And she was enough

If someone makes a contest of all those things that we take for granted, the first place goes to mothers.
You may try all your life, but I bet you wont be able to love her more than she loves you. Every year I  treat her around this special day , we go on a date to a movie, to restaurant or go saree shopping spree. Just us, its our ritual.

This year is year of many firsts, the first time since college I received money from her and did not treat her on mothers day. No date, no black forest cake and no saree shopping spree. In fact I received some money from her for my expense last month. When  the whole world judged me for my action to leave a steady career to study, The only person who stood by my side is her.

She never questioned my decision, she never ever have!  I have taken many decisions that affected me personally and my family for the past few years, and she always found the courage and strength to love me no matter what, from bottom of her heart. Its doubtful whether I would have loved myself if I were her.I called her today to wish her and all she wanted to know was, whether I had my lunch! Although she has been feeding me for the past 32 years and 10 months before that.

You know the feeling you get, when whatever you do is not enough ? not enough for your career, for your family or for your loved one.  I was feeling 'not enough' for a while now.But today I realised no matter what I do or don't do, I would always be 'enough' for my Mom. The four letter word cannot suffice my feelings for her. In the world full of  'not enoughs' we are more than enough for each other Amma.

p.s: Wishing your mom a very happy mothers day, thanks to her I found such a wonderful person to be my friend.


Ramesh said…
Nobody can write from the heart as you can Sri. Bravo.
R-ambam said…
touchy !
Swaram said…
I don't have a proper adjective for the post at all - beautiful, warm and all that :)

In the world full of 'not enoughs' we are more than enough for each other Amma. - Lovvved this!
In our school we had organized a "writing a letter to your mom" competition , I cld read so many emotional words in them, but nothing could match your post! I will post a few of those letters!
And you really said it nicely that nothing could match her love....even your love for yourself!
G.Ragavan said…
Happy Mother's Day :)

Only when we write from heart, the flow will be so lovely and marvelous. :)

I completely agree with you. How much ever we try to show our love to mother, she will simply outbeat by showing much more love unimaginable. That is why they are mothers. :)

I am sure the next Mother's day will be very colourful and fun filled for you and your mother. :)
jehan said…
Hi Sri! thank you very much, as always, for this wonderful post...

i never understood my mother until i became a mother myself. I have always been so distant but i could only ask for forgiveness the time i started feeling so difficult. she had 8 babies and I only have one. there were times when i wanted to just break down. how could she have done it? she said her unconditional faith and love keeps her going on.. a mother's love will always be like a well that never runs dry... mothers will be so exhausted, feeling so dry and gray and old fashioned, but their love will always live on and never go out of fashion... hugs and warm regards to your Mom too... because of her, we have a wonderful friend who never fails to amaze us. you never fail to make us pause a while after reading your posts and contemplate about ourselves.. thank you very much...
The Mirare said…
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laks said…

So true are ur words... I understood who she is only after my marriage when i was a-midst of strangers...
Just need a small rewind option in my life , will go back to her and to be with her always...
Vidya said…
You are abolutely right! Happy Mother's day to your mother and to all mothers around the world!

the way you write brings tears to my eyes... all the more so with this one, as i am myself a mom... reading this makes me wish Samhith was old enough to read and understand this post....
Photo Cache said…
a lovely photo of you and your ma. treat her nice forever.
Blogger said…
very touching.
@ Ramesh

Thanks thats also a problem sometimes, My lecturer find my research paper too personal :P

@ R-ambam
I was touchy when I wrote it too :)

Thanks a lot :) ur words were more than adjective for the post

We attract specific feelings at certain period of time, I would love to read those letters

Thanks Ragava, I wish u were there too for the celebration with us :)

@ Jehan
I just want you to know , how much your presence is appreciated here. With words like that I dont need anything else to feel empowered. Any writing is complete with a good reader and U are such! I know what you mean when you say after you become mother you understand your mother. In a weird way I get that. Cheer up :) And I am so glad you liked it!

Sometimes we have to lose stuff in our life to know how precious they were :) I am sure you can find a way to let her know how much you love her.

Thanks for coming here :) long time no c :) how you been ?

I am so grateful for people like you who always remind me of how lovely the motherhood can be even in this material world. I appreciate all that you do for samhith and in the writing world and photography ! :) You enrich our lives in your own way and more so with your lovely spirit !

@Photo Cache
Thats my never ending goal of life :) Thanks so much !

Thanks for coming and commenting :) wish you a great day my friend.

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