Midsummar Mysterious Dream - 1

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“You are pregnant” said Marsha

“Excuse me?” replied Malini

“I said you are pregnant” She felt the energy of the new life emanating from Malini.

Malini suddenly felt dizzy, she looked around for a chair to sit, but started falling before she could take the next step. Marsha caught her just in time. Malini opened her eyes when she felt the moist hands of Marsha on her face. Marsha spoke in whisper.

“Are you feeling ok?”

“Yes I guess. How do you know I am pregnant? I am not even sure yet”

“I just know” she replied, and that’s how their friendship began. From then on they met frequently. Sometimes Malini would go to Marsha’s house for a chat over coffee, a healing session or even for a witch ritual. In the days that passed Ranbir saw a total shift in Malini’s behaviour, she was happier than ever and was very comfortable with pregnancy. Now and then Malini would talk about rituals, and meditations she does with Marsha, over breakfast or dinner to Ranbir. Although Ranbir was uncomfortable talking about them, he didn’t mind it. For it kept Malini occupied and happy.

On their 3rd Anniversary Malini was 5 months pregnant and insisted visiting the zoo. Ranbir have learnt about pregnancy and strange cravings, so he pulled few strings and arranged a private VIP tour to the London zoo. Although there was a battery operated car to take them around, Malini walked the entire park. She took enough time in each enclosure, observing the animals. She asked several questions to Greg, the guide. When they reached the Tiger’s cage, she took a long look at the white tiger lying next to the bars. It kept growling at Malini for several minutes.
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“I need to talk to the care taker” Malini said with a strong tone.

“I can arrange for it mam, may be after we finish the tour” said Greg.

“No, it can’t wait. I need to tell something important” she started getting impatient. Ranbir and Greg exchanged blank looks.

“Mam, if you could tell me what it is, then I can inform him right away” He pointed to his walkie talkie.

“It has a plastic cover in its small intestine” she announced with firmness in her voice.

“Honey, you must be tired, can we go home?” Ranbir thought she is talking out of exhaustion.

“No I am fine, but he is not and we need to attend before it’s too late” she said pointing to the Tiger. For the next ten minutes, she kept screaming about the pain the animal is going through. The animal’s growling got louder and she became hysterical. It was hard to tell whether she was reacting to tigers sound or tiger to hers.

It was too much drama for Greg to handle, so he looked at Ranbir, hinting him to take control of the situation. Ranbir never seen Malini crying like this, he put his hands around her shoulder.

“Sweetie, Lets go home its getting colder, I am sure Greg can take care of it.”

“Yes mam, I would immediately call the keeper, I promise we would run some tests on the tiger”

Ranbir spent rest of the day with her at home, pacifying and ensuring that everything is going to be fine. Her temperature rose and she started shivering uncontrollably by mid night. Ranbir rushed her to the hospital, all the while praying for his beloved wife and unborn baby. By early morning Malini’s temperature became normal and she finally drifted off to sleep. Ranbir walked to the cafeteria of the hospital for a quick coffee.

When he flipped the daily paper, sipping coffee the headlines on the third page almost gave him a heart attack.


To be continued..


@ Srivats

U r amazing in Story telling! Simply loved this one!..Yeah..like a tribute to forest Tiger from a real Tigress!

Loved the narrations...very egar to knw wht next enrolls..post it soon!

Keep the spark Alive..
Kayni said…
I've heard similar stories like this back home in the Philippines. I got goosebumps reading this. Very powerful.
Ramesh said…
Sri - please write the whole story in one post. Can't wait .......
ohh shucks just why didnt they listen to her and get the tiger checked?? :(

and i want to second Ramesh.. suspense tangalai..
TheUncanny said…
tats thoughtful of u to come up with this post...when 1411 campaign is going on...nice one srivats!...
R-ambam said…
stories shaping up well :)
deep said…
ohhh lord..another continuation.. :(
please come up with the next..can't we have all of it in just one post.. :P
Sri, u are really getting great at storytelling... and keeping us waiting for the next installment :) god going!
RamNarayanS said…
Wow, that was rivetting. Disjoint entities, building a connection slowly, wonderful!
Swaram said…
Sigh! Gotta wait :( Pls post the next part soon ..totally unexpected; loved it :)
Chatterbox said…
Unexpected twist in the story :)
Love the way story is shaping so far.

Can't wait for the next part.

Keep up the good work Sri :D

why don't you give all in just one post.......we have to wait for a long time......
FunScribbler said…
Anonymous said…
i like tigers! we are cousins LOL
jehan said…
huwaaaah! suspense.... it's killing me Sri.. haha...

ppalli! ppalli! (faster! faster! ---by Koreans...)
alice-in-wonder said…
Next part please. Got no patience :D
kanagu said…
twist is superb :) :)

seekram next part podunga :) :)
Shilpa said…
:) Gud suspense.... Am eager to know what happens next..... :)
Pri said…
whoaa..im all curious now..when are u going to take this further??


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