I can be your Hero baby!

Oh yes, now it’s your chance to tell your acquaintances that your friend is a Hero.
(Drum role followed by “tish”) Yes it’s me! Ta – duh da

Oh good you are still reading. which proves you have not fainted or still shaking your head equivalent to that of wet dog trying to get dry. So I repeat, (like in military movies after missile shot, 'I repeat target still not destroyed') I did actually act in the leading role of an album.

Even I couldn't believe it when “Whatever productions” decided to cast me in the main role (May god save it!).After small budget production, retakes, lack of numerous stuff and long hours of editing. The video is finally out for everyone to see and it’s in you tube! "Views" increasing every minute ( yaar pakkarangaradhu vera vishayam).

I can see you are all excited and jumping to see it, but wait!
Please read the disclaimers before seeing it.

Disclaimer 1: This creative stuff belongs to new age, no copyright violation. Please feel free to share it with friends. ( Like you would ever wish :P )

Disclaimer 2: Like other Vijaykanth movies, seeing the video is your own decision like suicide, no insurance or monetary benefits would be provided by the company if you break your computer or head or both. ( Appadi I am safe!)

Disclaimer 3: reactions such as Good, very good, talented and anything synonym with this are accepted. Any edible / rotten items can be redirected to your trash bin.

There you go, god bless your soul…

P.s: Thanks to my friends who kept cool to my nagging requests of retakes, Hari/Kam for their camera work. Special thanks to my co star miss smiley (duh, anonymous for obvious reasons). She is getting engaged today – My heartfelt wishes for both of you(Oh gift problem solved LOL) Now reading about Tsunami alert mail (hoax?!) for Singapore in July 22- Gosh one off my bucket list!


Anonymous said…
nice one !!

regd tsunami .. yes, its a hoax
Thamizhmaangani said…
haha... wat a video yea!! gr8 gr8... such a touching emotional video..கண்ணு கலங்குதுப்பா...

0.19-0.38 துரை என்னமா இங்கிலீசு பேசுது(ஓ...அது பாட்டா?)

0.46- charge இல்லாத ஃபோன்ல எப்படிப்பா call பண்றே?அவ்வ்வ்...

0.51-0.53 அட பாவமே, அங்க வர ஆண்ட்டிஸ கூட விட்டு வைக்கறது இல்லையா!

1.02- ஓ மை காட்... என்ன ஒரு location!!

1.06- நெஞ்சு வலியா?

1.11- தலை வலியா?

1.36- திடீரென்னு ஏன் அந்த அக்கா துப்பட்டா காய வைக்குறாங்க?

1.42- யப்பா.. பஸுக்குள்ள அரசியல் கட்சி ஆரம்பிச்ச ஒரே குடிமகன் நீ தான் தலிவா!!

1.53- வயத்து வலியா?

2.02- கோயில் பிரசாதம் அந்த plastic bagல என்ன செய்யுது?

2.17- பில்லா ரீமேக் பண்றாங்களாம்...போலாமே!

2.19- சுவர் checking inspector roleஆ!

3.17- இவ்வளவு பேரு பஸுல இருக்கும்போது தைரியமா ஷுட் பண்ணி இருக்கீங்க.. நடிகனய்யா நீர்!
Srivats said…

Ahaa.. en en.. why this murder angry ???

Namma serious scene pannalum TR / Prabhu maaru ayidutho

enna kodumai sir sorry madam edhu ?

Preethe said…
ohhhhhh no..
not able to view the video...
Thamizhmaangani comment padichapparam .. I am sort of getting restless. I need to watch it soon ;-)

further comments after I watch the video
Srivats said…
@ Thamizhmaangani

Ana onnu , correcta koil prasadam mattum kandupuducheteengaley - edpi adhu ? Little indiala oru koil vidradhellai thaaney ? ;P
Srivats said…
@ preethe

aha.. avanga panna kalaichalla padichaacha.. neenga sirichikittey dhaan pakka poreenga.

I am a begger boy , now I am funny boy..
Pri said…
amazing video..and man!! what expressions..have u ever considered acting as an alternate career? :D
Thamizhmaangani said…

//Ahaa.. en en.. why this murder angry ???//

எல்லாம் உங்களுக்கான ஒரு விளம்ம்ம்பரம்ம்ம்!:)

//Little indiala oru koil vidradhellai thaaney ?//

எப்படி கண்டுபிடிச்சிங்கோ!! duh.. it is damnn obvious...
indian+ yellow bag means coming strt from village.
indian+ red bag meams coming strt from temple!:)
Thamizhmaangani said…
//neenga sirichikittey dhaan pakka poreenga.//

அப்போ இது காமெடி வீடியோ இல்லையா??:)))
Thamizhmaangani said…
//have u ever considered acting as an alternate career?//

போராடுவோம் போராடுவோம், இறுதிவரை போராடுவோம்!
Srivats said…
//அப்போ இது காமெடி வீடியோ இல்லையா??:)))//

Adhaan akiteengaley.. appuram enna kelvi.. Engey office sirippa sirichi pochu ungey comment pathu..naan romba paavam.. avvuu

Indian + red bad templeaa ? ohoo vera engayum kudukka maatangala .. adaada, kaivasam neraya matter vachrukeenga pola erukkey.

