Jellyfish grandmas and Christmas lights

In the world of, LAP full of technical TOPS and HAND full of PHONES, it is no wonder some of us feel so far away from ourselves.  Well we live together with machines, it's only true as the saying goes "couple who lives together long starts to look the same".

Have you seen Jellyfish swimming ? They glow in dark and it's the most magical and mesmerizing scene to witness. Like a luminous aqua blue Christmas lamp dancing in rhythm. For all we know they are here for more than 600 million years,  outdating even dinosaurs!  Remember we use to consult our grandparents for all the biggest decisions in the family? well it's time we consult our great great grandmother of all, the Jellyfish!
This is one of my submission for a design contest for a food restaurant called "Jumbo Crab"
for their 25th anniversary. Can you spot the jellyfishes in the surrealistic background?

95% of Jellyfish is made up of water! We are essentially made up of five elements, more of one element than others - Water.  The most evident proof of god thriving in this planet is water. That's why we surround ourselves with fountains and that's why we feel peaceful when we visit rivers or ocean.  So next time you feel dull, take a sip of water. Let god flow into u :)

Jellyfish don't have brain. I know what you are thinking, as much as you want to calculate , analyze and fix everything in your life to perfect 10. It's not worth your sleep and your every second of peace throughout the day.  Take time off the day to be brainless.  From time to time consciously avoid carrying your phone, reading paper and checking your mails, let the brain do less.  And be stupid - I dare you!

Jellyfish has the simplest digestive system. Of all the sins the worst you can commit is gluttony. Food cannot replace the lack of love, self esteem or positivity that lacks in your life. Get up and do something instead of munching and wearing that fat on your body.

The important of all lies not in what they have but in what they do with what they have - Swimming . They don't have fins to swim, so they pounce through water. They do not oppose the strong currents of ocean, for they know it's pointless. They rather swim with it.  There is a calmness to life lived in acceptance, gratefulness and contentment , A life as beautiful as Jellyfish swimming in the water.


As usual, you come up with the most interesting and unexpected things.. as well as information.... and all that info about the jellyfish is something i did know, but didnt remember, and certainly didnt connect with all the inference u drew from them!!!! btw, we did see jelyfish recently... and samhith even held one in his hand! that reminds me that it is one more place i have not yet written about on my blog!
/Take time off the day to be brainless. From time to time consciously avoid carrying your phone, reading paper and checking your mails, let the brain do less. And be stupid - I dare you!/
OMG! I wish I could!!!!
Ramesh said…
You've truly metamorphed into a totally creative guy. Well done Sri.
jehan said…
what more can i say Sri? soooo great!!!

you are a blessing...
Srivats said…

Thanks so much , I am quite surprised that he could hold jellyfish, they are suppose to sting, or is it different variety of it ?

:) Thanks thanks, sumara ezudhinalum appreciate panreenga :)

Common one of these days u are going to critize what i write


How you been ? its been long :)
R-ambam said…
very good thought ! well written .Wonderful design!
r-ambam :)

thanks so muccccch
Venkat said…
Sri, this is the first time i am coming here, but i know you long back through other 2 blog. sometines i think why you are absent on those places. good to see you back.. last line so wonderfull, when we accept we learn to be thankfull for what we have. i like the design too.
@ Venkat

Dear venkat, welcome !

I am glad you wrote to me. I was busy with so many things and have lost the good old habit of writing, Now I want to write more because of encouraging people like u :)

Thanks once again
Vipul said…
I have to think a lot what to comment here !! the post is written in such a superb way... Especially "brainless" part with which I would agree most.

do write a book. I would be the first guy to read and buy it for sure.

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