1000 sunsets

When I went to cafeteria last evening , I couldnt stop admiring the wonderful sunset.It like gold glittering everywhere. Its bright, its gold and yellow .It feels heaven.
God must be a painter! While thinking about this , I also remembered one of my favorite song by MLTR - Paint my love written by jascha richter. Isn't it amazing to compare ones love to 1000 sunsets!If one sunset is so beautiful what can I say about 1000!

I always get mesmerized by such beautiful lyrics. I was wondering whether I can watch a perpetual sunset. I mean a sunset which never end. Of course Yes... I can do. If you are wondering why I have gone nuts, here is the principle not from me.. but from "how stuff works"

Let's say you are in plane flying westward around the Earth's equator. At the equator, the time zones are a little over 1,000 miles (1,609 km) apart, so to cross one every hour, your plane would have to fly at over 1,000 miles per hour (1,609 kph). If you started flying at 12:00 noon, at 1:00 p.m. (according to your watch) you would cross a time zone, making it 12:00 noon again. This process would continue for as long as your plane could stay in the air: As soon as your watch passed 12:59, you'd have to turn it back to 12:00 again. For your entire westward trip around the Earth, the time would be between 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m.

What you are really doing is maintaining your position on the Earth relative to the sun You are flying at the same speed as the Earth is rotating, but in the opposite direction, so the sun is always in the same part of the sky. We know that at noon the sun is approximately overhead, so on this journey the sun would always be over the plane. In effect, you are chasing noon around the world. If you prefer sunsets, you could watch a perpetual sunset by departing on your westward journey just as the sun is setting.

The days will be changing but not the time. So I can really make the time stand still while I watch my visual treat. But I really don't want that. I might get bored watching sunset all day. May be 1000 sunsets when compared one wouldn't be that beautiful :)


G said…
I really go with you on this, GOD is a wonderful creator and after creating all the things he took rest on seventh day,

He looked every thing, it’s wonderful, when the sunsets the sun doing its work, by doing that it’s praising the GOD.

Any thing praises THE GOD it’s wonderful. You couldn’t stop admiring the wonderful sunset and unknowing you also praising the GOD.
srivats said…
Thanks G

Yes when there is a beautiful watch, there should be a good watch creator. The fact that I dont see him doesnot change the fact that he doesnot exists!
Shastry said…
Hey vatsa,
This blog is so nice dat i started imaging like travelling in a plane as u described. This is a good skill.
It will b true dat continuosly watching 1000 sunsets will b boring to a normal person. But a perosn with strong love, will never get bored
gils said…
paint my luv is my fav too...wenever i start my playlist this song wud be there...nice post :)
srivats said…

Apdeena ungalukku boar adikkadhunnu nenaikkeren :)
srivats said…

Such a lovely song, good to know that you too share my passion for this song.
In principle, a good happen, support the views of the author

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