So be it

If you are living in Singapore for more than 6 months,  you probably would have walked into at least a dozen of tourist's pictures by accident. The city is so small that the boundary between the tourists attractions and everyday living space is paper thin.  Especially if you are travelling to centre of the city (like me) you walk through a maze of tourist attractions like buildings, churches, trees, stones or whatever.

The worst comes in the form of 'hop on bus' city tours. The other day I was shopping for flowers in little India, in my shorts and worn out t-shirt. It didn't took long to realize I was being photographed by bunch of cameras from the double-decker bus. I have no idea how an Indian buying flowers would be a holiday memory to cherish.  Whether you are having a bad hair day, or busy talking to yourself while walking, there is no escape from this paparazzi.

I didnot walk into this - Sam and Angel my flat mates :)

Singaporean tolerance levels are so high that it does not affect anyone anymore. Neither anyone smiles or feels awkward to walk into someone's photo. I bet there are hundreds of album pictures of happy couple, with background of stranger looking directly at the camera.  The good thing is, they would never find out how weird they looked in those pictures.

My Grandma believed that the celestial beings who walk the clouds, always kept a close watch at our words and actions. There could be moment where we say something negative and one of them would look down and say "so be it". So she always advised me to wish and speak only good things. To smile and be nice to everyone around me. It's like being photographed in an unexpected situation. And I know exactly what she would say to that.


Vidya said…
Ahh! I like the twist in the tale! Neat!
Anonymous said…
I knew it that Srivats is not a simple writer. He must be having something in his before closing the post. :)
What a fabulous close a very simple thought. I had never imagine that you have some other major thought behind it.

To be honest lot of people are afraid of getting clicked by stranger as I have seen people doing that.

Keep Blogging :)
Waiting for your book soon ;)
lovely thought, Sri!!! now thats something i going to remember and tell samhith as soon as he gets back from school!
Prasad said…
wow...that pinch of salt in the end Delicious.
feel good reading
lena said…
Thanks for this wonderful revelation about a country I have never been to, at least as early as today I have a preview of what I'm going to expect. Paparazzi on a common people wow that's absolutely absurd, but I guess they're those who wants to collect photos in a tourist travel. Great post!
Ramesh said…
You do yourself much injustice. Even "shorts and worn out t-shirt" wearing Sri looks like a Bollywood hero. No wonder you are constantly photographed :)
Carpe Diem said…
I love the picture :)
Just realised I havent replied to any of your comments, Apologies! My career hunting stride has left me a walking zombie :) Thanks to everyone for the kind words

:) how you been ?

I try my best, thanks to encouragement from you :)

@ Anuradha Shankar
Did I see your Golu pictures? I have a faint feeling that I did, neverthless would have a look again, it must be in your blog. My wishes to Samhith

@ Prasad
Makes me think about having a pinch of salt in the chocolate milk to make it delicious.

Yes it is , but I think we would do the same when we visit the west, a cowboy on the horse or a pretty girl with flowers , I am sure I would click :)

Only you would find the right line to kid me in every post :)

@Carpe Diem
This is lovely to see you here, I have to catch up on your blog :)

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