Sometimes in life we are in a position where we are not sure about what’s going to come next. Life would seem monotonous and we are fighting the same war everyday, no change.

At these times I believe all we can do is, have faith that everything is going to be fine. That’s the best we can do, as humans we can control our life only so much.

May be we just need to retire, surrender completely to higher energies to take us forward, for we have done our best.

I am in that state right now, I am constantly trying to vary between living by heart and living by logic. Each seems right / wrong at times. So Books comes to my rescue. Books talk to me and bring me all the "signs" and "Instruction" I need to hear.

Somewhere I read, all that we want is already given to us, it’s just that we need time to get ready to accept it. So the transformation to become millionaire inside is more important than the reality. The comfortness to see one as millionaire would bring that exact change in his/her life. So, I would like to believe, I am yet to be ready for the changes I am hoping for.

Just when I am about lose my hope, "The Zahir" of Paulo spoke to me. The following lines sent a chill down my spine. I should never forget these lines.

“Universe spoke its own language of "signs" and that, in order to understand this language, we had only to look with an open mind at what was going on around us

All you have to do is pay attention; lessons always arrive when you are ready, and if you can read the signs, you will learn everything you need to know in order to take the next step

I am suppose to end my post here. My shuffle mode ipod is playing "One step at a time" by Jorden spark and I went on to write some more. I did not intend to write it as prayer, but words just fell out of me and I take it as “sign” to be presented to everyone.

Oh Universe,
Please make me realise,
Realise how small and insignificant my problems are,
Realise how magnificent and beautiful life is,
Realise my blessings and live life one day at a time.

Please give me enough strength,
Strength to carry on when it seems impossible,
Strength to live by the Heart and nourish my dream,
Strength to have integrity and be my true self all the time.

Please always use me,
Use me to help needy,
Use me to bring good changes to people around,
Use me to always support, elevate and heal everyone.

Oh Universe,
I surrender my ego,
Even though I have desire to be free
I don't know what is good for me

Nourish me like mother
Instruct me like father
Guide me like teacher
Bless me like God.


Preethe said…
Another wonderful post!!

// Books comes to my rescue. Books talk to me and bring me all the "signs" and "Instruction" I need to hear.//

I guess many of us do this.. During college days I used to start reading random pages of some book whenever I am into some difficult situation.. It helps

Have you read this book God's Debris By Scott Adams..
Do read it .. I am sure you will like it

Thanks!! Keep them coming!!
Arnav said…
Nice , I completely believe in the philisophy of zahir , universe does have its own signs - it speaks itw own language, yet we can understand it - thats the beauty of the universe .. :)
Srivats said…
Welcom Preethe,

Havent tried that book. Neenga sonna nalla erukkum - sure would do :)

Thanks for encourging as always

Srivats said…
Dear Arnav

Welcome to my blog. Yes like the discovery theme music " The world is just Awesome - Bomm de ya da "

Multiply Awesome and any superlative u can find in english n times and thats what the Universe is :)

Pri said…
very well summed up...such is life! :(
btw those are my fav lines from 'the zahir' too..i loved the book..though was hoping the end to be a little different..a lil happier! but then again maybe thats 'happiness' to who are we to complain?? :)
Srivats said…
@ pri

Now you got me all excited about the ending:)

I considered this only average :)

would try to write better like yours

This post helped me to rewind myself...Somehow ur words indicate that You have a beautiful heart Srivats!
anbudam aruna
Srivats said…
Welcome Aruna

//This post helped me to rewind myself...Somehow ur words indicate that You have a beautiful heart Srivats!

Good to know that it helped you in someway :) , that was very encouraging.

I try to keep it beautiful but sometimes i grow weeds too :)

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