Time to haste

Dear you,

My final exams have started today, seems like yesterday , that I started talking about quiting my IT job. Its been one hell of a ride and I already see that this is what I meant to do. It feels so natural! As much as I enjoyed working in IT, i think i missed this life. Where I can wake up and sleep on my own schedule and do very crazy stuff.

Being designer is looking for beauty and inspiration in all that I see, and this has increased my spectrum of taste.The need to experience new stuff and enjoy all that is different is so interesting.  Its been more than a year and few months now and I am passing out my diploma this month.

Being wild dreamer , I have applied for one of the best design schools to do masters. Yes! if I am going to do something, I am going to do it right.  To affirm that ,  The Raffles design school - singapore, has evaluated my portfolio and have accepted my application. My teachers are proud and so am I.

Since my dad is priest I am having troubles in getting loan for the education. But I believe and hope things would fall in place. Fingers crossed :)

This is one of my exam work, I have to see and design a poster,corporate ID for the movie, Amores Perros. Unlike other exams u can very well know the result of your design paper right away, Its just on your face isnt ? :)


Debasis said…
Congrats Sri for completion of your course and best of luck for the next step that would take you closer to ur dream.... :)
Photo Cache said…
things always fall into place - eventually. keep up the good work.
Ramesh said…
Fabulous Sri. I remember the time when you were wrestling with the decision whether to chance career or not. Delighted to hear that its gone off so well. And even more delighted to hear that you may be Singapore bound again - albeit in a new avatar.

Fantastic Sri. All the best for much success and happiness.
Preeti said…
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Preeti Shenoy said…
Superb work! Loved it!

May you follow your dreams and may they all come true!
Warm regards

ps:Used a wrong id in earlier comment :P Which hasnt been linked to blogger..sorry :)
I like your spectrum of taste and your determination! Go ahead! The Design world is waiting for you! Al the best Sri!
jehan said…
i wish you all the best Sri..
Swaram said…
Congratulations Sri! U so deserve it :) Awesome work there!

Gud luck with everything :)
RamMmm said…
Congrats buddy for acing the course which was in no way connected with your earlier life :)

May the new life welcome you with both hands and embrace you.

Have a wonderful time. You had a positive outlook and it has gotten you a long way and will take you much more longer.
Srivats said…
Thanks to all :P
Srivats said…
@ Debasis


@Photo Cache
Yes they do , always!

Cant thank you enough :P

@Preeti Shenoy
I am so humbled by your presence and comment :)

@ Anbuden Aruna
:P floored me :)

@ Jehan
Tx :P

Glad u liked it!

That was very motivating :)

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