Religious riots

Blogging seemes to be impossible. Everyday I am thinking of writing a new post, but I get the feel I am not good enough. I couldn't stop comparing myself to bloggers who get lots of comments even for their two line posts. The only way to overcome the fear of writing bad a post is by writing one :). I mean practice does makes one perfect and this isn't going to stop me from expressing myself.

I often hear people saying they are very spiritual. Later I find out all they were mentioning is about the puja they do. Some people use spirituality word without knowing the meaning of it.

There are two different things - being religious / being spiritual. what ever one do like performing the rituals of one particular religion doesn't make him spiritual for example saying slokas and doing puja that's not spirituality ,but religious. what Adhi Shankarar has experienced, what he preached in bhaja govindham,what he explained in his nirvana ashtakam is spiritual.

Spirituality is journey within. The rituals if understood properly helps one to attain it. But in India, especially in south India, some of us call ourself spiritual. Some of us think being Brahmin we are the highest of all in the world.When this ego comes, there is no more room for spirituality. All we do is religious rituals with no meaning attached to it.

Spirituality transcends religion, country and language. I dont like patriotism sometimes, how can someone who is born just few thousand kilometers from us becomes enemy to us?

Somewhere along the line we started fighting on what religion is best instead of finding what is best in each religion. I am not angry rather very sorry for those who couldn't make the difference till the end.

Being spiritual is having open mind towards goodness
Being spiritual is being truthful in our thought deed and action
Being spiritual is loving everyone!


CVR said…
Nice thought!!! :-)
srivats said…
Dhoosi thatti padichirukeenga
Thalaiva, ungey commentskku nandri
Thamizhmaangani said…
//Blogging seemes to be impossible. Everyday I am thinking of writing a new post, but I get the feel I am not good enough//

an expert in smthing once was a beginner! in this blogging world, everyone has a place! keep blogging:)
Srivats said…
Hey Thamizhmaangani

Adengappa :) guess you have read many (!?) posts of mine. Ok anything more than 3 is many right ? LOL

Thanks for the comments, summa erundha enna sorinju vituteenga he he

ezhdhovom :)

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