Living till you die

How much more money you need, to call yourself rich ?

How many clothes you need, to feel like celebrity?

How much young you need to be, to feel youthful?

What you need to have, to feel Blessed ?

What official position would mark you Successful?

What moment can bring you that happiness and satisfaction ?

Which day all the "good things" can be started/completed ?

Which time is the quality time to spend with loved ones?

Who can be your "perfect" partner?

Why vacation has to be in Summer?

Why your hobbies and passion needs to wait till retirement?
How many sunsets you need to see to feel alive ?


Charissism said…
"How many clothes you need, to feel like celebrity?"

OMG....I'm guilty! hahaha
//How many sunsets you need to see to feel alive ?//

Lovely note! These words indicate that u r really here to make difference!!!!
anbudan aruna
Srivats said…
Hey Charissim,

LOL I am guilty too ;)
But I guess we both wear the best of best ornaments all the time *smiles*
Srivats said…
Dear Aruna,

Thanks for encouraging, its such comments that makes me write :)

Nature for sure is great inspirer.

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