Happy Meals & Flowers from Tembusu tree

In the city where meals are happier than people who have it, no one has time to live in the moment. We even press ‘close’ button in the lift several times hoping it would close faster. We hold our breath in weekdays and breathe out during weekends. We constantly long for long weekends. While we like living in this city, we love escaping it during long weekends. 

Perhaps we believe our work is our purpose, and holiday is a form of reward. But if you were to take two week holiday with no new city to visit or agenda to attend to, you would go crazy. That was exactly my mindset when I had a surgery recently. My gallbladder was removed and I had to rest for couple of weeks. My activity for the day were eat, sleep, pee and a short walk around the block.  First few days flew as I concentrated on finding the best position to sleep, and enjoying the attention from others.  And then there was my mom.

After the operation I couldn't take the pain and I wept on her shoulder, and she consoled me as if I were a baby. She filled my plate with food and took it to clean, as soon as I finished it. For every two hours love shuttled from kitchen to my room in the forms of juice, fruit or a snack.  Unlike her other trips to Singapore, She hardly went out or enjoyed her personal time. Her mission was to make me alright during the short stay. We went for walks at twilight and took rest at park bench enjoying the windy afternoon. We talked random things like tall trees in the park, how dad annoyed her or the latest gossip about a relative.  

During one such afternoon, we shared a hearty laugh about something. I couldn't recall the subject, but I vividly remember the smell of flowers from Tembusu tree, the wind and her face.  Her beautiful, make up free face which was filled with wrinkles from several years of smiles.  Sun bounced off from back of her head and it appeared as if she had a halo.  

That’s when I realized, how blessed I was to have had that surgery. To have cried in her shoulder. My every meal was happy and we did not hurry up the lift. Because, that time with her is all that I ever have. And that laugh is what life is all about.   


Good to see you writing again, Sri. Keep writing and take care.
Good to see you writing again, Sri. Keep writing and take care.
Thanks so much for Anuradha , brings me joy to see your comment. I think I have missed most of your posts. Lovely to see your support.
Sethu said…
Well written! Life is blissful & true happiness is indeed hidden in these roadblocks or pauses in our life! Just need to be discovered in the smallest of things! Keep those moments treasured !
Ananda Gopalan said…
Wonderful emotional filled beautiful narration da. You have painted picture thru your words. You should keep me engaged reading your blogs often.
Preethe said…
Hey Sri!!
Glad to see you writing again.
Get well soon. Take care of your health.
Write more please
Hope you must be feeling better now. :)
From our busy schedules, the best time spent is with mother sharing old memories and eating out.
வணக்கம் ஸ்ரீ!
நெடுநாள் கழித்து, ஆற்றலை போல் எட்டிப் பார்க்க, இது விழியிற் பட்டது:)

/My gallbladder was removed and I had to rest for couple of weeks/

ஒடம்பைப் பாத்துக்கோ(ங்க)
I know the pain of gall bladder surgery and/or blood transfusions

Glad amma is around, even though no sight seeing for her
Still, many pains in life, also bring a whiff of fragrance, which we hardly notice or breathe.

But once we start inhaling them, they give the bliss of comfort!
Those fragrances coming along with pain, smell sweeter than the sweat of our love!
Wish u new flowers & fragrance from the Tembusu tree!

Take care of your diet & cautiously avoid fatty foods, till such time.
நலம் உறு உடல் நலத்துக்கு, வாழ்த்துக்கள்:) அம்மாவுக்கும் நன்றியும், அன்பும்:)

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