Can Cannot la

Singapore is..

Where Chinese who lives in Malaysia, and Malay who lives in Singapore have similar customs.

Its safe to drink tap water and yet most of them buy mineral water bottle (which now believed to have harmful chemicals)

Tipping a taxi driver or anyone is considered an insult!

People get pissed off when train takes a second or two to open the doors to the platform.

Pedestrian thinks pressing the signal umpteen times would make it green soon.

Rickshaw tours are still popular.

-----------you can find public toilet almost anywhere :)-----------

you can see devoted chinese in Ganapathi temples and Indians in Budda temple . The second part mostly involves cannon camera (those with big lenses which looks exactly like the big cannons at war) shutterbugs.

People take part in walking, running and sometimes shaving the head ,not to win but only to donate money to charities.

Men walk around completely "free" in swimming pool shower rooms.

Milo can be declared as national drink.

Senior citizens watch youtube videos in national library computers.

Usage of simple statements like , can can or cannot la, or no ice in drink (dont say dont put ice or dont want ice ) , no need no need - are much appreciated and understood.

People look at you with strange expression if you are not hooked onto ipod/Iphone/ PSP or tab.

Where little India feels just like India, crowded and dirty!


Ramesh said…
Where you cannot pee in the lift ?!!
Where you can be beaten on the bum for jaywalking
Where the most boring newspaper in the world is published
Where if you press the accelerator, you'll fall off into the sea
Where a global moment of earthshaking importance is Lee Hsien Loon's birthday


Ehere the wonderful people - Chotu, RS and Sri live. That makes up for everything :):):)
Anu said…
well compiled!
Thamizhmaangani said…
hahahahahaha funny la!! yessssss milo is our national drink!:))
Ruchira said…
hmmm ... singapore has been on my want to visit list for a long time !
Photo Cache said…
some of the items you jotted down are true here in the states as well.

take away heat and humidity, i'd consider moving to singapore :)

hope you're enjoying your studies and your stay in this vibrant metropolitan island.

btw, i like little india.
Gopal said…
wish to witness all those, in person.. :)
Srivats said…


touchy touchy :)


Tamil Mango
i dont like milooo :(

take it out of the list and make it reality :)

Photo Cache
haha come here we both go there. Yeah its little india, ought to be like india , but we still love it :)
ha ha wish to see your city..:)

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