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The page markers I made for consolation prize, The one on the left is for Rachana's Humming Today. The one on the right is for Savitha, It denotes her vibrant yet sensitive and elegent personality.
Today I ate rice by hand at lunch (I have lost this habit a while ago). It does have a difference in taste. I read somewhere that it helps by preparing the body to assimilate the kind of food you are taking. (Contact with oily food would make u secrete more gastric juice required for the digestion) Talking about food, Singapore has got vast variety even for a veggie like me. When I pack my bags by next month, I am going to miss eateries/food that isn’t available in India.

Here goes the rest of the stories from the contest, I am sure you are going to have as much as fun as I did while reading them. I have included the details of my favorite foods (of Singapore) in between for you to snack while reading ;)

Ondeh Ondeh, a malay sweet, equivalent of Kozhakatti with sweet center, I am addicted to it!
Prateek Gupta‘s story
An early bird entry, this story starts like a super hit Indian movie. Old hero reeling back to his past. Then it takes interesting twist and a social message at the end.
5- There was a man, old and lonely, like he was dead in the spirit. He used to sit by the sea for the long time and think of the past he had.
3- The day he was young, had energy and physique well enough to be admirable.
1- he did remember how the women were crazy after him to be his girl
10- Then how he met her, the women of his dreams. Love of his life. He was lucky to meet her
2- And to ask her to marry him. The day he held her hands he knew his life would be the long wanted dream.
9- He got a family, a happy one. He cherished the childhood of his children and revelled their growing up to be a fine people.He was proud of what he had done and achieved till now.
6- Now his children had moved out from the secure and protected cage of his home to start their own life, like a free bird. And he was left alone.
7- He realised, that his life until now has been personal. It was time to scale new hieghts, give it back to the society and people is general who were not as lucky as he was.
8- He saw the misery of people all around him, the people who were not as blessed as he was. People who still were fighting for two sqaure meals for their chldren and a roof over their heads. he decided that he would do something for the ones not so lucky.
4- He decided that he would be a small joker in the scheme of things where he could put a smile on the faces of the ones who didn't had a reasont to smile. A purpose was all he needed to feel alive, in his desire to spread the smile he found one.

Famous Roti Prata of singapore makhan(food cour), very different from Indian Parota or Parata , Crispy oily and very tasty.
Aparna’s Story
This is another early bird entry. I liked this story the most, because it had metaphorical meaning to each picture. Such thoughts can only come from a person who has profound insight over life. Read for yourself.
5. Today, I sit and watch the vast expanse of the ocean, the calm it brings me is unparalleled. I look back on, you, life at your different stages and realize that this is what it really boils down to. At times you looked like you were speeding past me, at other times, it you looked placid and still.
1.I had the most precious childhood, straight out of a fairy tale. Laughter unlimited, loves abound and life itself was a celebration. There was really no time to brood or feel sad, and money definitely was not the yard stick for success. I remember the old lane our house was on, of carnivals and festivities at every conceivable instance. I’m really thankful for all the joy and grounding that section of you (life) brought me.
7.I was always taught to strive for success, that there really was no shortcut and climbing the steep, ruthless mountains, braving the sun were only foundations for a great future ahead.
3.Of course, there were so many hurdles on the way that I learnt the best way to beat them was at their own game. It was not prudent to just sit and sulk. And I’m really thankful for all the valuable lessons that this section of life (youth) gave me.
2.Sometimes, in life, we meet people who change the way our thoughts work, change our perceptions and generally bring out the best in us. It’s like they have a hidden key to our soul somewhere and know exactly what is going on within us. No words need be spoken, they just know and offer comfort, love and togetherness like no other. I’m lucky to have found my soul mate, in a world where its difficult to find constant acquaintances. A life partner who taught me how to love and be loved. And I’m really thankful to you life for this section, for giving someone to enjoy your different myriad hues with.
I have had many complaints with you, life and I have cribbed, cried, sulked, gotten angry with you and been nasty. I’m guilty of even wasting precious moments wallowing in past miseries. But somehow, you have always worked your magic, got me back on my feet , leaving me wanting for more. It was really worth it, every minute of you.
6.Today all I want to be is set free.

Waffels, you can get one for a dollar in small take away eatiers, I love theblueberry filling.

