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An Ice cream from the spring summer sky

In a city where four seasons can be summed up into a year long summer,its not surprising to see people buying soft drinks to quench the eternal thirst. But the sheer amount of bottles and cans staring at you from the shop shelves can give you a panic attack. But my mom had different reasons for the long gaze she shot at the colourful drinks the other day. Before delivering the verdict, She carefully examined the difference in prices, offers, and calculated the Indian rupees equivalent for its value . At the end all she picked up was just plain water!

Apart from increasing waistline and restricted single habits, living with mom has its own perks. For instance, she hand feeds me breakfast at times. This is her way of making me eat more idllies and dosas, that are godsend to make me healthier. ' You are always busy with computer and dont eat properly' she says, while all I do in the morning is facebook updates. She peeks right into the monitor and goes, 'why is this girl pos…