Ear me out!

@ cab 9:30 am

"Changi business park"
"Sir , where to go ?"
(without listening ) "yes please"
"sir, where to go"
"huh ?!"... (in louder voice) “Changi business park" (oops it sounds like playing saxophone, even worse played by stomach upset man!)
"sir, wheeeerree to goooo" ? ( i am not able to hear too! His voice so feeble, like that of 'bee' in Bee Movie)
using all the energy in empty stomach "CHANGI ....BUSINESS.... PARK"
He shook his head and started, thank god he got it, or did he notice my ID card and assumed it? I never know

What’s this noise?.. no its not coming from the cab.. it goes "hmmm" like from National television when the usual telecast is over.
He turned around for directions. I managed to smile and showed him right / left or straight.

I stepped out and couldn’t hear anything,

The water sound from fountain
The construction happening down the road
The birds chirping
I can’t even hear the voice in my head. What the heck!!!@#@
May be I am still drowsy, a coffee would do

@ Office
"Good morning Hari"
"huh did you ask me something?!!

@ The food court 12:30 pm
"Uncle 4 chapatti and curry to go please"
"Yes your order sir?”

@ Mobile
"hello Sri"
"hello..." (in 1/4 portion of actual voice)
"Sri ?!"
"Yes hello" (still the same)
"Sorry wrong number"

So I avoided calls and responded in text. Somehow managed the day with smile, head shake and animated hands.
I was cool outside but inside ... like the heroin of Titanic I was screaming inside . However neither I could scream or hear the scream properly . And its not even in the same pin code as scream, you may call it a hush or whisper.

@ My room

Experiment 1: Breath out hard with closed nose and mouth
Source: Google brother

There you go, one two there. inhale ..."aaaah," exhale.. " phushhhhhhhhhhhh" ... nothing
ok second time, breath in , close nose... with all the pressure " phushhhhhhhhhhh..."
I hear something, I hear something!!
..its a tune ? it like radio frequency , "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."

The sound from the fan
The sound from the TV
Its jus "eeeeeeeeeeeee..." what the heck!!!@#@

Experiment 2: Cotton Buds
Source: Self.. FYI - I do think!

May be its jus a ......there you go , aah... i think i got it... lets take out and see
Oops its jus the stick, "what the hell happen to the bud on it ?" did i dropped it?
After about 20 mins of search with broom, I realised it should be safe in one place, my ears!!
Ok its finally out, dark brown waxy.. yew!.... "is this really from my ear?"

The sound from the fan..
The sound from the TV..
Is this what they call white noise? What the heck!!!@#@

Experiment 3: Steam
Source: Grandma

Here comes the hot water, ooo! boiling water..
Ssteam, blanket and me...we are one happy family.. oh it feels so good.

15 mins in sweaty dreams , no kidding I actually dosed off

The sound from the fan
The sound from the TV
Nothing! ...
Upon inspection I realised my flatmate has switched off TV,
Ok that’s one down but I still cant hear the fan, which means .....What the heck!@!@#!@#!@

Experiment 4: Consult doctor friend.
Source: Accidental, he was online ... hey got caught! , ok lets call him Dx ( didn’t get it ?... areey yaar its short form for doctor x . :P )

Dx : hi sri, how r u??
Me : i am no good :( from the morning, i have become deaf and slightly dumb
Dx : u r already dumb, deaf is new!!
Me : >:(
Dx : ok anything you did jus before it happened ?
Me : hey i washed my hair and from that time onwards I am hearing only less
its like two cotton bobs on my ears
Dx : ok thats where the problem, cotton buds, steam inhalation..
Me : done and I also i tried doing the air pressure
Dx : valsalva manuvre
Me : huh ? plus my voice has changed
Dx : sounds like a pharyngo otitis..
Me : huh ??
Dx : dont worry , do some salt water gargling and take good steam inhalation to clear al ur holes!!!
Me : What the heck !@#!@#!@
Dx : offline

Experiment 4: stop pissing about it, go to ENT doctor you moron.
Source: The wicked devil above my head - which sometime says the right thing, and I hate when its right :(

I booked an appointment and went to see Dy (yes you got it right this time: P).