Vegetarian Pasta from Pasta mania, I also love thier portebello mushroom thin crust pizza.
G3 Story 1
I expected a comical story from her, but G3 gave away story with “need for hour information” about cancer. I am glad she found a way to create awareness while she played with the pictures.
10. During her recent medical checkup they found that she had been affected by cancer. she completely broke down after hearing the news.
2. He was there with her giving her confidence and continuous support
3. Doctors had a tough fight with cancer but they said they need to do a bone marrow transplantation to cure her completely(
4. Fate laughed at them sarcastically
8. After a great deal of searching they found this wonderful lady who was ready to donate her bone marrow to save her family from poverty
6. After almost 6 months of hospitalization she was completely cured and discharged. She was so happy to start another new episode of her life
7. He celebrated her arrival as a grand festival
8. And they lived happily ever after :)

Mango Strudel from Ritz, thats the yummiest pastery I ever tasted

Ice cream Creepe,from Creepe House , tastes like ice cream coned with dosai.
G3 Story 2
Varnam ayiram maari enna turning points! It would defn make up a story for a Tamil film what you say?
4. Sitting on the sea shore, he was deeply immersed in his memories.
3. He had a lovely family. His father was a kick-boxer
4. His mother was an actress
9. He also had an elder sister to add colours to his childhood. He had always felt blessed to be a part of this beautiful family.
10. As years went by, his sister took up her mom's profession and became a beautiful actress
6. He on the other side, with his parent's permission, walked out of his comfortable home to quench his thirst for trecking.
8. Before leaving, he went to meet his lover and assured her that he would be back soon.
7. In few years, as a result of his strong determination and hardwork, he became a professional mountaineer. He also made a world record by managing to climb Everest in just 10 hours.
1. The whole country celebrated his victory
2. On his return, he married his lover with blessings from both the families.

Ice lemon Jelly one of the local desert made from crushed ice and flavours. You can get in all Makhans. Very refeshing for the hot climate, Better than high priced ice creams

Kaya (a local Jam) cheeze toast and hot Horlicks from Toast box.
Deep’s story in lyrics
I loved the way Deep intertwined the story by song lyrics and the pictures. Quite an effortless flow of thoughts it is! You can catch the wonderful translation of AJCL to this in the comment section here.
har ek jeevan hai ek kahani
par ye sachai sabne na jani
jo pana hai vo khona hai pal hasna fir rona hai
8.ik nirdhan ki ik bitiya thi,
unki chhoti si duniya thi
1.din beet chale beeta bachpan gudiya pe aya yauvan
yauvan ki masti ne
usko raah bhula di
7.pag fisal gaya
vo chikh padi
unchai se khayi me giri
murjha gai vo fulon ki rani
par ye sachai sabne na jani
3.ik shehjada a pahuncha vahan
tab jake bachi ladki ki jaan
2.use bahon me le pyar kiya
9.singar diya gharbaar diya
sapnon ki bagiya me
pyara ful khila tha
10.fir pal bhar me badli chhayi
barkha bijli andhi ayi
pal pal duaen mange bechari
par ye sachai sabne na jani
jag ke malik meri hai khata,
mere apne kyun payen saja
mere ram se mai kahun kaisebata,
jhutha hun ber mai shabri ka
mujhko tu koi asi raah dikha de
meri mamta me ilzaam na ho,
sindur mera badnaam na ho
5.samjhe koi meri bezubaani...-BEZUBAAN

Soup Spoon's Tangy tomoto soup. The best soup I ever tasted

Himalayan Tea Latte from Mcafe, I also like the different funny symbols I get in the cup :)
KalyaniKrishnan’s take
Quite interestingly this story also coincides in climax with AJCL aparna. I was quite surprised the pictures invoked to write a story which reflects the harsh realities of life.
2. He sat silently praying for an answer to his turmoil, his sweaty palms clenched.
1. Outside the din was deafening – his wife danced with abandon as the whole village celebrated the spring festival.
9. They had always appeared to be the perfect family.
4. But the voice in his head laughed and mocked at this lie of a life.
8. The promises that he had broken to his first, only legal wife, who bore him his first child, a baby girl, when he was but a student backpacking in Sri Lanka.
6. The wife who loved him so much that she set him free to return to his own world.
10. Today his daughter turns 25 – did she grow up to be beautiful as her mother?
5. With two lovely families, he was all alone in the world with his lies weighing heavily on his shoulders.
7. Life was an uphill struggle and he could climb no more
6. (recycled) He prayed to be set free once more.

