The…

Navrathri in Madurodam - Euro Trip 9

Near the Noordeinde Palace, The Hague - Holland.
I was born to a devoted priest in a traditional south Indian family (where following rituals meant more than life itself). Since then, I have come a long way with respect to religion and quest of God. I kneel to Virgin Mary, Bow in direction of Mecca, Meditate on Buddha, Pray for healing to Quanin and Chant the names of Shiva. For I see her smile in crescent; I see her beauty in flowers of meadows. Her sun warms my soul and rain quenches my thirst.

Click to see the saint sculputers above the windows, Madurodam
I founded my own religion by gathering the best of all. One that helps to live a life filled with gratefulness, Harmony, Love and Empathy for every being. My dad and mom had made peace with it, but my relatives couldn’t understand or accept it. One cousin asked how dare I am to keep Jesus next to Krishna. He firmly believes that I have lost my roots.

A rock concert, the dolls waved the stage had vidoes and music!
Festivities is big pa…