Miles beneath the smile

2 am saturday night
sitting awake with laptop on
I have thoughts to fight and gauge whats right
So I keep thinking on and on tonight.

Projects to be done
and books to be read
but I gaze on
cause there are things to be said.

cheerful as gay
and a smile ear to ear
thats what people say
but they dont see it clear.

My heart is full
but my valet is light
for love is all i can give at will
till my time is right.

I keep forgetting its the material world
I still keep believing that love could mend
and all we need is some time to spend.

I walk with dreams
and sleep with nightmares
I chase them all day like a dog
and they croak all night like a frog.

With millions friends to help
and million hearts to cheer
I keep hoping things would be better

Its not easy when u give it all up
for what u love
may not fill today's cup

I am tired and may lose
to those black thoughts on the loose

for words killed my smiles today
and laughing so loud,
but behold you demon
here comes another day.


debasis said…
nice one dude... :)
deep said…
beautiful composition :)
they say it right.. best comes in pain and hardships!!
All the best for everything that is to come..
Life is queer with its twists and turns Sri,turn your nightmares into dreams.Hope that brighter days are ALWAYS just have to ride out the storms and look forward to sunny, rainbow and blue skies once again.The shadows will fall behind you and you will come out stronger in the end.
Photo Cache said…
hang in there. life is one big rollercoaster ride. remember to shout at the top of your lungs at the most fun turn :)
//I keep hoping things would be better// yes definitely Sri

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