A perfect stranger

The first time at the coffee shop
I met you through a common friend
You said you were here on a short trip
And I felt no interesting grip
I did not like you, you were different
Compared to man of my dreams
But here I am writing about you
Am I in crazy or so it seems

I had no intention of seeing you again
But found myself sitting next to you
In the movie along with friends
While I wondered at the screen so bright
You held my hand a little tight
With mixed feeling I managed a smile
Everything felt normal only for a while

Then we went to restaurant nearby
Where the lights were low
They had their tables outside
Under the moonlight glow
Could be because of the lousy movie
I found you interesting
Could be because of the drink mailbu
I found myself relaxing
Could be because of the full moon
I found the night charming
Then you kissed me
I closed my eye and I felt like crying

No questions & no explanations
I rested my head on your shoulders
And my face on your chest
As you stroked my hair
I was feeling at my best
It felt so right and so perfect
Is this a crush?
Or something more
What’s this rush?
That’s sweeping me off the floor

For the next two days
I had my best dates
The more time we spent
The more I repent
Because I started liking
The feeling of 'us' was growing
Our ex friends will be angry,
May be sad or blue
But I have these feelings for true

It was then a week since I met you
And you have to go
There is nothing I can do or say
You live so far away
But there are cars, trains and planes
And we could meet anyway

Blowing out a fine kiss you flew
Far above the clouds and my reach
And all those thoughts about you grew
Like a song from radio
That I keep singing on and on
With no reason or a clue
I keep thinking about you for long
About the times we spent
And I keep wondering
About the words you meant

Hey perfect stranger
Will you remember me?
Just a little if not too much trouble
If I remember you, will that help or you fickle?
Will you remember me just a little?

* dedicated to my friend Natalie and to love that found her


Anonymous said…
Fantastic work mate, With the previous poem and this one, I believe our lives are in a lot of ways so similar. keep up the good work.
hm.. very nice!
Prats said…
Beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!
Charissism said…
Natalie is soo lucky to have a friend like you. Amazing! ;)
Srivats said…

:) Welcome to my blog, and thanks a load for your kind words. Glad you could relate to it
gils said…
guumuda..nalalruku ur kavuja :)
Srivats said…
@anubden aruna

Thanks :) for the encouragement
Srivats said…

:) yeah lucky to have that friend LOL
eyomer said…
kiss is the key of heaven. and heaven is where we all dream to be. i'm sure ur friend natalie is in cloud number 9. ur good in connecting words to express what u wanna say. good poem.

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