Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The one with Mondays

I am not at all a Monday person. Even after all these years, I still feel odd on Mondays.

When I try to wake up, my half as sleep/ half woken conscious would give various options like
“SMS the Manager informing not well" or "climate looks bad so everyone might turn up late" or "Wake up after an hour and catch a cab to office"

Just like a school kid who hates to board the school bus on Mondays, I had to drag myself to work.Is this what they call Monday Madness??

I was venturing on this for a long time. Hence the post :)

# May be it’s just the starting trouble after a tiresome resting weekend. LOL

# How come I remember every damn thing that I should have done on weekends on a Monday?

# We should have half day Mondays. The day should start after lunch at 1 pm.
We should also have, half a day Fridays- like the day should end at 1 or 2 pm max. While unofficially its done by few, why not make it official?

# Want to work in UK /US or any country where they have bank Holidays on Mondays!

# How about removing Mondays from calendar and having only rest of the days?

# shifting OFF from Saturday to Monday would be fine, but that’s not a good deal. So let’s ignore this

# How about having all holidays on Mondays like December 25 or New Year etc. long holidays are good and helps!

# Someone can Invent a kick-off drink which when drunk on Monday morning would give enthusiasm that comes on Friday evening. If any company produces it, I need make sure I get the pattern rights.

# May be we can have motivational Monday groups and the members will motivate each other.

Whatever be it, it will still be the same for me.

I hate Mondays!!

p.s: All Monday haters can comment now ;)