Jaded shades of a White Crayon

" I have what I need" declared Sam, pushing away the rest of the crayons to Angel. Angel who was busy scribbling, looked up and pouted her lips. She turned towards me and complained, " Unclee Sam is giving away all the bad ones to me".I examined the "bad" crayons and saw some good white ones left. " Why don't you use this?" I enquired both. Angel was in no mood to listen " no,I need the green one", the wrestling round has already begun.

Its one of our art sessions, and my super cute flat mates clearly have a situation.  "All right, colouring time is over" I declared. Before the disappointment growls got louder, I offered to play the banana movie. The movie routine is kept for rare occasions so we preserve the specialness. In the next few seconds, we dimmed the lights and cuddled up in the bed. Sam stuck to my shoulder making us look like an inverted V shape, with laptop in the middle. Angel climbed onto my chest and lay face down, facing the laptop.

This movie time is one of several (what I call) "zen zones". Like the special place in the nearby park,  the feel good soup shop, or even writing a post. As contrary to what people-in-relationship think, being single isn't always greener. Its mostly blue and sometimes even jaded. These zen zones renews me and helps me to centre myself. Half way through the movie angel slept, with a distinct noise that came from sucking her thumb.Her breathing tummy felt funny on mine.

The existence of a white crayon is not as vivid as other shades. Perhaps its easy to reject it, for it does not solve the obvious purpose or behave like other shades.  But I believe its made to compliment only unique situations. And when it does , it would redefine the nouns and verbs of its existence.


Ramesh said…
Lovely post Sri - with a deep message behind a regular narrative. Trust you are doing fine. Blog more - your way with words is as nice as your way with colours and pictures .......
I loved that image! and ofcourse more than that loved your post too! :)
Anonymous said…
It was interesting to see how the narrative went from a sprawling landscape of angels and banana videos, and spiralled inwards to a discussion of the rejected white crayon.

In my opinion, there are many parallels one can draw, like marrying the crayon of your dreams and getting stuck with the white crayon mother-in-law who comes with the set.

Or a group of friends with colourful personalities while Ms. White sits on the bench and waits for her name to be mentioned.

Strangely enough, you also explored the topic of singlehood, which seemed to come from a different place. Was surprised to read how you felt people in relationships tend to view singlehood as the better option. I've been in a few relationships myself, and personally, there is no other feeling that can compare. I used to feel sad for single people who had not found someone special enough yet.

(of course, there are those defiant months after breaking up when you think "I'm better off without you anyway!")


Continue writing and searching and experiencing. And like a friend recently told me, enjoy life pouring down on you, much like how the rain does.

PS: I remember always combining the red crayon and the white crayon to make pink. So that my flowers were always a special colour that no one else had. Except these days, they probably have pink crayons. -_-


My post isn't complete without a comment from you. :)
@Aruna :)

How much I missed your words haha:)

I know who u are lol :)

Thanks for the detailed critiq, much appreciated.

chital said…
Hi... I dont know if u remember me.. I used to follow ur other blog.. The Bookshelf...

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