So much to listen

There are three reasons to write this post,
No1 - I don't want the " not a good post " to be the first one when people open my blog, not to be too negative and whining.
No 2 - I want to keep writing so that I can improve my writing skills.
No3 - well oops!, I don't have a third reason, but 3 reasons seems like a good number :)

I was in A R rehman music coma and just came out of it. Seriously what happened to this guy , I did see "Range de pasanti" and "mangal pandey" but I really dont see a A R rehman of Roja, Indira, Alaipayudhey days. I hear some news about him now and then that he is doing concerts in abroad or doing some stuff, but seriously this guy seems to have lost his roots as Tamil music director.

When I heard the latest Wordspace advertisement where he defines what music is, wow cant stop admiring the background music he composed for that advertisement. while writing this blog also it keeps buzzing in my mind like repeating record.

I am ready to listen so much, but I wish he could compose something new. Well If I can wish, I wish he reads my blog and compose a song about me . Ok dont freak me out, its just a wish :)


srivats said…
Thanks to Sriram who sent me this link to listen to the wonderful music ARR did in World Space commercial.

Listen So much

Listen more of his non film music in

enjoy madi

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