Stuttering thoughts

Its almost the 10th time I have opened this window to type a new post. The first line of the post is like the opening sentence to the girl in the bar. It might either go way better than you think or fall flat on your face. And then comes the second line, now that you got the attention, its important to say something smart.

Have you played angry birds ?  ( ok not so smart but questions do help). If you are not familiar with this iPhone game you might as well ask my mother ( she is yet to return my iPod touch, thanks to gaming addiction).  I always found the direct hit on the pigs or the castle wont help to finish the game. The trick lies in finding the exact point, when hit would start a domino type demolition effect. A catalyst shot for the ripple effect.

Many ideologies say your current state of life depends on your current state of mind , which is sum of your positive and negative thoughts. By tipping the scale of positive thoughts to jus 51% you can start the ripple effect of attracting all that is good for you. Imagine the time when everything suddenly started falling in place , yup thats what i am talking about. To let the good times roll all we need is that one single stroke of luck   vibrant positive thought  ( it can be a good karma, a affirmation or a simple selfless help.)

I have attended the Anna hazare protest in bangalore to support the cause. Although there are numerous controversies surrounding the lokpal movement, I feel good to have participated . For once I was not sitting at home complaining, I was out there , a common man putting his effort to make the nation a better place.  I think this is a good change, for the tipping scale of people wanting to change something is growing .

So next time you think about doing something small like switching off electricity or helping a visually challenged at the bus stop, or participating in cause that you feel right about, think this. You are not another small drop in the ocean, you could be the 51 man tipping the scale, starting the ripple effect to a whole new world.


jehan said…
Amen to that... indeed, a single (baby) step would mean a lot...

so nice to read from you again, Sri.. keep them coming please..

enjoy the rest of the week.
kayni said…
i agree. true to another saying "a single grain of rice can tip the scale."
Photo Cache said…
so true what you said. hope you will be posting more frequently.
Ramesh said…
Nice metaphor - one man's act akin to the exact hit on the exact point that starts to domino effect on Angry Birds.

Btw - intrigues to hear that you have gained considerable expertise in opening sentences to girls in bars :):)
Aarti said…
Good one!! and nice to see you back here :)

I keep telling people - dont say "why should i" instead go for it and say "i did it" :)
Anonymous said…
Angry Birds - Oh yeah! specially diffrent birds having different powers..!!

About the anna Hazare protest - Kudos! Not many people are bold enough to take steps to support any right cause, instead they end up cribbing about everything at home before the TVs.
Swaram said…
Oh! I loved that Sri!
Srivats said…
Thanks Jehan,All u might be thinking is "baby" step :)

Kayni - good saying :)

Photocahe - Good to see you here, I hope I will be posting too :)

Ramesh - Ahha I was thinking that you would pick on it when I was writing it :)

Aarti - Exactly thats it!

ManishPatnaik - yeah angry birds I love the one that splits into three :)

Thanks swaram :P
RamMmm said…
That was an inspiring post. Loved the analogy of the domino effect.

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