Veggie Delight

Leather shoes are my favorite ones, I always like to wear them shining.
Every now and then I buy silk sarees for my mom.
Whether its National geographic or Animal planet Lion chasing a mammal would be my game show.
No need to tell about my liking towards leather belts and purse.

But if some asks me ..chaa I am vegetarian!

What the heck, Am I a lactic vegetarian?(since I take milk) Am I a Ova vegetarian (since I take egg through cakes). First of all Am I a vegetarian ?

When I go abroad Some of acquaintances amazes how I can live on vegetables and fruits. How far can a religious belief make one forbid tasty food (according to them). I don't eat flesh because I am a Hindu, I don't eat them because of my choice. I was brought up in a Hindu family. I was always told that's a forbidden bad food, bad smell. Now even if I want to eat/taste it I still don't like it.

Leaving aside my choice, I happen to read an article which talks about the best suited food for human body.
The study speaks about the size and characteristics of each one's intestine. It goes on comparing the intestine of human to that of a carnivore-Cow and to a herbivore - Tiger.
Like Cow's intestine is twice the size of that of an Human, the larger the size the more the delay for the food to pass through for digestion. A cow takes only vegetarian food. While a Tiger who's intestine is half the size of the humans' takes non veg and the eaten meat stays in its stomach hardly for few hours.

Now since because the human intestine is in between these two we cannot take both. It takes atleast three days to digest meat completely. This is not good for the human body as the meat creates a lot of disturbance to metabolism while it stays inside the human body. May be that's why our people don't take meat on Tuesdays and again on Fridays - leaving three days gap in between for proper digestion of meat food. I actually don't remember the exact information from the study but it concludes that the ideal food for human being is vegetarian.

Now that I have come to a point where I am not uncomfortable with non- vegetarian food served next to my plate. The suggestion for healthy life may be a vegetarian food, but this little concept doesn't convince me to go totally against non-vegetarian.If its for health reasons, Non vegetarian food also provides supplements for human body, for example fish oil(seven seas oil). If its about killing a life, I know we kill them in thousands and thousands for many different reason if not for food. We are in a world where everything happens for a reason, while you guys figure out that I am gonna enjoy my veggie delight tonight.


gils said…
u typed all these in a single day???!!!anyway..nice posts...keep going
Unknown said…
Thanks for reading gils,

well some are written on the same day. Well I didnot had much to do in my work. Some were modified version my mails.

Please post your comments on my writing. I am not sure how far is my skills are but defenitely want to improve like yours'.
Swaram said…
U know ... u hv exactly written what I feel actually .. its more abt the way we hv brought up all the yrs @ home na .. ppl qs me n my husband too y we r so much against non-veg? We r nt @ all against it .. its only that when u hv never ever eaten it in the past, its diff to start all of a sudden and that too when u hv never felt u need to try it! I am same like u .. egg only thru cakes sometimes :P

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