//போராடுவோம் போராடுவோம், இறுதிவரை போராடுவோம்!
Emma en ? andha ponnukku pudichirukku, adhu unakku pudikalaya.ayioo vida mataanga pola erukkey.. eshwara!
Srivats said…
@ pri
Thanks for the comment, no way I want to be in behind the camera in creative stuff. But for this video there wasnt any actor so i had to, if I have one i would cast a better camera and action :) or atleast try ;P
Divya said…
Video is really good;))

you hv done a gr8 job Srivats, Kudos!
Divya said…
face expressions.....inum konjam bettara panirukalam:)

at 1.34 - as Tamilmangani has said earlier,that thupatta scene was quiet funny, she was readily standing there to walk by, camera angle seri illa nu nenaikirein antha place la;)
Srivats said…
@ Divya

Thanks for the valuable comments, yes i know i can do better, can use the excuse as first timer, however I was bit reluctant to do more shots as my freinds were getting bit restless about my retakes - Honestly most of them are one takes while we were going out. That thupatta (adhaan kaari thupitaangaley!) was lil odd, we did few retakes :) but have to agree it sucked big time LOL
You look smart in the video. :)
Srivats said…
welcome Shri Ramesh

Ahaa.. atleast one person is believing that. Thanks ba!
Anonymous said…
Hey Srivats, this is way cool. What a good song and the music video is awesome dude. We all want to do something like this, but rarely most of us get to carry it through and actually do it. Amazing!!! - Graeme
Srivats said…
Hey My friend Graeme,

Good to see ur comments - Thanks !
how is auckland brother? i would like to drop in sometime LOL
Anonymous said…
Awesome job man......
I know how difficult to shoot in public without the knowledge of them whats going on ?
It was really looking like an album...

gils said…
rotfl :D :D varungaala TR..adutha buratchi kolaignar..engal gabtun...uruvaagarar..."oru nayagan udahayamaagiran" songuku apta irukumda intha video :D :D adai..vai asaikarathu lip synch agala sila edathula..MMKR kamal mathiri oru para paada naalu costumea...divs sonapola antha lady "thuppata thuppata..un kannathula appata appata"u nadathu vara scene saria varala..mathabadi..gummu song..mail panra...singaporela neria vela paakara pola :)) adutha kodambakka pudu varavu changi airport pakathula ulaavuthu pola :)
gils said…
seriously..gud effortda..enakenamo intha song backgroundla poatutu nee video on pananamaye irunthiruntha kuda nalla vanhirukum thonuthu :D paatu avlo pudichi poachu
Srivats said…
@ gils

maapley , sema damage po

I know da, it was very funny to have enact like that. But Jus wanted to try thats why :)
Preethe said…
Hey Sri!!
Supera irukku!!
Kodambakkam pakkam eppo vareenga??
Namma Simbuvukku super competitiona irukkum !!!

Nejammava .. romba nalla irundhadhu...
very good effort..Nice expressions.. Very good editing!!
Good work !!

Innum pudhu post padikkala ..
wanted to check this video .. finally innikku dhan mudinjadhu ..

Good one man!!
Great work...
Next video eppo??
Srivats said…
@ preethe

Ennamo soneenga kadaisila simbukku competetionnu solli thabalnnu kela potuteengaley. avvu....

Kodambakkama , India pakkamey eppodhaikku vara mudiyaadhu.Many friends are ready with tomoto and egg. News kedachacadhum airport varaikkum vandhu adichuttu povanga LOL.

Thanks. Would try to do better next time. Medhuva padeenga onnum thalai pora vishayam ellai :)
Monicz said…
Haha! Cool video. Indian version of David Archuleta!! You should probably do a video on the song 'crush' too:)
Jen said…

Hahahahaha! It was a very very good and taxing effort to film this yea? We wanted to do something like that in Perth but never got around doing that :(

Lol good job bro! :) :)
anusha said…
anusha said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Srivats said…
Welcome Monicz,

ha ha, no way he is much cuter / younger and talented than me :)

Was just trying out my skills in concept prodution video / acting and editing - No more to it LOL

Glad u liked it
If I do crush(just another song of him) I think his fans as well as my friends who are not so fan of me would just CRUSH me :P
Srivats said…
Dear Jen

Glad to see your comment, LOL

you liked it ? huh?
You might have done a better job, honestly

Do something in PERTH and post it - would love to see that

Srivats said…
Dearest Anusha

Mama thanks for the comment da, ana konjam over dhaan LOL

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