2 dollar Strawberry sundae from Mcdonalds :) I can have scoop after scoop with a smile.

Veggie burger and fries from MOS (japanese stall) , Soft big and crisy fries, just like the ones we make at home. 
Last but not least Gils
That's quite creative way to take on the same order and still he came up with an interesting story. Watch out for witty translation AJCL aparna made to it in brackets.
1) Oorengum vizhaakolam (ooraella habbada atmosphere)
2) Naam iruvarum inaithom (naavu ibbaru seridvi)
3) Veetil ethirpu (manne alli opposition)
4) Veliye sirithu ullay azhutha tharunangal (bahar se to lag raha tha ki hum has rahe the, par andar se ro rahe the)
5) Thanimaiyil nee (Akele tum)
6) Veetai vittu (Ghar chodke)
7) Thadaigalai thaandi veliyerinom (we crossed all hurdles and came out sucessfully)
8) Varumaiyil (In poverty)
9) Semmaiyaai oru vaazhkkai (awesome life)
10)Ninaithaaly inimaiyaai (ahh sweet memories)
vera vera orderla poadla..nee potrukara orderlaye frame paniten :)
(PS: I havent put it in different orders, just followed your frame of thought)

Update : Thanks to Ashwini shenoy of thethoughtful train for surprising me with this lovely story and sporty spirit!
1. The sleepy town came to life. Their young PM is getting married!

10. She was lovely – big eyes and fair skin.
3. He was once the light weight boxer and her childhood sweetheart.
7. When the time came, the boy left to do his law and make a name for himself.. He succeeded and soon landed the coveted post of leading the country..
6. The girl got busy with her own education. She wanted to heal the sick and free the world of disease.
8. She traveled the world to heal the sick and to prevent the healthy from falling sick..
9. All this while they had kept correspondence. Each wanted to change the world their own way. And they did.
2 Now with their wedding, the world will get to be a better place.


gils said…
gils said…
1 nimit 10shun aaiten..ivlo peria recipe postanu!! :D adapavi..enthu thaan worst entrya!! athukaga ethachum ookathogailam kedayaatha
Srivats said…
Gils unnodadhu worst entrynnu yaar sonnada ? :)adhaan french fries ice cream padam ellam potrukkeney :) saptukko :P
Srivats said…
naan pannadhu ellai adhunala thairiyama sapdalam
Anonymous said…
I love the bookmark Sri. It is so so nice. Thank you for taking the effort and time to paint it. So thoughtful of you,too!!

Eating with hand is something I'll never give up!. It definitely adds taste :P

sri- u HAD to post my story na :(
Anonymous said…
@Aparna, nobody can quite imitate you, the writing style is good.(I have not exagerated a bit).

@G3: We have thought similarly, (the terminal sickness).

@Sri: The foods you've mentioned are sm of my favorites,too-the kaya toast, the MOS croquette burger. drooling, the hopeless me!
Swaram said…
7 of them hv already keyboarded :P Me the third actually :)
Swaram said…
Che! I scrolled down the length of the entire post and all I could do ws drool @ all the yum stuff :P

Off to try again ;)

Btw, I loved the pagemarks!

vibrant yet sensitive and elegent personality Eggjactly!

And eating by hand does have its own charm na .. very true .. it does add to the taste .. thanks for that scientific info :)
Srivats said…

My love told me, the story is too good to be hidden in the mail, Sorry yes I had to ;)

@ Savi

Enna achu, password marandhuteengala? :) Glad u liked it!

@ Swaram
I am trying really hard not to eat much before I go home :) want to stay in 30 waist line. God help me!
Swaram said…
Leave the waist line ;) As long as u r happy n healthy, enjoy :)
Swaram said…
Sheesh :P
I dont even want to look bk @ my story after I read the others ;) All of them r winning entries na :)
Swaram said…
@Appu: Nice one :) Reality in virtual and loved the way u associated it with each stage :)
Swaram said…
G3: That ws a gr8 way indeed to spread awareness and take that fear factor away from people! Loved it :)
Chan said…
All items 1 set parcel pls....
Swaram said…
Deep's ws indeed a gr8 one with lovely verses! I loved the lines
'jag ke malik meri hai khata,
mere apne kyun payen saja'
Hw true :(

