Before I die

I have been wondering about this quiet a while. what are the things I would really like to do If I am going to die tomorrow?

When I read Mitch albom books about death and the book "before I die" by jenny downham I had it in my mind. thanks to my friend's blog it has given me push to finally jot it down.

If tomorrow were to be my last day these are the 15 things I would like to do.
And why 15 ? Its just came up to that count. But I am contended with these things.

1. Fly to India to hug my mom and dad. Tell my brother even after all the fight I love him so much.

2. Get a pet - Golden retriver bit grown puppy - and play with it

3. Ask my mom to do few of my favourite dishes like "Keerai kuttu","paruppu" "vatha kulambu", "semiya payasam" and eat to hearts content

4. Set up an Marian aquarium at home.

5. Go out with my best friend G to Spencer plaza for shopping in bike.
I would drive my favourite bike without helmet very fast in beach road LOL.
I would buy all that I like, I wanna wear funky trendy clothes as well as sherwani
Buy mom most expensive silk saree and dad a adorable kurtha
Buy my brother a bottle of Bacardi/blazer and SCOTT glasses

6. Write a note to all my loved ones in a scented card. Tell you all, How much I love you guys and how much difference you have made in my life by being part of it.

7.Get a photo shoot done. Solo and with my family, friends and dog. I won’t be there to see it but I would like one. They can keep it in funeral - I have seen funny pictures being blowed up to keep in funeral, I want mine to be the best shot :)

8. Go to Sai baba temple in Neelankarai and sit before him for 10 minutes, closed eyes
Say thanks to all that he has given me in my life.

9. I would say the truth the whole day, wont worry to get judged wont worry to be nice. Just the truth

10. Eat falooda ice cream in ranganathan street and pani puri in road side shop.

11. Go to Visually challenged study centre in Tnagar - read for my friends for one last time. Give them the most adorable clothes, Chocolates and all the money in my bank account

12. Ensure all my savings/Insurance go to mom and dad.

13. In the evening go to the marina beach watch sunset with the dog, just me and dog.

14. I want to have nice long kiss with my X one last time, and say thanks for letting me do that LOL: P

15. Come home, nice long, oil bath from mom, wonderful dinner. Light candles everywhere, switch off all the lights, Bombay jayashree "Shravanam" playing. I Would lie on my moms lap , and sleep :P I wont care about being in heaven, for I have already lived a day of it!


RISHI said…
tears tears
Anonymous said…
Very touching dear

Dont die so soon
gils said…
ur mokkaiest post :) en intha vibareetha aasai..
Dinesh said…

It was very touching.

I hope this is not going to happen very soon.

Live for more days and enjoys these things which u said. That will give you more pleasure than your last day. So enjoy each moment you live!.................
Darshan Rahul said…
It was so moving yet very sweet. :) you will live for 112 years alright. :)
Preeti Shenoy said…
I love vatha kozambhu too :)
And who will look after the Marine Aquarium after you die? U want to leave one more chore for yor loved ones or what?!
And what prevents you from doing all these things today?!
Gald you delurked.
RAHUL said…
Hey Srivats :)

Is this one of the fast ones , you are pulling.

Indeed very touching :)

May you live forever, and spread the joy n happiness.


Srivats said…
Thanks to you all for posting comments,

I agree wont write something and depress anymore. He he

Thanks dear

Very honoured you are here. Thanks for coming. Many of these things will be done when I go to india for a breif trip.

Hi Rahul

Thanks for coming :)
G said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
G said…
Is it so easy for U to write what u going to do on ur last day..? the same way is not so easy for ur loved once to read this.. You done know how much all will miss U if this happened.. You are very sweet and special reason in my life to be what I am now……… Its Very touching.. God may bless you with many more years. God Bless..
Anonymous said…
Hey Srivats, there are some really nice thoughts and ideas for you to do.
I guess we have to try our best to incorporate the things we all want to do into our daily lives to make the most of lives.

All these ideas sound good.
They are very simple but things you are passionate about.

You are a very cool guy that has a big heart for his friends and family.

Make the most of each day without any regrets.

Graeme ,N.Z.
haresh said…
hey.. it was really one touching wish u've got there.. well one thing is that dun desire to end yr life early.. not gd. still lots to achieve rite? and many things for u to learn and exp. anyways all the best for yr future happenings. keep smiling :)
Divya said…
Touchy post:(
shekharsha said…
Nice idea to put down the wish list before death!.. Wish you attain all that you wanted and enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest! Long live Srivats!
Thamizhmaangani said…
//"before I die" by jenny downham //

books give u such crazy thoughts ah... but interesting though.

//I would drive my favourite bike without helmet very fast in beach road LOL.//

traffic police பிடிச்சா நாளைக்கு இல்ல.. அன்னிக்கே சங்கு தான்!:)
Thamizhmaangani said…
//I wont care about being in heaven, for I have already lived a day of it!//

oh wow.. this is really touching!:) don't worry u will experience heaven everyday in EARTH. enjoy living(or atleast surviving)
Srivats said…

//oh wow.. this is really touching!:) don't worry u will experience heaven everyday in EARTH//

Thanks for coming and for Lovely wishes :)

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