We all feel the rain

Hi there ..How are you doing ?

I am writing this for you, to let you know that you are not alone.
You are no stranger to me, you are my friend whom I haven't met.
And no matter what you think now, I am your friend.

Are you going through something which you don't deserve?
Does it feel heavy in your chest?
Does it pain so hard that you cannot even carryon with daily chores?
Do you think no one could understand?

I don't know why, I can feel your pain,
..we all feel the rain.
Beneath this apparent separation we are one.
Doesnt matter what you believe
Single cell amoeba or Adam,
We are from the one.
We are one

As I write this and as you read, there is energy connection happening between us.
Our energies filling each other in many dimensions.
You can call it Love, Empathy, Affection or care.

So go on.. Try me ..Let it flow out of you into me
I promise to listen
I promise to lend a shoulder if you need.
I promise there wont be judgments
I promise no solution for there is none required

The Pain you feel right now.
Let it be part of you, be comfortable with it.
This is the time to cry
This is the time to feel down,
Don't fight the feeling, nothing wrong with it
Don't have to deny it

Its strong to be your self
Its stronger to accept the situation
Understand what you resist, persists.

Its ok
Its much better now
Its now easier for you to let go , its time.
let it wash away like the sand on the waves ..


Let it go
If it has happened
it happened for a reason
If it hasn't
It never meant to be

Let it go my friend ..We all feel the rain..Sun will shine again

I have no idea why I wrote this.
I hope it makes sense to someone out there.
May be effect of this song by will young.


haresh said…
nice one! gives many out there reasons to think now! message sounds for someone who needs to let it go.. answers will be given when the sun sets and moon rises with bright twinkling stars.. ;) tk cr!
gils said…
???neeye eluthinada??? nejamvay nallaruku
Jaisankar said…
Nalla iruku..
Anonymous said…
" I am running low on energy "
" Its simple things in life that put me down"
" Let it go its out of my control "
" Let it go.. Let it go "

Will young ..said it right bro, how true!
shekharsha said…
So wonderful Srivats..nice work!

Keep going..looking fwd to more such inspiring works from you!

Singapore situation makes me write this! Excuse if any grammatical errors found!

We all do feel the heat!
The Rain will rinse the feet if you meet the challenges without minding the sweat!
And the fear threat thrashed with the strong beat!
And the pains put in the backseat!
Making every work to the complete!
The cheats will face the defeat!
Success will repeat with a wonderful treat!
Anonymous said…
Hey Srivats,

Sorry man, I have to be honest with you.
It is terrible.
Terribly good!

It is almost like a poem, but it could easily be song lyrics.

I know it is your random thoughts, but you did it in a very good way.

Take care

P.S. If I rip this off an make a song out of it, I promise to give you 75% of the profits. Ok?
Anonymous said…

It is very nice. I hope soon u will become a very good poet.

Anonymous said…
Super da!!!

Keep it up…


Anonymous said…
Thats fantastic da..
I can say you painted it beatifully. Coz i could see those..

Its great that you got literary style in ur writing..

Keep it up. keep writting.

Charisse.T. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charisse.T. said…
This person inspired me to write again. Thanks for the encouragement and I am truly one of your fan here in blogging world! =)
Srivats said…
Thanks Mary

You inspire me too, I would like to write light stuff - which I would try next time =)
Srivats said…
Thanks all for the comments :)
Pri said…
im sure a lot of ppl will be connecting with u and smiling on reading this :)
Srivats said…
Hey Pri

I guess so, As I said I had no idea why I wrote that,but I would like to believe two things

1. I obeyed what my Heart asked me to do

2. Someone some where needed those thoughts.

I am sure about the point 2 - I was "someone" too :P

Swaram said…
This one is really very good! So meaningful :)
AS said…
good one, i like ur blogs
Srivats said…
@ Swaram

Thanks :) didnot see the comment for so long ;)

welcome :) glad u liked it! :)
Prashanth said…
Brilliantly written :) Nice choice of words, beautiful portrayal

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