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My friend Preethe Tagged me few days back on post about the books I read and I am happy to write about it.
Remember the crazy squirrel from Ice age movie ?
The one whose heaven is full of nuts (and I mean the actual nuts).
Likewise I want my heaven to be full of books, and of course wine , guitar music and sexy cupids (ahem..).I feel my life isn't enough for me to read even 10% of all those books that I want to read. However I still read a book or two amongst my daily chores.

One book that changed my life:
Not one, but most books I read change my life in innumerable ways for sure. The top ones are:
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
Who will cry when you die - Robin Sharma
The 5 people you meet in heaven - Mitch Albom

The book you have read more than once:
Many actually - the one tops my list is
Greatness Guide - Robin Sharma
I want to read " Engey brahmnan by Cho" again , however a ex-friend borrowed it from me and gave it to someone else :( I can even forgive someone for taking my money, but not my books >:( That's why he is ex-friend now.

One book you would want on dessert island:
Two kinds actually
Mitch Albom, Paulo Coelho and Neal Donald Walsh books which are deep in meaning
Shedny Sheldon, Michel critton,Dan brown books which are page turners.

One book that made you laugh:
All P.G Wodehouse - Right oh Jeeves series

One book that made me cry:
Oh many , I am crier. Any sentiment scene in movie or in book, I got to have tissues :)

A painted house - John Grisham ,
This book made me remember my Grandma and good old days with her. She loved me so much, that one of the last words she spoke was my name. She was my mom's mom. We visit her place for few days during holidays. She would prepare cakes, cookies and tastiest fruit salad ice cream for me. In those days these were very special food and preparing them at home without oven was no joke. And when I leave, she would silently slip in 20 rupees in my pocket whispering that I should buy whatever I feel like. I never understood her love for me, until I lost her :(

Friendship with God - Neale Donald Walsh
Felt like God actually talking to me,got Goosebumps and cried several times while reading.

For one day more - Mitch Albom
The thought of missing my mom for rest of my life, can make me cry anytime.

Before I die - Jenny downham.
Its true, when you about to die you would know the value of living.
I got inspired so much by this book and wrote this post.

One book you wish you had written:
Power of subconscious mind - Joseph Murphy
The author has written countless amazing information about our mind and yet made it easy to read. I am no professor on psychology but If I were to write that book , I would have learnt so much about mind.

One book that you wish had never been written:
Actually three - Bible, Gita and Quran , Don't get me wrong, I am no atheist. Infact I love God so much to see people fighting on the name of her ( why God always has to be "he" by the way?).People got so stuck to the holy books and abandoned the realization of God in inner self.

One book you are currently reading:
Unknown Life of Jesus Christ - Nicolas
It claims to contain ancient scrolls that Jesus spent seventeen years in India and Tibet.

One book you have been meaning to read:
The Fountain head
Every time I start this book something happens and I never actually start it :(

I would like to tag
And all book lovers :)


gils said…
!!!!! imbutu booksa!!saaami
Thamizhmaangani said…
ஆஹா ஸ்ரீ, என்னது? சொல்லாம இப்படி tag பண்ணிட்டீங்க... பக்கிரீன்னு போய்ட்டு! ஹாஹா...சரி இருந்தும் என்னால முடிந்தவரை இத்தொடர் பதிவை தொடர பார்க்கிறேன்.நான் உங்கள மாதிரி அம்புட்டு புத்தகம் எல்லாம் படித்தது இல்ல!!
Prats said…
You are a book lover too???
Awesome... Even I am into books will do this tag for sure
Thanks for introducing these books. can you write more about some of these books, in the coming posts ?
1. Your reading my comment
2. Now your saying/thinking thats a stupid fact.
4. You didnt notice that i skipped 3.
5. Your checking it now.
6. Your smiling.
7. Your still reading my comment.
8. You know all you have read is true.
10. You didnt notice that i skipped 9.
11. Your checking it now.
12. You didnt notice there are only 10 facts
Copy and paste to 1 video, tomorrow will be your best day ever! no matter what
Preeti Shenoy said…
Mitch Albom and Coelho hold a very special place in my heart. I am a big book lover too.
"Who will cry when u die" is a very special book for me.Might blog about it sometime.
I agree 200% with you--i am so possessive about my books and hate lending.
Sorry to know about your mom. :(
Srivats said…
@ gils
I am sure you have more bones(oops books) in ur closet ;)
Srivats said…
@ Tahmizhmaangani

Tag dhaaney erundhuttu pogudhunnu pannitten :)

Ungala mudiyum ma..mudiym

Singathukkey sentiment scenea erukkey ;)
Srivats said…
@ Prats

Oh yea yea yea ( imagine me shaking head violently up and down)

Please do the tag, knowing what others read is always interesting.
Srivats said…
@ Kathiravan

Thanks for coming, Kandippa ezhudharen :)
Srivats said…
@ Paarthen rasithen

Ungey comment parthen rasithen ;)

Amaam adhu enna 10 comments to video, naan video podaliye ;)

Thanks for coming, hope to see you around.
Srivats said…
@ Preeti

everytime I see the prada shoes legs in my comments section , I feel very happy :)

Sure please write about the books tag, the only reason I didnot tag is - I wasnt sure a ameture blogger like me can tag a busy bee cum writer for such a small post LOL

My mom is fine, she is back home - Although I miss her terribly - That was my Mom's mom who passed away while i was in collage.
Divya said…
tag panina solrathiliya:(

epathan pakren.....unga tag.

though I dont hv much passion to read books, wud try to continue the tag based on the few good books I hv read:)
Srivats said…

Ahaa.. manchiko ba rules theriyadhu, first daba tag panren paru adhaan ;P
next daba correeta solipudren

Thanks , sure please do so :)
Thankx for that lovely list of books!
Srivats said…
Hi Aruna

You are totally welcome.
Good books are meant to be shared.

I manage to keep up with books, but there is so much to read and so little time :)
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