Reaching out as far as I can

Have just realised the worst feeling of all is not fulfilling the commitment you made to friends.  I am yet to find sometime to finish the story I started, Gosh feel like stupid moron now!

I am doing two semesters together in the college, so multiply assignments, excercises, classes and projects by 2 and you would get a idea of where I am right now ;P But I am enjoying it. I have learnt that there aexists a different kind of love, It has nothing to do with loving another human , its about what you love to do , its so powerful that it will consumes you till the last drop of your blood, thats your destiny, thats your passion and thats what you are here for.

I have cut my hair short so I dont need to comb it everyday LOL, A tshirt and jeans and I am off to college. I also realised why artists dont look good.  For their beauty lies in thier designs and they give up theirs to make the work look best ;P  Ok I am all exhausted and going into philosiphical mode. For  now I enjoy reading your posts, one by one. Again thanks for all who left a mark in the last post and who do so in this one too :P you are awesome!

For now let me leave you with a poem, that stumped me few moments ago. Its writtern by WH Auden and used in the movie " Four Weddings and Funeral". For the records it has nothing to do with my current state of mind, I am fine and very happy doing what I am doing. This is just to share the best words that touched me ;)

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.
Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,

Put crêpe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.
He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.
The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good. - WH AUDEN

Take care


/ its about what you love to do , its so powerful that it will consumes you till the last drop of your blood, thats your destiny, thats your passion and thats what you are here for/
I've experienced this many times rather every day!!so I can understand you exactly the way you are feeling!Enjoy and do! that's how you can make life happy!
its worth all the trouble.... but the part about cutting your hair had me in splits....

and i absolutely identify with the part about artists looking the way they do... so do scientists... u should have seen the way i looked while i was studying.. for that matter, even today, i am not very bothered about clothes or looks..have no time for such mundane stuff.. there is so much more to do....
Shilpa said…
To able to do what you love is perhaps the best thing in one's life and the little hardships we go through for it is worth ... we enjoy every moment of it..... All the very best :P
Anonymous said…
Hey Sri,

Good to know you are enjoying the 'youth' days all over again..!! All the very best to complete both your semester soon..!!

I had the same kind of enthusiasm when i did my engineering. I was always dreamt to be one, and would learn more and more, try knowing new things around me, it was a very good experience exploring..!!

though with the age my enthusiasm had gone down with my work load..!!
Rakesh Vanamali said…
Good luck! Have fun while you coast along!
Kayni said…
i agree. it's about doing what you love to do. i wish you well as always.
Chatterbox said…
Good to learn you are enjoying the busy life at the Uni :)
Loving all you do makes it all the more easier and worthwhile.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem.
Good Luck :)

Ramesh said…
Gret to see you liking what you are doing and working hard Sri - All success.

Want (no demand) photo of you with your new look :)
Photo Cache said…
you have taken a big job here, two semesters' worth of studies. but i see you're enjoying every bit of it. have fun then.
bittersweet said…
wow.. 2 semesters at the same time?! you must really love studying don't you? for most of us, a single semester is enough to wreck havoc in our system and multiplying it by two means we'll go straight to an institution, bald and probably cross-eyed from reading too much. So hats off to you Sri. But I'm sure you're having a blast. I think you're the type of person who delivers during crunch time, and pressure only makes you perform even better. And correct me if I'm worng, you have got to be the most interesting student there!!!
RamNarayanS said…
Hey Srivats, You are into what you wanted to be and you seem to be doing great at the fork in the road. Have a wonderful time. That W H Auden poem's recital in Four Weddings... is one of my personal favourites from long back for its solemnity and its mood.
Annam said…
like stupid moron now
ippo thaan stupidnu terinjutha:)
Annam said…
I am doing two semesters together in the college
oru kallula 2 maangai ithu thaano:P
Swaram said…
Aww I cn so see the joy in doing what u luv and luving what u do thru ur post :)
All the best Sri and keep writing :)
Hw is Bengaluru treating u?
Annam said…
its about what you love to do , its so powerful that it will consumes you till the last drop of your blood, thats your destiny, thats your passion
paarda pullaiku spirit :) guddu:)
Annam said…
I have cut my hair short so I dont need to comb it everyday LOL

athuku mottai poda vendiyathu thaana u dont need to comb at all :))))
Annam said…
Again thanks for all who left a mark in the last post and who do so in this one too :P you are awesome!

kumminaa kooda nandri soluveengala....neenga reba nalalvanga:P
Annam said…
let me leave you with a poem
okay am leaving out:P :)
Annam said…
just to share the best words that touched me ;)
okay rituuuuuuuuuuuuuu:) ya gud one 1ly
Annam said…
layout ellam maari pochu verse ellam balama iruku:) irukattum irukattum
Karthik said…
oh bro good to hear from you.. so back to college and you love being in one ah? that too two semesters combined? i have lot to learn from you.. :))

doing what we love to do is the key, right? all the best!
Aarti said…
Exhausted?? hullow, we havent even met yet..heheh

just take a deep breath n relax... enjoy the day as it comes n focus on ur course..illaina uthai kidaikkum!! :D

take care!! hugss

Lovely poem....switch everyone but YOU off n live!enjoy!!
kanagu said…
And you are loving what you are doing... that's great bro..

enjoy the college days and thanks for sharing the poem... its good :) :)
Ajai said…
Nice thoughts. And nice poem. :)
R-ambam said…
I get reminded of 'thim thim thara... ' song in the movie 'Poovellaam un vasam ' ..

college student aaa? Kalakunga :D
I will keep repeating that finding something one loves to do and doing is the greatest blessing.. Im glad you found ur purpose and are enjoying it.. All the very best Sri!
Smita said…
Why feeling guilty abput not finishing the story? I had published part 2 of my story after a year :D

And yes u r right there is a magic in following your dreams, nothing looks forced when u do that :)

Skipped the poem they are just not me :)
alice-in-wonder said…
That poem is awesome! I have seen that movie so many times but somehow never latched on to that song.

Hey, no worries about the story - you have enough stuff already to keep you busy. :)
Anonymous said…
Ur posts always give some motivation or some experience to use it in life...Good luck to you...
Nice poem ...which I haven't read before :P
Unknown said…
@ All

Thanks for your lovely words :P It only makes me more and more humble, I am still trying hard to be the person you guys think I am :P
MommyLabs said…
Hi Sri,
Am getting back to reading posts, writing and doing some photography! A personal crisis kept me away from these things that I love doing most!

It was nice reading this straight-from-the-heart post :) Two semesters together is one hell of a job! I would go nuts! But yes, nothing is impossible if you love doing it so much. Totally agree with these lines: "its about what you love to do , its so powerful that it will consumes you till the last drop of your blood, thats your destiny, thats your passion and thats what you are here for"

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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