The coincidence b/w Appu's n Kalyani's is awesome! We do meet like-minded people in the blog world :)
soin said…
aanyayam akram..kaila kadacha kaima thaan.. its 5.30pm here and am yet to have a single piece of food and you put all those pics..and i love that blueberry filling..thank god u dint put rocher pic.. free
Swaram said…
Awesome creativity by Gils to come up with a story with the pics in order! Superb :)
Thanks a lot Appu for the translation! Hw many of u understood that btw :P

Btw, forgot to add before! Three cheers to the blog world, but for which, we all would have never met probably! Here's to more such friendly moments amongst us :)
Savitha said…
//Three cheers to the blog world, but for which, we all would have never met probably! Here's to more such friendly moments amongst us :)//

I the second this!!

//Awesome creativity by Gils to come up with a story with the pics in order! Superb :) //

Gils, you have the knack of writing in you, please keep writing more stories.
deep said…
...amazing differently each one thought..specially liked Aparna's, very thoughtful...:)
Anu said…
Great bookmarks, Sri..... and great pics of food too.. awfully tempting!!! looks like you can eat all that without worrying about your weight... i envy you!!
jehan said…
huhu... i now miss mcdonald's fries (philippines) because their french fries here suck, really...
Oh ...No..I missed the book marks :(
Ramesh said…
Lovely stories and you naughty boy - lovely foodie photos. Can linger on this post for an hour.
nice stories.. it truly is entertaining.

One of the things that I love about Singapore is the food. The're really good, but honestly, I find it too expensive. It's more expensive than Korea and prices are almost the same as Japan. Good thing there are so many delicious streetfood. That helped me stick to my measly budget.

Sri, this may be asking too much, but I miss the streetfood in Singapore so much, could you please do a feature on that? please.. please? and by the way I love sweets, especially chendol and Kacang..
nice stories.. it truly is entertaining.

One of the things that I love about Singapore is the food. The're really good, but honestly, I find it too expensive. It's more expensive than Korea and prices are almost the same as Japan. Good thing there are so many delicious streetfood. That helped me stick to my measly budget.

Sri, this may be asking too much, but I miss the streetfood in Singapore so much, could you please do a feature on that? please.. please? and by the way I love sweets, especially chendol and Kacang..
G3 said…
Me the 25 :)))

Avvvvvvvvv... Photosa vittu kannu nagara maatengudhae :(((( Posta mudinja appalikka padikkaren :P
G3 said…
avvvvvvv.. oru comment adikkara gapla 25th place poiduchae :((((
Aaarti said…
UNfair... started reading the post, saw the food[kozhukatai] pic, started drooling, scrolled down saw the waffles and decided no can do, not happening.. post padikka mudiyadu...!! :D

anniyayam.... u cant put so many lip smacking pics in one post...:P
Aaarti said…
Btw, the bookmarks are damn cute.. i do some wen am bored... can never have enuf bookmarks!!:)
Aaarti said…
ishmall doubt... Ice cream Creepe,from Creepe House -- creepe thaana??? ;o)
G3 said…
Bookmarks jooperu :))))

Kaila saapidaradhukkum scientific reasona !!! Kalakkareenga ponga :D

I loved aparna's story.. Aana enna avanga I nu pottadhaala andha old getupla avangala imagine pannitten ;)))

//Varnam ayiram maari enna turning points! It would defn make up a story for a Tamil film what you say?//

Hmmmmm... surya heronna royalty ratela konjam concession kuduakkaren :P
G3 said…
//. Watch out for witty translation AJCL aparna made //

Aaha.. wittya ;)) appo translationkku translationa yaaraavadhu podungappa ;))))
G3 said…
//@G3: We have thought similarly,//

Hehe.. Naan oru true storya link panni ezhudhinadhu adhu :D Andha person sonnadhunaala dhaan I came to know abt these bone marrow transplantations.
G3 said…
//Swaram said...

G3: That ws a gr8 way indeed to spread awareness and take that fear factor away from people! Loved it :)//

That was really sweet of u :))) Thank U :D
G3 said…
//Savitha said...

//Three cheers to the blog world, but for which, we all would have never met probably! Here's to more such friendly moments amongst us :)//

I the second this!!//

I the Third this :))))
@ Srivats
Wow..You can draw so well!
Beautiful paintings..and am so glad that one of them is for me:D

SO so happy..

