Lifting thought

This is my first blog..and this effectively means anyone who is blogging for a long time , is not advised to read this blog :)

well it all started couple of months ago. After getting burnt in the mid hot summar day, ( as I work for UK , my shift always starts at 1 pm - damm UK timings ) i searched space to park my old worn out TVS excel in my office parking lot. More than the driving and the traffic, finding a place to park in the hot sun made me a very angry person in the world.

One of our HR staff Manoj passed by saying a low " Hi " its as if I know you exist but i am too busy to say more than Hi and I never care whether you reply or not. I managed to squeeze in my vehicle as well as a better "Hi". " Isn’t it very hot today " ( Appraisal is coming so I had to be nice ) . With what seemed to be eternity he replied " Yeah I guess " ( edhukku ketrukkeva vendam )

My cell needed some attention..Here again.. i dont know why people always call me when i am in travel or too busy even to pick up the phone. " Sir would you be interested to take up our new credit card ?" She dont even know my name ..
" sorry " as I finished the call I saw Manoj getting into the lift and smiling at me as the door closed.. Damm it!

Can’t he wait for few seconds, I know I can wait till the lift goes all the way to 4th floor and come back or I can take stairs.. its not that the sun is too hot and I am all sweaty .. its not that I want to be in the AC as soon as possible .. but it’s just that .. can’t he stop the lift for few more seconds ?!

I pondered the same moment to everyone I met on that day, about how people dont respect each other , dont show lift courtesy, In fact I thought about opening a training institute to teach people how to behave. Simple things like " Thank You " , "Sorry " most of us take things for granted and most importantly to show lift courtesy. Somehow i felt like I couldn’t board the lift right in front of my eyes’s like something from the old movies.. hero couldn’t stop his girl friend's wedding by reaching there at the eleventh hour.

From that day it occurred more than three times each with different person. here again on the hot afternoon i see the lift doors closing as I approach the entrance.. I managed to shout this time.. " hey you.. stop... ! " well the lift did stop unfortunately with my CEO inside No need to tell how much I wanted to miss that lift. The rest is history.

May be we should have a video camera on the lift to find out who are all the people who dont realize lift courtesy , I should then visit them like anniyan. My HR guy Manoj would be the first one on the lift ( sorry list )

I also made a new (Tamil) year resolution that I will always stop the lift or wait if someone is around to ensure they also board the lift. I also did that couple of times and felt very happy.
Everyone should be like me simple lift courtesy is what all it takes.

one another hot afternoon ..I managed to squeeze in my new two wheeler ( CT100 ) as the bike got bigger the parking problem got bigger too. I pressed the lift button and waited patiently for it to touch the bottom. I was the only person so I went in and pressed 4th floor as the lift door began to slide .. i saw the most memorable sight, Manoj was running towards the lift. In a split second my mind knows what to do..


welcome to blog world Srivats:)
gils said…
WOW...dei...very impressive blogda...u've began like a pro...super subject..and very sensibly written... :)
srivats said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
srivats said…
Thanks dev and Gils for all the encouragement.

I guess thats what keeps us going at the end of the day :)

Please keep supporting.

Priya said…

Nice one to start with. What was the comeent you deleted? :-))

Its not mere lift courtesy but other things like cellphone etiquettes, table manners etc ...
srivats said…
Thanks for the comments Priya
welcome to my blog.
( I guess everyone say that )

I have deleted my own comment which had some spelling mistake.

Yes you are right its about all and this is only a part of it.
I also mean those people who dont realise they should stand in queue.
ram ram said…
Being a blog-virgin myself, it was good stuff. I dont know where it stands in the blog-literature-world.

I promise my blog would be full of porn stuff. And hope you gave that fucker by the lift what he deserved!!
G said…
Hi Da,

Very good one…., Makes all to think a bit,
Silently invokes good values in us….its GOOD.

Bing good in this world Will always owe to you….

This world is a round when ever you do good to some one you will get the same from one way or other…and vice versa.

Its good, its good what you did at the end …… Did Manoj read this…………?
Shastry said…
Hey srivatsa,
Nice one to start with da... Naanum ipapdi thaan aarambichen... keep blogging
srivats said…
Thanks G and shastry..
(better late than never)
Theriyama encourage panniteenga

U people are goin to face the consequences.

Swaram said…
LOL! Thanks to Manoj and his lift etiquette (lack of :P), we got to read ur nice posts ;)

What a lifting story ;)

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