Chennai Crows

The crows in Chennai are happy with arrival of another statue for Shivaji Ganesan.
Don't we had enough statues on the road already?
wouldn't it be better if these statues are either in museum or at parks rather than on road ?
Don't we have enough traffic problems already?
With due respect to Shivaji for his acting , Its unnecessary to crowed up the roads with all these statues. And when there is a remembrance day these roads gets blocked by the politicians to show "media respect" to the statues. In fact leaders(if alive)will be extremely happy to see their statues removed for the better traffic and not to get pooped by crows.

As the traffic problem getting worse everyday in Chennai, we will soon face challenges in getting to office or to satisfy our basic needs such as water supply. I cannot stop comparing cities like London in this matter. Everyone uses metro/tube trains, which is fast and efficient way to roam inside the city. Most of them live outside city and travel to the city to work.What an organized way of living. Infact I can write a separate blog about the way the London people live.

I know it will be decades for Chennai to attain that state but its high time we should switch to metro or mono rail systems. We can reduce petrol expense travel with fresh air and most importantly walking to near railway station will help to have healthy life. There is already Bus transport and Railway system available but they are not 100% effective. We are talking about the better coverage of areas, more efficient faster way of travelling. I dont know why our " parakkum rail" isnt clicked well( yarukkavadhu therinja sollengal please), may be we should entertain general public to travel by such system instead of thier car/bike.

Chennai crows for such development and not kannagi and shivaji statues.


gils said…
MRTS is a flawed design...athu pora idamlaam paaru...onnu kooda safe are kidayathu..eveningsla it looks like ghost train...pesama..konjam expand panni...MRTS ellathiyum flyover aakidalaam :D
srivats said…

The other day i travelled in MRTS for chumma sake. Its a bit scary!

Expand panni flyover akkalama?! adaada.. instead we can run fast trains on the same track isnt?

we can have more flovers(ofcourse for train) to cover the entire nook and corner of chennai.

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