Also read other stories...they are so interesting...

This is so amazing to see same picrures have so many different stories..have totally diferent prospective to view things...reminding me of my post on "Perception Reflection- part2"!

Wish you all the best and hope you come up with such wonderful concepts of creativity more often.

Keep the Spark Alive..
Vidya said…
Srivats, I am officially jealous of you. I love the way you intertwined your story with the stories from others! At one point, I found myself scrolling faster just to see what else you will miss from the place you call home right now!

Like you, I too am making changes to my life and I am much excited about it. I will write about it soon!

Good luck with all that you do!
Pixie said…
Sigh.. the stories are lovely!
I missed my chance for writing..
Shall I still try and post it on my blog?

Seeing all the yummy food.. you made me feel hungry!! that too just after having breakfast!!!
Sigh.. now, this feeling of wanting waffles... where do I go looking for yummy Waffles on the middle of a week day? huh??!!
Pixie said…
oh yea!
The bookmarks are very pretty! :)
Swaram said…
Hey Sri :) Ur painting looks awesome as my header! Just in line with the name of my blog :)
Srivats said…
@ Swaram

I would be happy eating but not seeing my waistline going up LOL. oh my god ur header doesniot look good please take it down :P

And yes its lovely to meet like minded people here

@ Chan
1 cheque please ;)

@ Soin
take that weed man u would be ok ;)

@ Savi
/Gils, you have the knack of writing in you, please keep writing more stories.

aha summa erundha sonagiriya sorinju vituteengalaey

@ Deep
Yes I agree it was so good. But she was very shy in putting this up here.

huhuhu I do worry hehe :) a lot
It took a lot to come down to 30 and I dont wanna lose it again:) but these last months in singzapore is kind of stressfull for many reasons, so I am not gonna pressure myself with rigorous dieting.

@ Jehan
U should try MOS they are much better than mcd , the ones I get in Mcd are thin and hard and once its cold u cannot consume it.
Srivats said…
@ Aruna

aha adhukku evlo mousaa

@ Ramesh
Naughty boy , I wish i could be more naugthier , just that my love isnt here hehe :)

@ Mybittersweetkoreanlife
Singapore is defn costlier , owing to the fact they import most of thier stuff. I love Chendol :) its defn not too much to ask,but being veggie my options to taste many street variety is quite limited :) I would try to include as much as I know in a new series ,yes I am starting a singapore series from tom :)

@ G3
haha sari sari feel pannadheenga vangi tharen. Surya dhaan nadikanuma naanga ellam thera mattoma ? True story ellam link panni ezudhareenga, true hero link panni vidalmey ? Ok sollunga, naan dilyum gatti chatniyum vaangi tharen.

//cream Creepe,from Creepe House -- creepe thaana// eggatly sorry for the mistake ;)

Yes like u I cannot have enough bookmarks, and my book mark stay with the book after I finish them :) Sorry for the tempting pics, actually last night I had that strawberry sundae LOL it backfired :)

Srivats said…
@ Rachna
Pls send in ur address, dont worry I wont drop in and steal things LOL
. Thanks for ur words :) very encouraging :)

@ Vidya
I am waiting to read ur post on the changes happening in ur life. Sometimes its just bit overwhelming isnt ? All the best to u too :P.


Ok make sure to have one in weekend :) there is a special happiness to finding a food u like and eating it to ur heart's content.
Kayni said…
i am so hungry reading the food posts, although most of the food i haven't tasted yet they sound and look really good. i'm actually planning to make butter chicken this weekend. wish me luck =)
Vishnu said…
kalakureenga gils.. read some only.. will be back as i said..
Srivats said…
@ Kayni
Welcome to my page.
You should try them when u make a trip to singapore :) All the best with the chicken ;)

@ Vishnu
Yes gils eppavey kalakal dhaaney
Charissism said…
This post is very bad for my diet... :(
Karthik said…
aav.. mudiyala! sappittu vanthu padikkiren. :P
Srivats said…
@ Chariss



Saptu vandhu kadhai kettutey thunga poreeng :P
Monicz said…
I simply love this post.:)
and btw, strawberry sundae is $1.50dude. Haha couldn't help mentioning that :)
Swaram said…
Nice surprise from Ash :) Well done dear girl :)
hey I didn't know ur a veggie. what kind do u practice? I see a lot of dairy products that u use in your recipes..

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