After careful analysis of my ears and my nose(!)

Me: Adiddas?
Dy: ADENOIDS - its small baby tissue inside the nose. Its common with children, when you reach adulthood it should have gone.
Me: oh ok? ( see when i say , i am jus a kid no one believes)
Dy: Your ear pipe is blocked by swelling of this tissue. We can give you medicines to reduce it.
Me: so no problem with my ears
Dy: well there is also a possiblity of small air pressure clogged inside
Me: oh ! ( possibility ? , Do you doctors know anything for sure ?! - Sorry Dx no offence )
Dy: we can wait for two weeks, if it doesnot help we can remove your ADENOIDS or
Me: Or ?! ( why they always have to make it like a thriller story ?!)
Dy: I have to make small insertion in your ear to let it out, it would pain a little.
Me: oh ! (a little...?! Have you ever had one ? I bet thats gonna hurt like hell)
Dy: Take the medicines and we see in two weeks
It’s been two days and I think I am improving. Voice sounds better. Now I can here the voices in my head. That's a good progress I guess.

This post is official notification to all of you on my current hearing abilities. Don't jump with joy , its only temporary, I shall be back to form to bug you soon.

So I prefer text/email , also this makes it clear – I am kid in some ways but not dumb!


Anonymous said…
Get well soon - Kam
Charissism said…
so weird i got an ear problem 2 weeks ago as well, due to excessive use of cotton buds!hahaha

get well soon amigo! hope the med's work soon and fast! ;P
gils said…
adichi thanni oothina odatha adaipay ila..enga area siphonlaam apdi thaan clean panvanga..try that :D :D
gils said…
so dammaraam aaitu varia.. :D :D kekavay..sorry padikavay evlo inbama iruku :D
gils said…
unaku matumilama un kaathukum now initial iruku...na.sorivatsan..k.kaathu :D
Srivats said…
Welcome Kam

Thanks - I hope too :)
Srivats said…
Hey Charissim -Mary

Is it ? so its not jus me
Thats why you didnot turn when you called the other day LOL!
Srivats said…
Hey Gils

Hilarious k.kadhu he he..

even I thought doctor will "adichi thanni othify " in the ears.

Chinni vayasula apdi panni erukaanga.. engey erukkara doctors usi kuda poda matanga , sariyaana ------------
Anonymous said…
Kuyil na padanum
kaka na Kathanum
Kadhu na Kekkanum

Like Karagattakaran


Unn purushan Nagai ellathayum thirudittarnnu eppadi solven eppadi solven

Ippo Sri Kadhukkaga

Unakku Kadhu Kekkala nnu eppadi raja solven eppadi solven

PizzaDude said…
Ear problems? Oh god! I used to struggle with mine some years back. Now all ok. Phew!

Take care!
Srivats said…

he he - ammam da nejammavey apdi dhaan ayitten thalaya aati aati - karakattakaran maari
Srivats said…
Hey pizzadude (chinmay)

Oh you got affected too ?
welcome to not so dumb club :)

thanks for the comments
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about your ears.

A little confusing but I think I get the whole story.

Nice pic.

drmadhu said…
ha ha ha.. dats y i was wondering, where did u disappear after dat day? chalo, good dat u r becoming better and follow d Dy advise or else..!!
Take care.. get well soon...
Anonymous said…
Its nice a good one.
Hope ur ear probs is solved now.

Srivats said…
Hey madhu,

Yes Dx its better now , but i still have the blocked feeling in the left ear, I cannot balance - :(
Divya said…
\\ts small baby tissue inside the nose. Its common with children, when you reach adulthood it should have gone.
Me: oh ok? ( see when i say , i am jus a kid no one believes)\\

nenaipu than:))

just kidding:)

hope u feel better by now:)
Srivats said…
Welcome Divya,

ha ha.. nenappu dhaan - atleast nenappavadhu :)

Eppo kekkudhu nallavey - he he

although at times i wish i could be jus deaf
Swaram said…
OMG! Strange problems! Glad its all well :)
Srivats said…
Swaram did u get dust in ur hands ?

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