I will be right here for you

When sunset left you darkness
Stumbling you to emptiness
When nothing can bring you light
I will be holding candle for you

When the thunder is deafening
And your calling is unheard
When you can’t even talk to yourself
I will be listening to you

When the clouds above pouring down
Blinding your sight around
When you find everything drenched
I will be lending tissues to you

When your grounds are shaky
And your shoes keep slipping
When nothing stops you from falling
I will be catching you in my arms

When the closure is proposed
All the doors you knock are closed
When you feel tired and lost
I will be carrying you home
I will be standing on the cliff with open arms
Where the clouds come to rest
I have saved a seat in the wooden bench
Where the streams flows on white sands
I will be waiting for very long
If you decide to come along

If you decide to come along
This is my promise, on and on
Our life will be brand new,
When I am here for you


Preethe said…
Hye Sri!!
Another master piece !!
Beautiful one!!

//I will be waiting for very long
If you decide to come along//
Too good man!!

Posta irukara images romba nalla irukku ..
Charissism said…
Love the BW photos!
You're really a hopeless romantic! But I loove it!
Srivats said…
Welcome Preethe

ahaa, naaney romba sumara dhan erukkunnu nenachen
All i wanted to do is create a regular writing habit , so just pushed myself to write :)
Srivats said…
@ charissim

Pics are from google - searched for like 15 mins and settled down with these, glad u liked them

Yes "hope" lessley romantic .
Thats what M says too ;)

well somethings are perfect just the way they are - u cant change :P

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