Thou shall always count thy blessings

Dear you,

Cant believe I am writing this from Singapore. At one point i really packed my dream in a big suitcase and kept it  in the loft. Was walking around with clown over my head. The visa , the students loan, I couldn't wrap my mind around the whole thing.

I am now a Master degree student in Raffles Singapore! Feels great to say it, even more to write it.  The feeling is bittersweet, still settling. Change of country and new college , new syllabus, profs, class mates whoaaa!

And the best thing that happened to me is the feeling of being loved by my Friends! I am really amazed by the generosity and kindness they have showed me. I had to show a bank balance of the total fee required to finish the course for the visa process.  I was depending on the loan to come , which would take days to finish.

I made few phone calls and money just flowed into my account from everywhere. In matter of few days I have become a privileged customer of ICICI Bank :P  can you believe that ? not to shabby for someone who hasn't earned for a year and half!

Some even floored me with support that I didn't expect at all.  This gentleman took out his time and counselled me on the implication of finance and this person  and this person is still helping me to find a accommodation in Singapore!

The best came in the form of four year old joy bundle , Junior " S ". I am staying at my cousin's in Singapore. S is her kid and we became instant hit. He enjoys reading stories, drawing, collage and occasional dancing ( its very funny to see him shaking his bum ) . You got to see him to believe how lively he is.  Sometimes he hugs me and tells me " chichu mama i love u" in his sweet toddler voice, and I just melt away.

While my cousin pampers me with home cooking, he fills my time with fun and frolic. To be in presence of a child is to be in presence of love. Kids don't really need fancy gifts, they just need you to be around, to be with them and to listen to them. And when u do that u get more than what you give.

Here is to the love that surrounds me! dreams do come true in its presence.


Anu said…
Its so nice to read your posts again! great to hear about your masters degree,,, and all the very best!
kayni said…
Wow - what a new life you have. It's all positive news and I like it.

Do tell us more about your new adventure. I am also starting my master's this fall. If things go well on the health side, I'd love to finish my master in two years.

Good luck.
Raam Pyari said…
all the very best!
Photo Cache said…
congratulations. i admire those that seek to better themselves by furthering their education.

didn't you stay in s'pore before you decided to go back home?
Ramesh said…
Wonderful Sri. Delighted to see you happy in Singapore. You took a bold move with your career two years ago, now another move to study in Singapore. Huge success awaits you. Very best wishes for much success and a whale of a time in Singapore.
Awesome and All the best to master your masters at Raffles :) jus continue rocking buddy :)
RamMmm said…
You are one of those who follow their dreams and get it. Great to see you as you cast the dream to reality. Hats off Sri.
Anonymous said…
Is really happy to read your blog again but a bit sad u never write about me , 
Srivats said…
@ Anu

nice to see you around too :P

Yes would write more :) great to know about ur master, good luck

@Raam pyari
Thanks :)

@Photo Cache
yes I used to stay here and work :)

Its all because of people like u


haha u too continue rocking , lets rock !

awww :) peelings :)

shut up :P
Ruchira said…
good luck !! I admire you for following your dream !
Geli said…
it is so nice to know that you are doing very well :D keep updating, it's just lovely to hear your stories :D ~Geli

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