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I will be right here for you

When sunset left you darkness
Stumbling you to emptiness
When nothing can bring you light
I will be holding candle for you

When the thunder is deafening
And your calling is unheard
When you can’t even talk to yourself
I will be listening to you
When the clouds above pouring down
Blinding your sight around
When you find everything drenched
I will be lending tissues to you

When your grounds are shaky
And your shoes keep slipping
When nothing stops you from falling
I will be catching you in my arms

When the closure is proposed
All the doors you knock are closed
When you feel tired and lost
I will be carrying you home
I will be standing on the cliff with open arms
Where the clouds come to rest
I have saved a seat in the wooden bench
Where the streams flows on white sands
I will be waiting for very long
If you decide to come along

If you decide to come along
This is my promise, on and on
Our life will be brand new,
When I am here for you

Your call

Have your ever felt the power of Music in you?
Things which you cant even express in words?!

Switch off the lights,
Lock the door,
The world can wait, it’s your time!
Play your favourite music and lie down
Then you would know what I am talking about

Music is who 'I AM'
Sometimes it brings feelings which I don’t even know existed
Sometimes it makes me cry in happiness
Sometimes it takes me to myself

I am in new land, I call it heaven
I may fill it with flowers, clouds or music symbols
I may then travel to special memories

Music is NOW
No more problems of today
No more worries of tomorrow
No more space or time

Music is LOVELY
Its ecstasy of first love, atoms in action
Its as colorful as sunsets and rainbows
Its as deep and filling as oceans

Haunts me
Like recurring dream
Like a morning beam
Like a smiling baby
Like a blushing lover
Like a tail waving dog (dog potachu)
Like a morning fog (edhugai monai vandhucha, vatsa chance ellai)
Every breath I take, with
Every string that play
It’s …


I am sorry for him. Let’s call him Mr.Bob like sponge bob square pants. The difference is, neither he made me smile, nor he is creative enough like that cartoon character. If I say I wont weigh (ok cheesy word for judging) people in the first meet, it's like saying girls don't like chocolates. However, I take my time to re-asses and often give them chance to change my opinion.

The employee welfare forum in office has organised a dinner in city Art Museum (cool location! you got to visit if you come to Singapore). There was a game before dinner (whow!!...corporate party games excite me like marijuana and I was as happy as dog sitting by the open window in the car). We were given a set of colour stickers for each department. All we have to do is mingle with people, and exchange different colour stickers. You are supposed to collect at least 6 different colours. The point is you got to ACTUALLY REMEMBER the details of each person you talk. You should be able to repeat them on stag…

I can be your Hero baby!

Oh yes, now it’s your chance to tell your acquaintances that your friend is a Hero.
(Drum role followed by “tish”) Yes it’s me! Ta – duh da

Oh good you are still reading. which proves you have not fainted or still shaking your head equivalent to that of wet dog trying to get dry. So I repeat, (like in military movies after missile shot, 'I repeat target still not destroyed') I did actually act in the leading role of an album.

Even I couldn't believe it when “Whatever productions” decided to cast me in the main role (May god save it!).After small budget production, retakes, lack of numerous stuff and long hours of editing. The video is finally out for everyone to see and it’s in you tube! "Views" increasing every minute ( yaar pakkarangaradhu vera vishayam).

I can see you are all excited and jumping to see it, but wait!
Please read the disclaimers before seeing it.

Disclaimer 1: This creative stuff belongs to new age, no copyright violation. Please feel free to share it…


Sometimes in life we are in a position where we are not sure about what’s going to come next. Life would seem monotonous and we are fighting the same war everyday, no change.

At these times I believe all we can do is, have faith that everything is going to be fine. That’s the best we can do, as humans we can control our life only so much.

May be we just need to retire, surrender completely to higher energies to take us forward, for we have done our best.

I am in that state right now, I am constantly trying to vary between living by heart and living by logic. Each seems right / wrong at times. So Books comes to my rescue. Books talk to me and bring me all the "signs" and "Instruction" I need to hear.

Somewhere I read, all that we want is already given to us, it’s just that we need time to get ready to accept it. So the transformation to become millionaire inside is more important than the reality. The comfortness to see one as millionaire would bring that exact change i…

I carry you

Dear X,

Now that you aren't there anymore for me ,
And I don't want to reveal your name
I think its very appropriate to call you X

I am wondering why people call their "once loved ones" as X
Considering the fact "X" is in same pincode as "kiss"
May be they have crossed them out from their life
Or may be their eyes look like "X" mark which represents sick/died character's eye from cartoons
Or may be they still wanted to kiss the X
I don't plan to die or kiss you again
You just don't X-ists
I think its very appropriate to call you X

Then why would I use "Dear"?
If you 'happen' to read this (chance of which is same as Osama converting to Christianity)
You would know, not much has changed since you decided to move on

If you think I would worry
I am sorry you may be disappointed
If you think I am happy without you
I am sorry again, you are wrong

I don't want to name this feeling
Its neither happy nor sad
I am just myself, feeling…

Baby I can see your Halo

I am going crazy
I have gone mad (adhan theriyumennu solla kudaadhu)
I have to confess it
I know I can’t say it directly to you
So I am writing this (oru post podanumnu edhayaavadhu ezhudha vendiyaadhu)
To you and to the whole world

I am so into it
Yes I am in love
And it feels so good to admit it

All smiley
And so Happy
It’s like adrenaline waterfall inside
(namalukku scientific vaarthai pottu pammathu kaata mudiyum la)

I never know it is possible
That I could taste honey in ears
Until I heard you
(ahaa peter jaasthiya erukko , kammi panniduvom)

To be honest I did not like you at first
Until last week
when I happen to hear you
Now I can’t take it out of my head
When I speak about you I go all red

So here it goes...
I am in love with your singing Beyounce (ahaaa.. mokkai potachu)
I am so in love with your song "Halo "

Ok guys I love this song so much
Lyrics speaks for itself
I am totally into the energy of this song
I feel I am completely in love

Someone is watching over me

I don’t feel good.
That’s the very first feeling this morning.

Everything is fine.
Nothing to complain.
No reasons.
I woke up with ten toes and ten fingers
No fever, No cough or heart attack.
I am good. But I don’t feel good.

With giant effort I stand up.
I need some more sleep. ( tsk tsk tsk , actually I need to sleep on time)

I go over the window and see the workers in the nearby construction.
It takes a while to get real.
I realise that I am living on my own - different window, different apartment, different people, and different country! (Oh Pete’s sake, did I take this long to realise that?)
Why am I here? Nothing here even remotely qualifies as my home.
Yet I am living here.

I missed so many things in the last one and half years.
Birthdays, festivals, home food , friends, cousins, temples, beach, Landmark, Sathyam theatre, Spencer plaza, umpteen cable channels, Aquarium, birds, lovely kids in the apartment and.. (Chances of me ending this list is close to zero) I miss all of them, I still do.

I …